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It Is Blue Because the Guy That Made Facebook Is Color Blind

Oh wow that's very interesting. I greatly appreciate the simple layout too. - micks

I am colour blind and this is true :) its the only colour that we can fully detect

It Has Over 500 Million Users Worldwide

in January 3, they said is was OVER 600 milliong users now - SmoothCriminal

It's the #2 Most Popular Website On the Internet

yeah, I heard it it is pretty cool - MatrixGuy

The Number of Bebo, Twitter and Myspace's Users Combined Is Still Not Enough to Beat Facebook

Now Twitter alone is more popular than Facebook, but the part about MySpace and whatever Bebo is, is still true. - 3DG20

Kids Under 13 Are Using Facebook

my cousin uses facebook
hes 7

There Are a Lot of Fakes On Facebook

phho, stupid people trying to be celebertys - SmoothCriminal

100 Million People Register Per Year
In 2009, a Dad Posted a Rude Post On His Daughter's Wall Causing Her to Kill Herself

that was a real fact? I though it was just something that guy invented - rock2metal

Hackings Are Easy to Pull Off
They Are Spying You All the Time

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Over 13.9 Million People Are Younger Than 13
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