Best Facts About Steven Universe

The Top Ten Best Facts About Steven Universe

1 Rebecca Sugar writes the songs they sing

Rebecca Sugar created the best show of the century and she is a songwriting genius

"You go girl, Rebecca Sugar." Yep she definitely is the best songwriter. In my opinion.

She's really good at making songs!

I found out about this when I saw a movie in the theaters.

2 The gems don't really have a gender, but most have female properties

No one really knows garnets gender but I always thought garnet is a female and should be


3 Rebecca Sugar is the first woman is create a Cartoon Network show

Same for the creator of Star Butterfly

She must be proud of it.

Isn't Rebecca Sugar non-binary?

SVTFOE is on Disney

4 The Kindergarten was where bad gems were made, except amethyst.

I really hope someone realizes that Amethyst was in fact made in the Kindergarten

That is the truth

Not anymore.

Also jasper

5 All of the earth gems except Steven and Amethyst are from space

No. Jasper was made in the prime kindergarten, like amethyst.

6 All of the Gems are like the Gems that they are based off of

Except Jasper, her gem represents maternity, nurturing, protection, and relaxation. Jasper is the complete opposite of that!

Pearl is perfect, Steven is caring, Garnet is sarcastic, and Amethyst is carefree.

No, the gems are based off the voice actor.

Everyone excep jasper redemtion is coming

7 Amethyst was made in the Kindergarten

Yes she was

8 Steven's mom, Rose, gave up her physical properties to have Steven


9 Steven Universe's fans drive people to suicide

This is so true

Seriously. Is this what Rebecca would've wanted?

"How is this on the list of BEST facts"

How is this on the list of BEST facts?

10 Rose told Pearl all of her secrets

Not all of them. What about Lion?

Yes wot about lion

The Contenders

11 Peridot is officially a Crystal Gem

When Peridot called Yellow Diamond a clod, there was no turning back

YESS. She called Yellow Diamond a clod!

Yes she is!

Go Peridot!

12 Amethyst is over 3,000 years old

Holy cat but she looks like she's only 11!

13 Peridot is the youngest full gem

There's been a few hints that Peridot is the youngest full gem (like in Marble Madness, she had no idea who the Crystal Gems are and about the Rebellion, she's childish, and gets frustrated with old gem tech, this has also been shown Friend Ship when she frustrated with the control panel on the old gem ship. It's like how we get frustrated with old computers). But, it's really been hinted in When it Rains when Peridot said that wasn't around when the Cluster was created and read over few hundred years of reports. So, we can infer Peridot 300-3,000 years old, making her the youngest full gem.

What if a character from the show was looking at the Internet of the real world, and found this list? Bet they would start treating Peridot as a little girl!

That is, until Hit the Diamond gave us Leggy the Ruby, who may be much younger.

It's obvious Peridot's the youngest full gem.

14 Amethyst has a crush on Pearl

I think it's a cute factoid. The signs are all there!

what signs

No she doesn’t!

15 Garnet has three eyes: the one on the right belongs to Ruby, the left belongs to Sapphire, and the one on top belongs to Garnet

Bottom ruby top sapphire

Thanks to the nerds on Wikipedia!

Garnet's three eyes come from Ruby's two eyes and Sapphire's singular eye.

16 Homosexuality is canon

Rose and Pearl, Peridot and Lapis, Ruby and Sapphire.

NO Pearl and Amethyst are the better couple!

17 Steven is half human and half Gem
18 Connie's eyes were healed by Steven's healing spit

It's magic... weird, weird magic.

19 Lapis and Peridot are based off of a love/hate relationship anime trope called Tsundre.

Tsundere. Sorry.

Yep! I want them to make out and get married! :D

20 Nicki Minaj is the voice of Sugilite
21 Garnet's song "Stronger Than You " has over two million views on YouTube

It's not the show or the creator's fault that their fans took their opinions too far. And that should literally have nothing to do with an Adventure Time related comment.

It is also the longest song on the series.

I love the song especially the remix

I love that song

22 Garnet is a fusion

Nobody should be surprised, they've throwing out hints before "Jailbreak".

I found that out in the episode Jailbreak.

And the cutest fusion, I ship Ruby and Sapphire!

What a twist! I wasn't so surprised though I was kinda naive. IDC that's AWESOME

23 Sadie's favorite food is oyster crackers

Wow. Just wow.

24 Lapis was crushed but then found and that's why she used to be a mirror

Wrong. She was attached to a mirror, after her physical form was destroyed.

Well until steven found her

25 All The Characters are based off real life people and experiences
26 Steven Universe is based off Rebecca Sugar's real life brother
27 Ruby and Sapphire is based on Rebecca Sugar's real life relationship
28 Rebecca Sugar said Malachite is her favorite fusion

She did?

29 Pearl and Spindel were both in love with/had romantic feelings for Pink Diamond
30 Pearl is voiced by DeeDee Mango Hall

I really like how pretty her voice is! And , her middle name is actually Magno ... Stupid auto correct !

I like mangoes.

31 Jasper wore the cape in "The Return" to look intimidatingly fabulous

Lol, she just wanted to look fabulous.

I never knew she cared about fashion

32 There are multiple gems of the same type

It's implied there are lots of Pearls.

33 Peridot is actually a Gem Cyborg

Before she lost her atachments

34 Malachite's introduction is based off of Ursula's giant scene from The Little Mermaid

Cool! Even for somebody who looks a little like Ursula.

35 The closer the relationship of the gems the more human the fusion looks

Malachite looks monsterous because Lapis and Jasper hate each other and Rainbow Quartz, Stevonnie, and Garnet look human because the fusers have a good relationship.

36 Alexandrite is only shown in fusion cuisine

Also in super watermelon island where she fought M.

37 Some fan art fusions are real

they are

38 Yellowtail is Sour Cream's stepfather
39 Lapis is based on an abusive relationship Rebecca Sugar was in
40 Centipeetle is a gem called Maw Sit Sit

There are many theories about Centipeetle's real name. It was implied in the episode "Bismuth" that she is a Nephirite.

41 Rainbow Quartz represents jealousy
42 The Voice Of Marty and Greg Are Friends In Real Life
43 The Voice Of Jamie Is Rebecca Sugar's Cousin
44 Mayor Dewey has a crush on Pearl
45 Patti LuPone, the voice of Yellow Diamond is not the only actor in Steven Universe that has been on Broadway. DeeDee Magno Hall, the voice of Peal was also on Broadway, playing Nessarose from Wicked
46 Jasper Will Be Redeemed and Become a Crystal Gem, and Malachite Will Return
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