This Was My Life

This is the story of me, duh. It won't be depressing or anything like that, nor will it even be interesting. At all. Couldn't care less to be honest. So, in the words of Dave Mustaine, this was my life!

I was born. Fairly obvious. I was raised in an average family: we weren't rich but we are still a very close family. My Mum didn't have a job as she took as much time as possible with her kids. And my Dad took as many days off as possible. I will not tell you their jobs as that would be dumb. Anyway, my earliest memory was holiday at Tenerife. It was my 3rd holiday abroad and I was 2 years old . I remember being on a boat watching dolphins. Then I went to the shops on the pier. It scares me how vividly I remember that.

I started school when I was 3 like any normal human being. It was bad, as I had spent 3 years without a second away from my family. So, I was used to having everything my way. Therefore, when I got to school and I didn't get something my way, I would just flip. I wasn't aggressive, I just screamed. I gave everyone a headache. And if anyone said a bad word against me, I would go crazy again. My parents, instead of diagnosing me with a mental illness as an excuse, they just left me to myself, and it was more effective than any diagnosis. This went on for a while.

I also sent on a lot of holidays. I didn't have an abroad one from 2005-06 and the 2008. in 2007, I sent to France, where we stayed in a caravan. In 2009 we stayed in an apartment owned by a family friend. We were pretty cheap at the time and had to sneak in hotels. In 2010 we went to a Spanish island. It was full of cockroaches and lizards, there was no air con and it was just torture.

Up to the age of 8, I still had to get removed from classes to calm me down. I even moved classes because I would just constantly cry and scream all the time. I moved to the other class with a couple of people in there who were my friends. And I also liked the teacher. So, this class helped me a lot. It was in 2010.

I went into year 4 and my fascination of science began to grow. I was in a seriously rough school as well, so nerds like me didn't get a very nice time. Especially with my temper. No one really liked me and I was just bullied. And I was the one to overreact to the point where I was practically unapproachable. But I was a nerdy kid with a short temper the roughest school in my town. I didn't stand a chance at all. Year 5 didn't change at all.

Again with the holidays and stuff like that. I then went to Disneyland in Paris. It was pretty decent, but the whole thing seemed strange. The same year (2011) we had our annual August holiday, what is usually our main holiday. It was at an all time low when we went to the lake district... The next year was a major improvement. We went on an all inclusive hotel in Mallorca. It was amazing. I can remember the brilliance of it all. And, on the day there, I brought handcuffs to the airport. They had to get about 5 police officers to confiscate them from me in case I tried to use it to tie someone up. I was 10 years old for god sake.

I then went home to go into year 6. As I got a little more mature, I wasn't dreading it as much. I started to get even madder at what my school was like. I started to just care less and less every day. I then started to hate my teacher. I then started to make him hate me as well. Towards the end of the year I got worse behaved.

2013 was a bad year for me. I started to hate school more and more and therefore got a lot angrier. I also had to go through the first death in the family since I was born, what made it even worse of a year for me. But I still remember the last day. We had a party and they let me play guitar a little at the end of it.

Then, I had a fun 6 weeks off. I went on a 4 star all inclusive holiday. It was great as it was on the edge of a beach. We went jellyfish hunting on day and got 6 of them. We put them on a little rock near the hotel and we let them fade away. Their colour drained into the rock at the side. It was purple. Then I started writing songs after being inspired by David Bowie. I wrote a few and made my own CD. I sent it out to some of my favourite music artists. They then went on to find out Pete from the who, Rod Stewart and all of iron maiden got my CD and replied to me!

When I went back, I went on to a different school. I then became a little more cruel. I was fairly well behaved, but I only ever got told off if I made someone cry. I then got a reputation for being strange as well. Then started the 6 weeks off...

I missed the first bit of it as I was on holiday. I went to a 5 star holiday in Turkey. It had a cinema, a theatre, a night club, a gym, and even a huge spa type thing. There was also a ton of shops. This was only in the hotel. When I came home, I had nothing to do. I was on thetoptens a bit, but not as much as now. I was seriously angry I left the luxury to go home to this rubbish. I had to spend my time playing golf and guitar as I wasn't very social. I just spent all of my time without talking to anyone but my parents. I then started to go a little insane. At night, I started to see things, like images on people. I just went completely insane.

Then I went back to school. Year 8 was my worst year for behaviour, but my best for grades. I got sent out in lots of lessons and got lots of detentions. Just for being loud. I then got a major reputation for being one of the loudest. No one could stand me and I was still hated, but surprisingly popular. I had a lot of friends, a select few who liked my loud, cocky, stupid ways. The teachers obviously didn't. But the ones who didn't like me wanted to never see me again. But, I couldn't care less, and my attitude towards them made me win every argument and it really annoyed me. My negative views on everything made me practically always happy; sometimes things don't work like you think they do, and in this case, my happiness was brought on my negativity. I also didn't hold back on an opinion, making me get labelled a bully, a psycho a racist. But I wasn't. And no ones opinion on me bothered me.

This year I have just been chilling, listening to metal, playing golf, toptenning, watching reality TV and playing guitar. And I have never been happier.


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"I was born. Fairly obvious"

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