Top Ten Facts About Metallica

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1 James Hetfield built a car that could survive nuclear blasts and earthquakes

Hi I love you

Haha, yeah, he loves customizing cars and motorcycles in his garage. - Metal_Treasure

2 Metallica moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco because "the glam metal scene in LA sucked"

This happened in the 80s. - Metal_Treasure

3 Metallica's most popular song, Nothing Else Matters, wasn't meant to be released at all because Hetfield wrote it for himself

He must of been pissed

But the drummer Lars Ulrich heard it and insisted on considering the song for the album. This is a love song James Hetfield wrote while he was on the phone with his then girlfriend. The lyrics "so close, no matter how far" talk about the bond they shared even when Hetfield was on tour. - Metal_Treasure

4 The first instrument James Hetfield learned to play wasn't the guitar, it was the piano
5 Metallica had a psychologist in the studio to prevent them from having meltdowns when recording St. Anger
6 Ex Pentagram member Joe Jasselvader believes that Cliff Burton died due to the fact he owned tarot cards that were from Salem witch trials

I don't know about the tarot cards but there was something in his death. Metallica were on tour and because the sleeping cubicles on their tour bus were uncomfortable, on the evening of September 26, 1986, they drew cards to decide who received pick of the bunks. Cliff Burton won the game with an ace of spades and took Kirk Hammett's bunk. Several hours later, at 7 am on September 27, the bus skidded off the road, Burton was thrown through the window of the bus, which fell on top of him and killed him. - Metal_Treasure

7 Kirk Hammet though his call for auditioning for Metallica was an April Fools Joke
8 Metallica’s first appearance on an album would be their performance of ‘Hit the Lights’ on Metal Blade’s inaugural compilation, ‘Metal Massacre'' but their name was misspelled as "Mettallica"
9 The song "The God That Failed" is about James' mother's death, where she refused any treatment or medicine for her cancer, and instead look to her Christian faith to heal her

Yes, so sad. His parents were Christian Scientists and did not believe in medicine. His mother died too young - James was only 16 years old and even his father wasn't there because his parents were divorced. The song actually wants to say "The God that failed" to cure her. He does not celebrate God's failure in the song but instead blames God - James felt that had she not followed her Christian Science beliefs, she could have survived. - Metal_Treasure

10 The most popular song from Kill Em All, Seek And Destroy, was never released as a single

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11 The song 'Battery' is named after a street in downtown San Francisco where was located the club played by Metallica in the 80s (444 Battery Street)
12 Out of all the bassists Metallica had, Robert Trujillo is the one with the most writing credits on songs, with 11
13 Metallica is the first band to play on all seven continents

Including Antarctica.

14 Metallica's longest song is "Suicide and Redemption" from Death Magnetic, lasting a total of 9:57
15 James Hetfield enjoys activities such as skateboarding, snowboarding, water-skiing, jet-skiing, sketching, customizing cars and motorcycles in his garage, hunting, watching the Oakland Raiders, going to hot-rod shows
16 Hetfield has broken his arm a number of times while skateboarding, which prevented him from playing guitar on stage, and his management company added a clause to his contract forbidding him to skateboard
17 Metallica was founded in October 1981 when James Hetfield (18) answered a classified advertisement by drummer Lars Ulrich (17) in the Los Angeles newspaper The Recycler

And Metallica debut album came out when both were only 20. - Metal_Treasure

18 The song 'Until It Sleeps' is about James Hetfield's dying mother
19 Metallica's influences are Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Ted Nugent, AC/DC, Rush, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Venom, Motörhead, Saxon, Blitzkrieg, Iron Maiden, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Misfits, and Killing Joke

Mercyful Fate was also a huge influence on Metallica.

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