Top 10 Facts About Skydoesminecraft & Ssundee

They are my favorite minecraft youtubers. I like them very much. You should know these facts about them.

The Top Ten

1 They Are Good At Hunger Games

You know what, I take back what I said about them in this list. I was just a little angry because my friend would say nothing more than butter for the longest time. I really am sorry. anyone can have an opinion. - username34

I agree that they are good at hunger games.

Good for them they accomplished a game. - username34

They kill me al the time at hunger and survivral games

2 They Have Over 1 Million Subscribers

Those things never get me!

Awesome. They also win the hearts of more 3rd graders than I can count. - username34

3 They Use Monstercat Music

I actually approve of this. - username34

They use it will. Oh, they are the best YouTubers. - AbduZine

I love MonsterCat and that use it well

hi is good

4 They Are Dog Lovers
5 They Used To Play Pixelmon
6 Their Skins Have Sunglasses
7 They Also Play General Gaming

Sky has a Sky vs Gaming channel now and has vary good content. (My opinion)

8 They Have Girlfriends

SSundee is actually married to Maddie.

9 SSundee Used to Be In the Military

In ssundee lucky block were they use guns he says that the sniper and the shotgun are the best

I don't now if I think that ssundee was in the military

Ssundee served in the United States Air Force - Robertson

He was then he finished to be a full time YouTubet

10 Sky Is Awesome and Funny Ssundee Base Does More Stuff With His Friends

The Contenders

11 They Do Mod Reviews
12 They Constantly Do Survival Lets Plays
13 They Have Children

Sky has a baby on the way and I don't know about ssundee

Ssundee has a son named Colton - Robertson

14 Sky Is a Boss

This guy is a retard

15 Both have someone that they play with



16 They both have awesome friends.

I love both sky and ssundee but honestly I watch more of shubble and pat and jen.

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