My Story

Guys, don't get me wrong. I know, my english is "half-good" my grammar may be little bit terrible. But, I'm actually respectful and courteorus person. My childhood was pretty good but also very sad.

My name is Yusuf and I'm born in September 5, 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm have a sister named Zeliha and she was born in August 24, 1999 (a week later of Great Izmit Earthquake). The early years, I am kinda cute and sweet cute child. I don't know, But the same years, the other kids and big boys were bullying me, I never learned this reason. So, I'm never have a good friend, expect for school friends :(
I am Unfortunately having a sickness named Asperger syndrome. In 2003, The doctors are diagnosis me. This is an autistic spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. I'm having this syndrome from 2003, namely 12 years. I'm beginning the school in 2004 and I am was 7 years old. The first two years was awesome because my subjects were sucessful. But the third year and later was horrible for me. Especially my math was become terrible. To me, my all time favourite subject was Art because I'm a great illustrator. My teacher always loved me and my all teacher are cared me. But I was very bullied by bullies and b*tchy, bossy kids in school and my park in the whole childhood. Sometimes I'm very very cried for this incidents. A bully kid named Ulubey and his friends were was telling me. Such as "Barbie", "stone-head", "B*tch". Really, really tough times for me and still I'm crying :'(
My only all-time friends just my family. My mother is very caressing and she always understanding me. My father is very brilliant person. But he is sometimes becoming angry. But still I love her and he loves me. But my sister is probably the "Worst Sister In The World". She sometimes annoys and makes me angry. I was very fighted with her for stupid reasons. Also, she was bullying me a while. But today, she is still fat, such a bossy b*tchy girl. I always hate her, forever. Zeliha was one of the few things that ruined my childhood.

I am begin to the high school in 2012. But I'm retired to my third year for major reasons. The first reason is my subjects are extremely bad anymore. The second reason is bullies are everywhere. They are ruined my high school days. The other reasons were personal. But my teachers are always cared me, because unlike the other stupid and bully boys, I'm was very respectful and tolerant student :')
The now, I'm currently a baker and working on a bakery named "Ekmekevi" (Bread House) with my dad in the whole night. I'm now glad to my life and work performance. I paid ₺10 in everyday and I'm glad to this cash.

As I said, my childhood is pretty good but also very sad. Also I was liked to toys.
As of 2007, I'm a big Transformers fan and having 25 action figures like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron etc.

So, how I begin listen to rock and metal music and how I came across TheTopTens? In 2012, I was watched Evanescence song Going Under's music video on MTV and I really liked this song. Going Under is one of few rock songs that responsibility of I begin listen to rock&metal music along with Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and Linkin Park's Papercut and later quit, I was discovered so many nu metal bands like Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Papa Roach and especially Limp Bizkit impressed me. Nookie is my first LB song I heard and I was listened to their other songs like Rollin', My Generation etc. The later, Limp Bizkit was my first "serious" favorite band with Linkin Park.
One day, I searching "Best Nu Metal Bands" in Google and I was see TheTopTens. "Best Nu Metal Bands" and "Top 10 Linkin Park Songs" are my first lists I voted. Actually I was never a big fan of Evanescence because I'm was just know their popular songs like Going Under, Bring Me To Life. Until I discovered "Top Ten Best Evanescence Songs" on the site and I listened to awesome new Evanescence songs like Tourniquet, Imaginary and Everybody's Fool and this band becoming my favorite band along with Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. Currently I'm a LP Soldier, EvFan and Limp Bizkit fan. Non-offical, I'm a Maggot.

Life is very hard. Especially for me and autistic persons. Thanks guys for reading this story. The some users are thinks of I'm such a weird guy, but I am always still tolerant and respectful person! :)


You don't seem to be that much of a sad person here, however. - visitor

Yeah, I'm a sad but peaceful person. - 05yusuf09

And it's great that you don't force your depression on us, unlike other users here. - visitor

Yeah, I second this. Some users never shut up about their depression. - Therandom

I also agree - bobbythebrony

I agree with velitelcabal, you are nothing like Disney1994. - Skullkid755

Aww - bobbythebrony

Don't let bullies knock you down bro. And don't hate on your sister, you two should love each other. I don't think you're "weird" as you say at all: I think you're easily one of the best members on this site, much better than me. I'm glad the music helped you through hard times,It did for me too, especially Breaking Benjamin. Keep soldiering on dude, good post - EvilAngel

Thanks so much Robert :-) - 05yusuf09

Very good post, I hope all is ok now. Chin up - IronSabbathPriest

My condolences on your hardships. It's cool that you've remained so tolerant through it all and try to be mostly positive - Shake_n_Bake13

Man,i'm really sorry for all that crap you had to go through,i feel your pain.Amazing post. - UltimateHybridX

Not too sad. I've had some memories about being bullied that are worse. I do feel you m8. But you're here. You have your TTT family that have your back - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Aww! That's sad. But one thing, kinda cute? Scratch kinda, you're really cute! (Not romantically.) - RiverClanRocks

Pick someone to obsess over. - Therandom

Sorry... - RiverClanRocks

I thought she already picked Hawkie! - visitor

Jared, I'm fairly sure she picked you. - Garythesnail

Pick Pos or Jared. - Therandom

About bullies: who even cares? - gemcloben

That reminds me of this person who hated me and sent me death threats like two years ago. I never took it seriously and I thought of it as a funny joke. - visitor

Nice story. Hopefully your not bullied anymore. - cosmo

Man... Life have always been hard. Hope things will go well for you. - Delgia2k

Challenge the bullies to a fight, and if they don't accept, tell them it proves they have no balls(or if it's a female, a closed Vagina) - Therandom

Hey yusuf, you are a strong man, if they bullied you why you didn't beat 'em up with a metal rod? - Ananya

Of course I was beat up, but actually I'm was very flimsy on the fightes. Because unfortunately I'm has weak body :( - 05yusuf09

, listen
i want to tell you a story, once there were two children in a village,one of 6 years old and other of 10 years old, both of them very very great friends, one day they were playing far from their village and in their play, the boy who was 10 years old fell in a well, he didn't know how to swim, he started crying for help, his friedn saw the bucket which was attached to a rope and threw it in the well, the boy who fell in the well caught it and the other started pulling him, when he got out, both of them started hugging and crying an all, suddenly they thought and became anxious that they will get beaten, they told everything to the villagers an all, nobody believed them, then the villages went to rahim uncle, who was one of the most intelligent old people in the village, the villages questioned that who the boy can pull the other boy out who cannot even lift a bucket bacuse he was so small, rahim uncle laughed and said "they did what they said, didn't you hear?
question is not important that how he pulled him out, the question is that howw he was able to pull him out, you know why? because the time at which he was saving his friend,nobody was there to tell him that he cannot do it!, even he himself was not there to tell that to. himself - Ananya

Great story Ananya :-) - 05yusuf09

Hope you understood why I told that story...don't say you are weak - because you aren't. - Ananya

You are an inspiration, 05yusuf09. - Britgirl

That's sad. I have aspergers too. - RalphBob

You are inspirational - TwilightKitsune