Top Ten Facts About Son Goku


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1 He is voiced by an old woman in Japanese dub

Masako Nozawa, I know. She is around 80 years old this year and she still continues to voice him in DBS. I prefer the dub to be honest. His English voice sounds much more powerful and warrior-like. - Goku02

I can’t watch DBZ unless it’s dubbed in English because of that annoying voice. - Undistinguished

2 He is currently only Saiyan that has SSJ3 and SSG forms so far

SS3: *cough* Gotenks *cough*
SSG: *cough* Vegeta *cough* - SirM

But Vegeta and Broly reached SSJ3 in a What-If scenario in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast if you're willing to count that. - PerfectImpulseX

3 He defeated most villains
4 He is first Saiyan to reach super Saiyan

Actually it was Yamoshi, a saiyan who got ssj1 and ssjg 1000 years before Goku.. Goku was 2nd... People think he was the first as he was the first to get in on screen - pratham2025

5 He has appeared in other shows outside the Dragon Ball series

I did not know that

6 He didn't skip any SS forms unlike Vegeta

Vegeta didn't "skip" any forms; he just achieved some forms & didn't achieve some other forms. - SirM

7 He was killed multiple times, but came back stronger
8 He was never on bad side
9 He is around 100 years old

I don't really know with this one. He is possibly a bit younger I think - P-51IsDaBest

You are counting DBGT? Then he is approximately 151 years old. - Goku02

10 Goku was born on a different planet and sent to Earth to conquer the planet but because a human just HAD to drop Goku like a bomb, Goku had suffered memory loss and forgot his mission.

Ask Goku to lubricate your ass before commencing anal penetration! It would hurt otherwise!

The fact that he had to destroy earth got retconned, his parents send him to earth to be safe. - pratham2025

Goku was a nice kid and I would not lie, I wished that I could have lived with him. Anyway, I want Goku to tie me up and ƒʉ¢ḵ me in my ass.

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11 Goku was never meant to be a hero
12 He is one of the most popular anime characters

I'd say he is the very most popular. He's been around for longer than most of them, so he has old fans too, some already had grandchildren who also like DBZ. - Goku02

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