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21 Lapis was crushed but then found and that's why she used to be a mirror

Wrong. She was attached to a mirror, after her physical form was destroyed.

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22 All The Characters are based off real life people and experiences
23 Steven Universe is based off Rebecca Sugar's real life brother
24 Ruby and Sapphire is based on Rebecca Sugar's real life relationship
25 Rebecca Sugar said Malachite is her favorite fusion

She did?

26 Nicki Minaj Is The Voice Of Sugilite
27 Garnet is a fusion

Nobody should be surprised, they've throwing out hints before "Jailbreak".

I found that out in the episode Jailbreak. - funnyuser

What a twist! I wasn't so surprised though I was kinda naive. IDC that's AWESOME

28 Pearl is voiced by DeeDee Mango Hall

I really like how pretty her voice is! And , her middle name is actually Magno ... Stupid auto correct ! - funnyuser

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29 Jasper wore the cape in "The Return" to look intimidatingly fabulous

Lol, she just wanted to look fabulous.

I never knew she cared about fashion

30 There are multiple gems of the same type

It's implied there are lots of Pearls.

31 Peridot is actually a gem cyborg V 1 Comment
32 Malachite's introduction is based off of Ursula's giant scene from The Little Mermaid

Cool! Even for somebody who looks a little like Ursula.

33 The closer the relationship of the gems the more human the fusion looks

Malachite looks monsterous because Lapis and Jasper hate each other and Rainbow Quartz, Stevonnie, and Garnet look human because the fusers have a good relationship.

34 Alexandrite is only shown in fusion cuisine V 1 Comment
35 Sadie's favorite food is oyster crackers V 1 Comment
36 Some fan art fusions are real V 1 Comment
37 Yellowtail is Sour Cream's stepfather
38 Lapis is based on an abusive relationship Rebecca Sugar was in
39 Centipeetle is a gem called Maw Sit Sit

There are many theories about Centipeetle's real name. It was implied in the episode "Bismuth" that she is a Nephirite.

40 Rainbow Quartz represents jealousy
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1. Rebecca Sugar writes the songs they sing
2. The gems don't really have a gender, but most have female properties
3. All of the earth gems except Steven and Amethyst are from space
1. Rebecca Sugar writes the songs they sing
2. The gems don't really have a gender, but most have female properties
3. The Kindergarten was where bad gems were made, except amethyst.



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