Top 10 Facts About Full Metal Jacket

The Top Ten Facts About Full Metal Jacket

To create a realistic effect during Vietnam battle scenes, DP Douglas Milsome experimented with a camera with a shutter thrown off sync. This effect was reused in another war movie, Saving Private Ryan (1998).
In the first part of the movie, in the sequences inside the barracks during the drill, a special lens was designed to keep every single Recruit in focus. Stanley Kubrick intended that no one was special and they all had the same treatment.
One scene cut from the movie showed a group of Marines playing soccer. The scene was cut because a shot revealed they were kicking a human head, not a soccer ball.

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This was Stanley Kubrick's first film edited by computer rather than linearly spliced film.
Denzel Washington was considered for the role of Eightball and has said that it is a role that he regrets missing out on.
Private Joker's shirt on Parris Island reveals that his real name is J.T. Davis. It's a deliberate reference to Spec. James T. Davis, the first officially recognized U.S. casualty in Vietnam, who was killed in 1961.
Vincent D'Onofrio gained 70 pounds for his role as Pvt. Pyle, breaking Robert De Niro's movie weight-gain record (60 pounds) for Raging Bull (1980). It took him seven months to put the weight on and nine months to take it off with physical training.
R. Lee Ermey hardly blinks at all in any scene
The inscription "I Am Become Death" is written on Animal Mother's helmet. This is a quotation from the Bhagavad-Gita, spoken by J. Robert Oppenheimer after the explosion of the first atomic bomb at Alamogordo.
Robert Lee Ermey (Drill Sergeant) was a real drill sergeant and was in many other movies with the same role, a drill sergeant. He was even included as a Call Of Duty: Ghosts DLC, he was a drill sergeant announcer for multiplayer.

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He was a USMC (US Marine Corps) drill instructor, not sure a Gunny Sergeant like in the film, or not.

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During filming, a family of rabbits were accidentally killed. Stanley Kubrick, an animal lover, was so upset that he canceled the rest of the day's work.
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