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1 Link Never Actually Speaks in Any of His Games

Well, he did have a couple of lines in adventure of link, such as "I found a mirror under the table."

With the exemption of a few screams and yells and forgetting that mess that was The Philip CDI games Link never says a word - egnomac

In Wind Waker's tower of the gods dungeon,you can call a statue over to you and Link will say:Come on! - Lord28

2 There's an Actually Character Named Error

The characters real name was suppose to be Errol but due to a programming error he ended becoming Erro in the game. - egnomac

3 Zelda II The Adventure of Link is The Black Sheep of the Series
4 Princess Zelda Isn't Just the Damsel in Distress

This is especially true in spirit tracks.

5 Every Zelda Game Featured a Different Link and Zelda

With the exception of Ocarina of Time - Majoras Mak & Wind Waker - Phantom Hourglass Ever other Zelda game featured a different Link & Zelda. - egnomac

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6 A lot of the Characters From Ocarina of Time Reappear in Majora's Mask Only With Their Names Changed
7 Princess Zelda Is Named After Zelda Fitzgerald

The Wife of Scott Fitzgerald the author of the Great Gatspy. - egnomac

8 If You Steal an Item From a Shop In Links Awakening You Get Called a "Thief!" Throughout the Game
9 Several Mario Characters Appear in Links Awakening
10 Link Always Starts Off Each Game With Only 3 Hearts

In skyward sword,you have six. - Lord28

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11 The Master Sword is inspired by English Mythology
12 Majora's Mask Features The Least Amount of Main Dungeons in the Whole Series
13 The Legend of Zelda Oracle Series Was Originally Intended to be a Trilogy
14 Link is Left Handed
15 The Wii Version of Twilight Princess is a Mirrored Version of The Game Cube Version of the Game
16 Link is as a Playable Character in Soul Calibur II for the Gamecube Version
17 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Is the First 3D Zelda Game
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1. Link Never Actually Speaks in Any of His Games
2. There's an Actually Character Named Error
3. Zelda II The Adventure of Link is The Black Sheep of the Series



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