Greatest Facts About Monsters, Inc.

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Bill Murray was Monsters Inc director Pete Docter's first choice to voice James P. "Sulley" Sullivan

According to Robert Schnakenberg’s The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray and some Wikipedia notes, the beloved actor tested for the role of Sulley. However, when producers tried to offer him the part, he couldn't be reached. Thus, they took his silence as a “No.” Bad for him. - MaxBravo

Mary Gibbs, daughter of story artist Rob Gibbs inspired boo’s character
Boo's real name is Mary Gibbs

Same name as her voice actress - MaxBravo

The song Boo sings on the potty was made by her voice actress

Mary Gibbs recalled the process of putting the tune together. She noted, “They told me to sing and I started singing Wheels on the Bus, but they couldn't use any actual songs because of copyright issues so they had me babble and sing random words for a few hours and took out the parts they liked the best! ” That's how Cardi B make a lyric. - MaxBravo

Pete Docter’s original Script was to have a grown man be haunted by the monsters he drew as a kid

Director Pete Docter recounted his original script: “My idea was that what it was about was a 30-year-old man who is like an accountant or something, he hates his job, and one day he gets a book with some drawings in it that he did when he was a kid from his mom. He doesn't think anything of it and he puts it on the shelf and that night, monsters show up. And nobody else can see them. He thinks he’s starting to go crazy, they follow him to his job, and on his dates... and it turns out these monsters are fears that he never dealt with as a kid... And each one of them represents a different kind of fear. As he conquers those fears, the guys who he slowly becomes kind of friends with, they disappear... It’s this bittersweet kind of ending where they go away, and so not much of that stayed.” This should be make into a horror movie - MaxBravo

The film was the first to introduce on-screen representation of moving fur
John Goodman and Billy Crystal recorded their lines together
"If I Didn't Have You" from Monsters, Inc. Wins Best Song: 2003 Oscars
Frank Oz voices Randall’s assistant, Jeff Fungus
Billy Crystal played Mike because he regretted not being in Toy Story.

He was offered the role of Buzz Lightyear, but said that things just didn't work out. He later regretted not being able to take part in it, so when John Lasseter asked him to do Monsters, Inc., he immediately said yes. He said in an interview that Mike ended up being a better fit for him than Buzz Lightyear. - Gg2000

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The film is about Sulley and Mike's struggle between the love of family and work
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