Top Ten Facts About Judas Priest You Might Not Have Known Before Reading This List

These lists are extremely hard to do. That's why you won't see lists like these with lesser known bands. Since Judas Priest isn't as popular as Iron Maiden or Metallica, you'll probably know a few things on here.

The Top Ten

1 Judas Priest was actually a 60s band, since they were formed in 1969

That's make them one of the earliest metal bands. - zxm

Yes, they formed in 1969 before Black Sabbath made heavy metal a real thing.

2 The term for heavy metal came from Judas Priest's album 'British Steel'

I knew all these facts before reading this list. About this one - it's very debatable whether the term for heavy metal came from their album 'British Steel'. - Metal_Treasure

3 Al Atkins was the original vocalist for Judas Priest, not Rob Halford

If bands stuck to their original lineups, then we would've never heard Halford's voice.

4 The band had only two top 10 hits in the US

Heading Out to the Highway and You've Got Another Thing Comin'. Those aren't good songs.

I like very much You've Got Another Thing Comin'. - Metal_Treasure

5 Sad Wings of Destiny was the album Dave Mustaine listened to when he chose heavy metal for a career

Dave Mustaine listened to this music when his brother-in-law punched him in the face for doing so. He played Metal just for revenge.

6 Judas Priest named their band after the Bob Dylan song, 'The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest'
7 In 1985, two Nevada teenagers committed suicide due to listening to Stained Class

Well, one survived telling them that Judas Priest's music caused them to kill themselves, and the mother whose son died sued Judas Priest because of that.

8 Halford's favorite book is the thesaurus

Really?! That's my favorite book too!

This is because he likes to put in unusual words to his lyrics

9 Before joining Judas Priest, Halford was a lighting engineer for stage productions
10 Rob Halford is openly gay

The Contenders

11 Rob Halford broke his nose onstage and was rendered unconscious in 1990, during what was supposed to be his final show with the band

Hmm, sounds like a punishment for leaving this legendary band... - Metal_Treasure

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