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1 Pakistan Is the First Muslim Nuclear State

Wow that is really beautiful country I've been there only once and never wants to come back the countries free of love Passionata country beautiful this countryis one of the most beautiful country Puma reason, people are there so helpful one day I lost my wallet thereand someone came to give me back and there were more than 3house in dollarsand all of them were safe and in the wallet and I tried to give him some money as a reward but he denied those peoples are amazing loving caring it was just seems to me paradise on the planet a forest maybe their government is corrupt but people are over there have so big heart. I would do anything to stay there it's really hard to get to visa for me as being american.
That is the statethose people deserve to be the best part of the world and they will be sooner or later, they will be the best part of the world they will rule the world and I have read the history of Pakistan they have ruled the world for more than a thousand years. They have a ...more

I love my Pakistan

Long live Pakistan

I want to tell this to the whole world that whatever enemies say against pakkistan but true fact is that pakistan is pakistan. Pakistani culture is very loving pure. And peaceful. Nowadays pakistan is facing terrorrism from indian and american agencies but till now pakistan is alive and will be alive forever. Pakistan is the only muslim super power in the world. Pakistan has 4th biggest missile power in the world. Pakistani peoples are really talented that's why pakistan is able become great threat for enemies of islamin the end... PROUD TO BE A PAKISTANI

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2 Pakistan Works for Unity and Peace

I will live for Pakistan and die for Pakistan cause I am true Pakistani love Pakistan

My love my emotions or whatever in me its all of Pakistan. Love you Pakistan still proud being pakistani. This is the Pakistan where if people have blood everywhere then can say with smile oh I think it's shake of flowers And nothing happens there.Insh a Allah Pakistan will be the next super power. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN.

I so love Pakistan

This is so true

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3 Pakistan Is the Most Connected Country In Asia

Pakistan is beautiful country, people are generous, hospitable and peaceful friendly.I am living in pakistan for last 13 years.

Wow I'm pakistani and I didn't know this



4 Pakistan is One of Oldest Civilization

No doubt Pakistan is the oldest civilization of this world like Egypt many worth seeing and ancient places are exist in Pakistan like poonjedaaroo and haripa which raise the standard of Pakistan

5 Pakistan Is a Welfare State

It's not a welfare state

Absolutely right.abdul sattar edhi is an example

6 Pakistan Has 7th Largest Pool of Scientists and Engineers

Pakistan is no way behind in literature

Still 55% of Pakistanis can read!

Pakistan is full of talent

Pakistani student are more brillient and educated

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7 Islamabad Is the Capital City of Pakistan

Cool name for the capital of a Muslim country

Great name for Muslims capital

Everyone knows that!

City of beauty

8 Lahore Is the Cultural Capital City

Lahore is very beautiful city in Pakistan

9 Pakistan Has More Than 70 Languages

Pakistan is a great and big country no doubt pakistan has more than 70 languages,

10 69% of Pakistanis Love India

As a general, Indians are hateful towards Pakistanis but its never the other way round. You get educated Indians bashing Pakistan and less educated dimwits. While the less educated mannerless Pakistani will bash India (half the time it just sounds funny so less of an insult)

Yes, but there are 10% who only love wars

It is true! Many Pakistanis said "I am a Pakistani, I am a Muslim, but I do not hate India". It is true! Also I heard that to keep the peace and harmony between India and Pakistan, a food outlet in Islamabad said "We will offer free meal to the Indian tourists. In future, Pakistan and India will be a allies. Also many Pakistanis go to Mumbai because they like India and their film industries. Many actors who work for Bollywood, like Imran Abbas, Atif Aslam, Syed Asrar Shah are Pakistanis!

Pakistani want kashmir

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11 Pakistan has the highest number of refugees within its borders.


12 Pakistan Is 6th Biggest Country On Basis of Population

No one can beat Pakistan

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