Top Ten Facts About Metallica You Might Not Have Known Before Reading This List

The Top Ten

1 The person who made the music video for Lou Reed and Metallica's The View was Darren Aronofsky

There were only 2 things I didn't know - this is the 1st one. - Metal_Treasure

2 Kirk Hammett's first guitar was a Montogomery Ward catalog special
3 Metallica spent around $400,000 on the music video 'The Memory Remains'

This is the 2nd thing I didn't know. - Metal_Treasure

4 The first instrument James Hetfield ever learned to play was the piano, which he learned at age 9

It wasn't the guitar, but the piano. I was a little surprised when I found this out.

Nice knockoff of my list. - NikBrusk

5 Metallica first performed Hit the Lights on a compilation album called Metal Massacre

However, they mispelt it as Mettallica.

6 The only other band who recorded Lars Ulrich's drumming was Mercyful Fate

From the 1993 album 'In The Shadows', on the track 'Return of the Vampire... 1993'.

7 After Kill Em' All was recorded, Kirk Hammett took guitar lessons from Joe Satriani to get better at playing

I knew this. I even made a list "Top 10 Best Students of Joe Satriani". - Metal_Treasure

He wasn't talented enough at the time.

8 James Hetfield is a mechanic who spends some free time working on classic cars.

For those who thought Metallica were devil-worshippers, you were wrong.

9 James Hetfield's first band was Obsession, not Phantom Lord

This was when he met Ron McGoveny, who left shortly after Metallica was formed and started the bass curse. If he never left and Cliff Burton never joined, Metallica's 80s albums would be much better than they were, and today they'd still be as good.

10 On July 6th, 1986, Metallica had to cancel a show in Indiana because James Hetfield broke his wrist while skateboarding

That was nothing compared to the time he got burned on stage.

The Contenders

11 In the 80s Metallica moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco because "the glam metal scene in Los Angeles sucked"
12 James Hatfield Wrote Some Parts of "Nothing Else Matters" While Talking Over Phone

In 1990, James Hatfield was on phone, he was talking to his girlfriend. and mistakenly (most likely) he wrote the opening guitar tabs of Nothing Else Matters. - zxm

13 James Hetfield Can Play Drums

Ha ha, we all know he can play guitar and keyboard along with singing. But he can also play drums. Almost as good as Lars. - zxm

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