Top Ten Facts About Killer Whales

Killer whales, or also known as orcas, are intellegent and beautiful marine animals. Here are some interesting facts about them

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1 Killer whales aren't whales. They're dolphins

I knew this fact although I initially thought that they were whales. - LightningBlade

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2 A group of killer whales is called a "pod"
3 Killer whales can eat other dolphins, sharks, and whales (including blue whales)

That's how it got its "killer" part of its name. It can take down almost any marine animals (but of course, in groups) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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4 Killer whales can sleep with 1 eye open

Just like any other dolphin. They can keep AN eye out for predators. - LightningBlade

5 The oldest killer whale known lived for 103 years
6 Despite being called a "killer", there has never been seen a killer whale attacking a human

Actually this is wrong. Just go to the sea world website. -_-

7 Killer whales use echolocation to hunt and talk to each other
8 Killer whale's scientific name is Orcinus orca. "Orcinus" comes from the word "Orcus", a Roman God of the underworld
9 Every killer whale pods (groups) have their own "accent", which makes it easier for killer whales to identify the killer whales in the pod

That's awesome.. They are social animals after all. - LightningBlade

10 A killer whale's brain is 5 times larger than a human's

But still a human's brain is largest in proportion of body weight than any other mammal. - LightningBlade

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11 Killer whales are a the largest dolphins (not whales) on earth

32ft long and 10 tons!

12 Killer whales attack seals on the beach

It's true!

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