200 Follower Special: A History of My Life (Get Those Tissues Ready)

bobbythebrony Well everyone, Bobsicles finally reached 200 followers. Shout out to TheYaoiTitanic for being the lucky 200th. To celebrate, here's a history of my life. Enjoy.

I was born June 23, 1995 at Wembley Stadium in London, England during a Bon Jovi concert. My mother is German, Irish, Polish and Romanian while my father is full blooded Cherokee. For the first few weeks, I was in quarantine in a Tennessee hospital due to some testicular problem. I've seen pictures and my gonads were the size of tennis balls. I looked like a heavy metal musician when I was little. I was in diapers with long blonde hair that turned brown after I cut it. Things were fine until I started school

I started kindergarten in 2000. At first it was fine. People started calling me a f***** after I said the word "penis" in class. Soon the entire damn school was doing it. Then came the abuse. Here in the south, you can get beaten if you slip up. I was my teacher and principal's favorite punching bag and I swear they did it for fun. One time during naptime, the teacher got me up and said, "Okay time for your daily beating." I'm not joking. I also was forced by my dad to get a job at a construction site, working everyday after school and during summer vacation for the next five years. It continued on like this until I changed school after kicking the principal in the balls in fourth grade.

I started fifth grade in 2005 at a different school. At first it was fine until the bullying started again. It wasn't bad until I reached sixth grade. That's also when my dad started brutally abusing me. Because of everything that was going on, I started turning psycho. I began cursing, beating up people and other stuff. The only person who had the balls to keep doing it was a guy who I'm going to stab next time I see him.

At age 14 in 2009, My parents got divorced and I started a downward spiral of violence. I got arrested for the first time that year for attacking a cop during a failed gas station robbery. The charges were dropped cause I was mentally unstable. I began writing songs in my free time also. Things were fine until 10th grade.

In 2011, just before I passed 10th grade, I attempted suicide by slashing my wrists. I was sent to an insane asylum for a while. Also, 10th grade was when my love for hard rock and heavy metal began.

In 11th grade, I started being bullied again and I attempted suicide again. I was sent to the same insane asylum. My stay was extended because I beat the hell out of this gangster wannabe. Afterwards, I was homeschooled for the rest of the year.

In 2012, I started my senior year. There was actually no bullying, even though I was an open brony. Things were nice until January 2013 when I was sent to juvie because my grandma thought I was gonna shoot up the school. After that ordeal, I graduated high school early.

After high school, I got a job at a factory where I met Moses and Mary. They, along with Max and Mianda, are my closest real life friends nowadays. During this time, I also joined TheTopTens. Currently, I'm about to start college and applying for jobs.

Well, that's my story. I hope you had a good time reading it. Also, about the bullying, don't worry about it. I may be permanently damaged from it and the abuse, but I got the backup of my best friends, my few childhood friends, and my TopTenner friends. Well this is goodbye from your violent neighborhood schizophrenic, bobbythebrony.


Wow mane, never knew about that. Must've been hard bro. Well now things are better than before right? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Ja - bobbythebrony

Wow, your life was pretty hard. I'm glad it's better now. I'm also glad because your friends (know in real life or not) are with you no matter what. - Martinglez

Thanks - bobbythebrony

Oh, and congratulations on 200 followers, you deserve it! - Martinglez

Thanks - bobbythebrony

This is so sad, but I hope you're a great and intelligent person :-) Good post. - 05yusuf09

Thanks - bobbythebrony

Wait, was it you who had the long blonde hair or...I can't even begin to describe that vision. - PositronWildhawk

Yeah it was me. I looked like a female - bobbythebrony

That was so sad! Congrats on the followers, though! 😸 - RiverClanRocks

Thanks - bobbythebrony

Wow, I wonder what you're gonna do to that teacher who treats you like her punching bag. - visitor

She was old back then so she may or may not be dead - bobbythebrony

Wish I saw this sooner. Bobby, you've had a difficult life, but I'm glad to see that you're the awesome man you are. Also, congrats my friend. - Therandom

Thank you! - bobbythebrony

Sad story :(
But congratulations on 200 followers! You definitely deserve 'em. - cosmo

I like trains - bobbythebrony

*train runs over someone*

Because ASDF movies. - RiverClanRocks

Crikey! - bobbythebrony

Where did their hair go?! - bobbythebrony

You have had a sad life, you are kind of positive for someone with a life like that. - Skullkid755

I'm not really positive anymore - bobbythebrony

Well, you still hope to live, so that's what I meant. - Skullkid755

Yeah I got certain reasons to live - bobbythebrony

I know you better now than when I made this comment. - Skullkid755

Ja - bobbythebrony

You've had a difficult life. It must have been horrible having an abusive father and teachers who treated you so badly everyday. I hope you get a good job, though, and have a better future. At least you have lots of friends here who always support you. - TwilightKitsune

Woah...that was touching... - leafstar

Congrats on your 200 followers! - leafstar

Wow... Congrats for 200 followers - visitor