Top Ten Facts About China

Hello everyone, today I'm gonna show facts about China.

The Top Ten

1 By 2020, China Could Have Between 30 Million and 40 Million Men Who Cannot Find Wives.

China just ain't the place for a straight man.

2 The World's Biggest Mall, Located In China, Is 99% Empty.
3 Air Pollution In China Increases Snowfall In California.
4 In China, Over 35 Million People Still Live In Caves.

Voted to say: this is false - MChkflaguard_Yt

The number is up to 350M not merely 35m

5 Every Year, About a Million Girl Fetuses Are Aborted and Tens of Thousands of Girl Babies Are Abandoned In China Because of the Country's One-Child Policy.

It's two-child policy now. I believe this is posted before the one-child policy is gone. - 50

6 The World's First Paper Money Was Created In China 1,400 Years Ago.

Those Chinese T.V. shows about ancient China (when it is still an absolute monarchy) proved it xddd - MChkflaguard_Yt

7 Facebook, Twitter and the New York Times Have Been Blocked In China Since 2009.

Facebook: A terrible social media. Should be blocked
Twitter: Why not use VPN to unblock the site in china?
New York Times: China should block this site, because it's a western news website therefore you'll probably find some fake news about China. - 50

8 China Has a Dog-Eating Festival

It will be gone and not all chinese eat dogs - ElSherlock

It'll eventually be gone. - 50

9 Table Tennis Is China's National Sport.
10 The Playstation Is Illegal In China.

The Contenders

11 China's Space Program Has Lost Control of Its Space Station
12 The Word 'censorship' Is Censored In China.
13 Chinese People Consume 50,000 Cigarettes Every Second
14 China Is Running Out of Water
15 There Is a World of Warcraft Theme Park in China
16 China Is Building the Largest City in Human History
17 A Chinese Doctor Discovered a Cure for Malaria Using Traditional Chinese Medicine
18 Reincarnation is Banned in China
19 China Has a Bootlegged Version of Robocop Called Robert Cop
20 A Chinese Middle School is Giving School Girls Knife Training
21 China is Planning for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing
22 China is Building Some of the World's Weirdest Architecture
23 The Chinese Military Uses Drones to Hunt Tibetans

Really? More like internet trolls accusing the Chinese military of using drones to hunt Tibetans - 50

24 Families Find Corpse Brides for Deceased Sons in a Bizarre Tradition Called Ghost Weddings
25 There are Entire Ghost Cities in China with Millions of Empty Apartments
26 One Chinese Town Makes as Much as 60% of the World's Christmas Decorations
27 China Wants to Build a Highspeed Underwater Rail to the Us
28 China's IP Theft and Tech Transfer Network Costs the Us $5 Trillion Every Year
29 The Chinese Communist Party is Murdering It's Citizens En Masse for Their Organs

Nice try, someone who put this here. I'm not falling for that. - 50

30 There is a Fake Panchen Lama
31 China Has Monstrous, Centuries-Old Underground Coal Fires
32 A Chinese Doctor Wants to Perform the World's First Human Head Transplant
33 There is a Guy Called the Angel of Nanjing Who Saves Lives of Those Who Want to Commit Suicide
34 China Has Olympic Training Schools
35 There is a Serious Gerbil Plague in Western China
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