Top Ten Facts About Five Nights at Freddy's

The Top Ten Facts About Five Nights at Freddy's

1 The creator Scott Cawthon thinks Bonnie is the scariest animatronic because he had several nightmares about him

Scott cawthon makes a bunch of scary animatronics and bonnie is always one of the scariest

This is true not that bonnie is scary that scott is scared of him

Bonnie is NOT scary, because he is cute. but that is true, Scott Cawthon thinks Bonnie is pretty scary, so I wonder why he made him if he thinks he is scary... I guess we will never know!

I always though Bonnie was the least scariest, I guess I was wrong...

2 Before Scott Cawthon created Five Nights at Freddy's he worked on other games but people said the characters looked like animatronic animals Scott though about it then he made Five Nights at Freddy's

It could be true

Wow, this fact has NO correct grammar nor punctuation, and by the way, number 7 is a total lie.

I would like Scott Cawthon's signature on a paper, or a link to an interview, or some form of definite proof that this was the case.

Wow that's so cool

3 In the trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's, Bonnie is seen running down the hallway

Scott did this because he wanted foxy, to be a secret.

I wish you could see them active on camera, it would be really cool

Well you can see Foxy active on camera running down the West Hallway.

Yeah I think its weird...My theory about this is that foxy was not in plan and then he thought fox +pirate EVERYONE WILL LOVE HIM so he added him after the trailer was realised.

4 Chica is mostly mistaken to be a duck but she's really a chicken

How the hell does chica look like a duck

I Mean Like Seriously?! I Know It's Hard To Tell But, Check The Wiki About her Peeps! -kee18

Chica is a CHICKEN! YOU JERKS! How can she being mistaken to be a duck? Scott also informed that Chica is CHICKEN! Stop say Chica is a DUCK!

Her appearance looks like a duck as she has an orange beak and is yellow. But yellow suits her!

5 Foxy is the most dangerous animatronic

He is most friendly but he is dangerous. In the first game you have to check Pirate Cove so Foxy doesn't come out. In the second game you have to check the hallway and if he is there, you have to shine your flashlight at him from time to time. In the third game he can give an error to the ventilization system or something like that (just like what most Phantom animatronics do when they jump scare you) only when he jump scares you after viewing the monitor from seeing him. In the fourth game he acts like Nightmare Freddy but he hinds in the closet instead. You have to make sure when you check the closet that he is a plushie Foxy instead. If he comes to life you have to flash your light at him and close the closet door. He will also make a gnarling sound if his head is poking out of the closet.

Well yes, you are right about everything. Except one thing. Foxy is not friendly, he is an animatronic as much as all the others. He is very dangerous, and wants to kill you as much as Freddy, toy Bonnie or Chicka does.

You always have to watch him. He, could strike at any moment.

You Know When You Have That Mask On? Foxy IS Dangerous Cause When Foxy Is there either way Your Dead He Can See That Your The Night Guard!

Foxy is Deadly And Cunning...You Are His Prey..He Is The Predator - Jennifer Lawrence

6 Bonnie is the only animatronic without eyebrows

I say that he dose have no eyebrows but maybe others don't as'll never know in till you look!

I thick that's how he can take his face off

He isn't the only one without eyebrows so this is a dumb fact

Not true Lolbit the puppets adventure characters see?

7 Bonnie is shown removing his mask in the first trailer

This must of caused Scott Cawthon's nightmares about Bonnie the Bunny!

I know in the first game the endoskeleton in parts and services probaly belongs to bonnie so it might be in the 2nd game too ( or it could be freddy, golden freddy or foxy most likely golden freddy) if I'm wrong I'm a ass

I don't know why he does this but it is scary

Every body knows that

8 Goldy = Phone Dude

This is a theory, but it is reasonable, if I remember, one of the phone calls (Not sure which, please type down below in the comments(not YouTube)) Says "Someone" Is using a yellow suit, though Phone Guy/Phone Dude acts really suspicious when he says it... A YELLOW suit...

That is so untrue

As he says that you can wear he suit in the first game it makes him more suspicious and that he says in the third game that it isn't safe to wear Springtrap so he is not Springtrap, purple guy is because he wore him and died in him.

It's a theory. But I believe.

9 Foxy lied to you

? I don't know why Foxy would do such a thing to us?!

Quit being mean to foxy. I bet you he did not lie! However made thing shut the hell up

What did he lied about?

Foxy isn't a good guy.

10 Chica is the most active animatronic on Night 3 and 6

I played night 3 and night 6 and Chica was the first one to get off the stage.

I've checked her AI levels on these 2 specific nights and it is a true fact but Bonnie always leaves the stage first in all 6 nights.

Yep she is dangerous

What's six

The Contenders

11 Bonnie is a man

Bonnie is a girl name but he is manly

I knew this when I first found the game but it's a good fact anyways

I thought it was a girl cause of the name

I think u mean Bonnie's Gender Is A Male

12 Balloon Girl appears beneath your desk.

I had that happen to me it happens at rare times

Nah, just Balloon Boy

We know that. Her name is JJ.

What game is this in FNAF WORLD

13 Chica is the only animatronic without ears

1 well it's not entirely true and 2 poopet, POOPET! it is said puppet and I am very offended also I'm 11

It is pretty easy to notice because she is a chicken

I didn't even notice...

Isn't that kinda obvious?

14 BB Is Gonna Kill You, Bonnie

Oh...I get it...It probably means that BB is one of the most severely underrated characters and Bonnie is one of the most overrated. So if BB was real and alive, he's on for hunting Bonnie and turn him into rabbit soup.

What the heck are you talking about?! This is weird, but funny!

Holy sweet succulent double A batteries, this made my day! I laughed for 20 hours straight...

Chicka against the devil id think its good

15 Foxy is a good guy

He is not a good guy, he and the other analytics are trying to kill you.

Well, he is a good guy because he's the only animatronic that doesn't go up in your face and scare you. He just leans in and screeches. He does that because when you don't check up on him for a while, he thinks something happened to you so he goes to the office to check up on you but his voice box malfunctions resulting into a screech giving mike schmidt a heart attack.

THIS IS a true example of who kids take THEORIES as FACTS. Foxy is NOT a good guy, he NEVER WILL BE, it is JUST A THEORY.

Foxy is truly a good guy, he just have a malfunctioning voice box. He only checks up on Mike, like he's saying "Ahoy Mike! ". When I played it for the first time, My friend told me Foxy was a good fox!

Haha, look little kid it isn't true. Just because your best friend told you doesn't mean it's true.

16 Shadow Bonnie appears and crashes the game

LOL! That cracked me up for some reason! LOL!

Yes it dose make your game crash

This scared the hell out of me

Last time I'm playing. Anyone else?

17 The three most possible causes of the Bite of 87 were Freddy, Foxy, or the Mangle

Mangle caused it also known as broken funtime foxy. If you want proof then check out andiematronic's video it has a lot of evidence and facts.

Freddy and foxy were in parts and service at the time. The winner is Mangle.

Freddy is the only one that CAN do the bite of 87. Foxy couldn't because he would kill the victim in every way because his jaw is too long. Phone Guy only said that the frontal lobe was gone not the head. Mangle can't for the same reason. Freddy has the perfect jaw length, design, and head size to bite the frontal lobe off while making sure his victim survives with his frontal lobe gone but head intact.

It HAS to be Mangle. A kid's head could not fit into any other mouth. And plus, she had a reason to. People were taking her apart and putting her back together. She loved kids, but hated adults. And an adult was the Bite of 87 victim. A child was the Bite of '83 victim.

The victim of The Bite of 87 is known as Jeremy Fitzgerald, if I got that correct.

18 Bonnie was supposed to be given the ability to run down the hall

There is a theory that Foxy was added after the trailer. Another one is that Scott wanted to keep Foxy a secret.

Think that was foxy

Haha foxy prolly got it by mistake


19 Mike Schmidt might be hallucinating Golden Freddy

No hallucination. it's an actual ghost. from the bite of 83(NOT 87, because that's another time! Every time you correct me, you are leaving out an important detail! Phone Guy: "It's amazing someone could live without a frontal lobe," the child died. He went into a coma and relived his nightmare before letting go of all of his "friends,"(his stuffed animals) and dying(you can hear a long beep whenever he faded away himself, as though he is in a hospital and he died).

There weakness is if they see them selves

Girlfriend is REAL. If he's not, how come he killed him?

Yes the moniters in on the desktop do not reflect golden freddy

20 The Marionette or Puppet is a boy

I'm not so sure about this. The only reason I commented on this is because I think that it IS possible that Marionette or The Puppet is a boy because the dead child that Purple Guy kills MIGHT be the Puppet. No one will really know...

The puppets is a boy because when you play the game the purple man kills him

I think that the puppet is the kids mom who died. After they are killed and stuffed. The puppets "Gives them life" so that they can have a "Second chance"

The Puppet is really the kid's mother! She died during a car accident and crashed, She also brought a Puppet to her so her soul is stuffed inside. She has the ability to give life to the animatronics "Give Life" so they can have a second chance for living

21 Foxy didn't cause the Bite of 87

It was mangle (broken funtime foxy) for proof look at andiematronic's fnaf timeline

Haven't you guys thinked about it? Scott loves Bonnie right? And nobody thinks that it is Bonnie who 'caused the bite of '87 but maybe it was him! Like I said, Scott loves Bonnie and he picked the right animatronic so nobody could notice it was Bonnie.


You are correct. the first game took place during the 90's. There is belief that it was Mangle instead.

Basically in the first game, the phone guy states:

"They used to walk around the during the day, until there was the bite of '87"

I mean think about it, if the public saw foxy bite the child's frontal lobe off due to a malfunction, the company would have annihilated him and would ve used for parts but he was put out of order. So as a result, foxy didn't cause the bite. Another animatronic did.

22 There's a skull inside Withered Bonnie's head

It could be an endoskeleton

Woops wrong thing

There is not a skull in witherd bonnie's hand


23 Purple guy is just the mistakenly thought of the child who saw him with the shadows casts on him

First of all game theory pronounced this so it is right!

I saw that on game theory too


24 Purple guy is the good guy

Well...I didn't think this at first, but Sister Location basically confirmed it.

No he is no he killed kids he is a bi***

Then Watch the true reveal of Purple Guy at YouTube "Purple Guy Revealed! "

Wrong he be bad

25 Freddy has ears too

He is awesome

Who gives a crap?!?!

I swear that you just said almost all animatronics had ears

26 Balloon boy's buttons change from black to white when he enters your office

The reason why his buttons appear black is because he is in the dark, and when he is in your office you have light that actually shows it is white the whole time, even when he is in the dark.

I've seen this happen while I played!

This is so true!


27 Chica has been mistaken for being a male

She is a girl people!

Chica is a woman! 1

Wiki doesn't tell the truth

Yeah toads my goats!

28 Freddy has hand marks on his face

People say that Freddy in 1983 tried to bite and did but got pushed by the kid on his face

I saw on a picture he had two hand marks on hiss head

It's on his eye socket.

Freddy does have the hand marks if u look closely he has the marks!

29 BB steals your batteries and power

Yes he does and when you see him, put on the mask

Sure does

Uhm fyi everyone knows that

30 When BB talks, the animatronics think he's in danger

Wow that sounds accurate but everyone hates bb

Whoosh... This actually boosted my ship meter. Guess what I ship the best. -CircusControlKid

We all know that

Yes because they think that bb is a real boy in fnaf 2.

31 Chica removes her beak

Yeah she didn't lose it boi also its toy chica

I love this one because its true

Toy Chica Removes Her Beak at night at day when serving the kids she has her beak and at night black eyes! at day she has Light Blue eyes to not look so scary

She so does

32 The screech heard when you're caught is the heavily distorted scream of a child

Yes and this made me think of something else, the Bite of '87. Another reason it was Foxy is that his scream sounds like a child.

Okay, here we go again. Sure, the screech is a distorted child scream but you guys are turning this into a "Foxy is good" thing. FOXY ISN'T A GOOD GUY! You could say his voice is broken, but every animatronic, I repeat, every animatronic has the same screech noise. Need I say more?

It's a really high pitch scream when your voice box is brocken


33 Due to all animatronic noises occurring, it took all four animatronics to kill Phone Guy

Chica actually killed him, because the noises were from the left side, and Freddy comes in on the left also. He was in the kitchen, and Chica is the only one in FNAF 1 to come in on the right

That is only a theory. Another theory is that PG faked his own death

Technically it didn’t take any of the old animatronics suck and Bonnie Chica freddy or fox since Bonnie and foxy come from the left and there was banging on the door and also Freddy comes from the left. Since we have no evidence that Chica was in the room it could have been any of the newer models or the puppet or g freddy makes more sense since they have super natural powers, then again that is just a theory

I love PG.

34 The endoskeleton than comes out the box is golden Freddy's endoskeleton

No, it's a theory. Golden Freddy has an endoskeleton.

This is to scary... Not

It's girlfriend

That is only a theory

35 Puppet is a girl

Both girls I get so annoyed when smf videos give poopet a boy voice

They are not the same because the Marionette is the puppet masters WIFE

Puppet is male but the soul is female.

Marionette is not gender specific.

36 Scott leaves hidden messages in Scott Games

No duh. everyone knows that

Y'all don't have to be rude to whoever wrote this



37 Nightmarionne is non canon

Nightmare B.B. is the only FNAF 4 Halloween character that is actually canon.

This is false.he is canon cause he’s in fnaf vr

38 Clicking Freddy's nose will trigger Freddy to move faster



39 The chest is the kids boty inside

No one wants to know that.

The what what

No! How did they shove the night guards body inside the animatronics

So what?!

40 Freddy Foxy Chica and Bonnie were performing at the same time as Fredbear and Spring Trap/Bonnie

Why else would the brother and friends have the masks of them? they were probably a seperate attraction at the diner as an alternative to fredbear and spring after the bite.


The un-witherds were

41 Freddy's laugh is a little girl's laugh but slowed down

Record your and slow it down


42 There is a secret demo if you beat every night in each game.

Demo of what?

43 The bite of 83 and the bite of 87 are two different events. The first was caused by Fredbear, obviously, but the bite of 87 is still a mystery.

If '83 was a fake then why did the child die when bit by Fredbear?

That's actually true

Nope FREDBEAR was '87 I think '83 was fake

Fredbear was 87 why the hell would Scott tease about the bite of 87 being revealed in the teasers and show us something we've never even heard of before?

44 If you click on certain posters in FNAF 3, it’ll unlock secret mini games which would lead you to the good ending.

There is also a secret keypad in your office

45 Foxy Eyelash is a clue in FNaF 4

The wst

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