Top 10 Facts About Dreams


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1 You Are Paralyzed While You Sleep

What!? I did not know that... I thought I moved in my sleep...

2 External Stimuli Invade our Dreams

When I see something during a family gathering the previous day, sometimes it appears in that night’s dreams.

At the end of my dreams, I often hear random music playing, when I woke up it was playing on the radio alarm clock - Harri666

If someone was stomping around, I would feel an earthquake in my dream.

3 Dreams are not about what they are about

Although the subconscious mind communicates in symbols, these symbols are unique to every person. For example, the Sun in a dream to one person could mean Warmth is in your life, but to another, it could mean being "burnt" by something or someone. It is worth noting the subconscious also can present its symbols in a very literal way, for example, the number 1 being stuck on your t-shirt or forehead, or where ever on you, could mean you have "won"(because its pronounced as the no. "one") something in your life. - willdenman

4 Quitters have more vivid dreams

Also people with low self esteem have more vivid dreams, also less bad dreams or nightmares. - Harri666

5 Not Everyone Dreams in Color

I only dream in black and white. I only dream cause I'm alive. I only dream in black and white, to save me from myself. - IronSabbathPriest

6 We Only Dream of What We Know

we dream what we know and what is unknown too in our present life. it seems like the things happened previously or we saw it but yet we unknown about it, that is sometimes we saw the thing which are unseen in our life but we can see it in dream.

7 You Forget 90% of your Dreams

I REMEMBER 90% of my dreams

Sometimes if I dream of a really good idea for a story I'd write it down before I lose it.

8 Blind People Dream
9 Most Dreams Only Take About 2 Seconds

so true

But seems like whole day passes - Ananya

10 Dreams Prevent Psychosis

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11 Everybody Dreams
12 You Cannot Read In Dreams
13 You Can Sometimes Control Your Dreams

This is called lucid dreaming - Harri666

I wish I could - Ananya

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