Facts about Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley & The Beatles

The Top Ten Facts about Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley & The Beatles

1970 was the only year to have all 3 artists have #1 hits on the Billboard 100.

Sorry but your research about Elvis is wrong. Elvis was number one in 1970 for 12 weeks in the UK with the " The wonder of you " and so was his album " Elvis, That's the way it is " in many European countries a number one selling album.

I checked already, Elvis didn't have a hit in 1970, but 1969 was the only year all 3 had a TOP TEN HIT

Elvis did have a hit in 1970, which was 1 in the UK. - micahisthebest

It is completely false that all 3 have sold over 1 billion records.
Elvis and the Beatles are in that neighborhood, but MJ is only a little more than 1/3 of the way, with a sales total of around 350 million.
It was revealed [Wall Street Journal] that the supposed sales total of 750 million for MJ was a total fabrication by the publicity company in charge of "This Is It".
Then MJ fansites exaggerated the original exaggeration.
All of this is easy to research as long as you don't do your research on MJ fansites.

All 3 artists have sold over 1 billion records

The Beatles and Elvis Presley sold almost equally about 600 millions records ( claimed sales). The Beatles are considered the highest selling band, Elvis Presley the highest selling individual artist ( claimed sales 600 million for both. Certified units for The Beatles is 270;1 million, certified units for Elvis Presley 211,5 million). Michael Jackson has sold ( individual and J5 together) claimed sales 350 million and certified units 183,9 million. Updated for 2017. To actually reach 1 billion both The Beatles and Elvis Presley have to sell still 400 million records as for Michael Jackson he still have to sell 650 million to reach 1 billion.

1) The Beatles

2) Elvis Presley

3, 4 or 5 [? ]) Michael Jackson ( individual and with the Jackson 5 together)

Don't forget, there are about 7,5 billion people living on earth. If those three artist will have a sale of 1 billion records it would mean that almost every 1 person of 7 in the world has bought a record of ...more

Back in a day of gramophone records, no one counted how much sales was it made, its all estimated, but no one really knows. In 80s, publishing houses started counting how much is sold and it continued on with CDs as a new technology. Numbers Elvis and Beatles sold could be pumped up, because there's simply no evidence of how much records they sold, MJs records are well documented, maybe Jackson 5 not so much because there wasnt CD at the time, but latter on, its all well known.

Not correct; The Beatles and Elvis have indeed sold about this number, but MJ's ACTUAL sales figure is only around 350 million.

Actually Elvis may not have really sold 1 billion records...

They all met each other before

Elvis was one of Paul McCartney's influences.

Michael Jackson broke most of Elvis's and The Beatles records

Of course he broke the records of the other two, there were A LOT less people in Elvis' prime, population has increased by A LOT. Plus, people have more money now a days, Elvis' style isn't "cool" to most people anymore, and a lot of people like the Beatles now a days but few sill buy their full albums. MJ's style is still the most common style of music these days so a lot more people still buy his full albums then the others' albums. Michael's sales are not a reflection of who was the best of the three, not to mention his personality was much more lovable then the other two. The Beatles and Elvis were split between two main groups, hippies and whatever you call the more "clean cut" business types/country folk; Michael Jackson's style is listened to by the majority.

I'm not a huge fan of any of these (MJ, Elvis, or The Beatles) I just wrote this b/c I'm sick of all these lists who only have things talking about what MJ did: "Michael has more FB friends", "Michael broke more ...more

Nope, the only significant sales record MJ holds is for the biggest-selling single album, which is "Thriller".

The music business was changed. When Elvis started we were still on 78 rpm records and the beginning of 45 rpm records. Many people ( and certainly in Europe in 1955-56, 10 years after the worldwar 2 ) didn't have a record player. And don't forget, Elvis is still the biggest selling artist of dead singers.

Of course he did

Michael Jackson's best selling album (Thriller, 130m) has sold more than Elvis's and The Beatles best selling albums combined.

Somebody is trying to degrade MJ's success because they obviously love their 60s Elvis and Beatles. Not cool. - ParasN2000

To qualify a gold record, singles and extended-play releases must sell over a million units. Long-play albums must have over 1$ million in sales trough december 31. In 1975 the criteria for gold LP's changed. From that date to the present, an album must sell over 500,000 units and not 1 million anymore. In the fifties you had to sell 1$ million of a record ( meaning that you had to sell more units to have a gold record than today ( or after 1975 ) ). If you add the value of money in the fifties compared to the eighties, it tell us that Elvis sold more units than " Thriller ".

How can you compare the " record buying public " of the fifties with the " record buying public " of the eighties? The record industry for teenage music was at his infantility in the fifties. It developed trough the sixties and since the seventies only, you could say that every Household had a record player. You simply can't compare the record sellings of those three different periods.

Certified sales of Thriller are only around 65 million, the rest is pure conjecture about the number of illegal downloads and illegal pirated copies in places like China.

Michael once married Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Presley while holding the rights of The Beatles
Actual sales totals: 1. Beatles; 2. Elvis; distant 3. Michael Jackson

This is how it really is.

Elvis Presley was the greatest ever the rest only followed him 👌

All 3 artists has sold over 100 million records in the USA

Beatles ere the best selling artists in the united states

This one is true.

Michael Jackson was accused of being a pedophile

When he actually isn't one. - BorisRule

People should stop play his music,he was a pedophile he was a sick boy

People should continue, he was not a child molester or a pedophile. - BorisRule

He was accused, he was found not guilty on all counts though... he would never hurt a child! he just hung around children because he thought they were genuine and never lied and he never really had a childhood ( he started his singing career at the age of five). The accusers were found to only accuse Michael for money (sick -_-). they took away Michael's dignity by strip searching him, the accuser's description of Michael's body did not match. They searched all of Michael's home and found NOTHING. Michael would never do that. EVER. Don't believe the damn tabloids people. -_-...

Michael Jackson has more Facebook fans than The Beatles, Elvis and Madonna combined

The Beatles broke up 40 years before Facebook was invented, and Elvis died 35 years before.

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Michael Jackson wanted to do a Harry Potter musical. J.K. Rowling said no
Elvis is actually a blonde
The last thing Elvis ate was ice cream and cookies
The Beatles originally wanted to make a Lord of the Rings movie, with Paul as Frodo, John as Gollum, George as Gandalf, and Ringo as Sam

I don't think so.

Michael Jackson undisputed to all as: (1) The King of Pop, (2) having the world's single greatest selling album of all time with "Thriller" at over 100 million copies sold worldwide, [3] having the music video for "Thriller" as the single most landmark vi
A lock of Elvis's hair sold for $115,120
The three were ranked the top 3 music acts of all time
The first artist signed to the Beatles' Apple Records label was singer-songwriter James Taylor
Thriller is the single greatest selling record of all time

Absolutely... I mean it really could not be anyone else but Michael Jackson.

Michael & Elvis hail from the US (Tulepo, MI for Elvis, Gary, IN for MJ) But the Beatles hail from Liverpool, England
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