Top Ten Facts About Sakura Haruno

The Top Ten Facts About Sakura Haruno

1 Sakura Last Name Harano is Not a Clan Like Senju, Uzamaki And. Uchia

Such spelling much wow

2 Sakura Was Supposed to Be a Teacher for Sasuke and Naruto
3 Sakura Has Inner Sakura So in Most of the Video Games Inner Sakura Has Powers Do to the Lack of Skils
4 Sakura Met Sasuke at Age 8

Every Naruto character, even Sasuke Uchiha is too good for Suckura Haruno.

5 Sakura Worked at a Children Mental Healing Center
6 Sakura Had the Longest Battle Time with Chiyo Fighting Sasori
7 She surpassed the legendary Sannin, Tsunade.

Someone who died when Tsunade was like 4 years old: "her (Sakura) strenght MIGHT BE greater than Tsunade's".

You don't need to overrate your favorite character to make people like her. this statement isn't a CONCRETE PROOF that Sakura surpassed Tsunade. I do not think Sakura is weak, but I do not think she surpassed Tsunade either.

Firstly, Hashirama didn't exactly know the entirety of Tsunade's strenght. he died when she was a little girl, and was not around when Tsunade became strong.
Secondly, saying someone's strenght MIGHT BE greater than someone else's does not equal "Sakura strenght IS greater than Tsunade's". - Liinde

What does she do that tsunade can't to surpass her?
Tsunade invented everything sakura just copied exactly from her

Best fact! This proves she's not useless!

8 Sakura Only Did D and C Missions When She Actually Fought Before She Became a Healer
9 In the Alternate World's History Sakura Father Kizashi Became the Fourth Hokage Instead of Minato Namikaze.
10 Sakura Haruno and Tayuya are the Only Ones with Pink Hair

The Contenders

11 Strongest Kunoichi in Konoha

She even surpassed Tsunade whom is the strongest kunoichi in Konoha.Hinata is just a Chunin while her younger sister,Hanabi is the heiress of Hyuga Clan while Himata is NOTHING.When she was a genin,she's smart but don't know how to fighting cause she's not from a powerful clan and don't have any kekkai genkai.And you guys called she was useless.

12 The Show Stopped Using Inner Sakura Because They Wanted Sakura to Fight But, They Didn't and Sakura Becomes a Healer and Inner Sakura is Never Shown Again
13 She has an unhealthy obsession with Sasuke
14 Sakura Haruno Is a Pink Ninja Girl
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