Top Ten Facts About Movies

Hello everyone, today I'm gonna show you intresting facts about movies.

The Top Ten

1 The dinosaur noises in the "Jurassic Park" movie were made from recordings of tortoise sex.

Really? - ElSherlock

That's not true, the animal sounds are from a lot and I mean A LOT of animals. Cow, bull, falcon, walrus, spider monkey, rattlesnake just to name a few of the animals that were used. Who the hell thinks it was tortoise sex. - RustyNail

So that movie was all about people freaking out over tortoises moaning every minute. And I enjoyed the whole thing?! - Kiteretsunu

Haha! This is hilarious! - muffinkid

2 Bruce Lee was so fast, they actually had to run his films slower so you can see his moves.
3 Over 90% of American movies made before 1929 are lost, no copies are known to exist.
4 Movie trailers used to play after the film.
5 Will Smith, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Leo DiCaprio were offered the part of Neo in "The Matrix" movie before Keanu Reeves.
6 The Horse Head used in the movie "The Godfather" was real.

This is disturbing - ElSherlock

That's a little disturbing.

7 Time Travel depictions in films and TV are banned in China.
8 Yoda, from Star Wars, was modeled after the appearance of Albert Einstein.
9 The time traveling machine in the movie "Back to the Future" was originally supposed to be a refrigerator.
10 The word "mafia" is never mentioned in the film version of The Godfather because the actual mafia demanded it.
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