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1 Marijuana is legal in North Korea

The North Korean government does not consider Marijuana as a drug but rather considers it as a medicine - yatharthb

In the UK, we are not allowed to smoke weed because it’s considered bad m’kay. The government knows weed can prevent cancer and they are going to sit back and watch people die. In North Korea its legal and actually the main source of cancer, tobacco is illegal. So please tell me how North Korea is the most awful country in the world and kills their own people, Because if you do, you are one stupid Yankee.

2 North Korea has the World's largest stadium seating 150,000 people

And they execute people there

3 North Korea is the only country to currently have an US Navy Ship Captured
4 The founder of North Korea: Kim Il-Sung was born on the day on which the Titanic sunk- 12th April, 1912

I knew it Kim Ill Sung is the mastermind of Titanic sinking! - CerealGuy

5 In 1962 a US soldier crossed the North Korean border, he is still there


6 In the last 60 years, 25000 North Koreans have gone to South Korea, whereas only two South Koreans have actually gone to North Korea

This fact really tells something. And I really feel sorry for those two South Koreans. - Kiteretsunu

Over 12000 people have immigrated to North Korea since 1990. It is not a bad place - yatharthb

What South Korean would want to, they'd never leave! - ToptenPizza

This is a lie.

7 North Koreans will never see this website

Kim Jong Un might. I think he's one of the very few there that have access to electricity and the web.

8 North Korea is also called 'Democratic People's Republic of Korea'

How ironic. Much like the naming of East Germany. - PositronWildhawk

For the people, by the people. Maybe "For Kim Il-Sung, by Kim Il-Sung."

9 It has a literacy rate of 100%

Let me guess very strict schools. You hate school. Think of the kids in North Korea.

That's similar to most communist countries

10 North Korean Government has allowed the sale of Cell Phones

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11 It spends 14% of its GDP on National Defense

And nukes

12 It is a proletarian democracy not a dictatorship
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