Update on my toptenning

My first post in a while. I was very close to announcing my retirement, but I just faded away slowly, made myself irrelevant and told no one I was going. But now, instead of retiring, I will just make a few adjustments to my account. So, is any of you care, this is my alternative to a retirement. My time here is up, I am not relevant here at all anymore, so here is what my future here will be like.

List making: I am not making anymore lists on the subject of thetoptens, myself or other people, or miscellaneous/comedic lists. I am limiting my lists to rare YouTube or TV lists, and regular lists on music or football. If you don't like either of them, then oh well. Guess you wont like my lists any longer.

Criticising: Something I am known for on this site, I am now giving up on criticising. If I could describe this in the easiest way I can, I would say I just can't be arsed any more. I have stopped caring, at all. And if people like my harshness or whatever, then that is bad, but I am sure no one will be too bothered.

My involvement in the "toptens community": Again, socialising on thetoptens is not something I want to be involved in. I will still reply to messages, but I wont make any new friends or anything. So you can count me out as part of this websites community.

Blogging: Maybe my most drastic change on this post, but I may finish up on a few things, such as my metal band competition. I will not start any new blog series, and will cancel all my other ones, once I finish a few things up. I may start blogging again soon, but just the odd post on football or music, as my lists are like as well. I know I am well known for my earlier series', but this could be one of my last posts for a while.

So, I doubt anyone will care, as I had a major rise to prominence in 2015, and nothing in 2016, few people (if not none) care about what I do anymore, and I don't have much more to say to be honest, you can care if you want, but I doubt anyone will.


This sucks! - Therandom

No more new room 101 posts? Damn... - visitor

This is basically me now as well. - IronSabbathPriest

I'm shocked! This post made me sad...
OK, it's your decision but I really hope this is something temporary. - Metal_Treasure

Poo in the toilet with a bra on my knee - Puga

Seriously admin, you deleted bobby's comment over profanity? This isn't a PG site, so get over your no cursing fastasy. People are gonna curse - Therandom

I've noticed that so far in 2016 the site has barely anything big happen and doesn't seem as visited by members as 2015. A lot of members enjoyed a few months of this site last year and then drifted off without us even noticing. I think we miss the point: when we like something from a member we forget to tell them or can't be bothered. So I feel we should all message people either on their blogs or through messaging when we feel they've done something good, to let them know they're appreciated. So let's start with gem... dude your stuff on this site is some of the best here, and statements can be gone back on, so continue your posts and everything, we do appreciate you. One of the best members.
There, I can be bothered. - EvilAngel

2015 members were a pretty different generation for some reason... - visitor

Almost everyone who joined before the summer of 2015 was awesome. 75% of users after that were not good. - Therandom

The ones who joined in August 2015 and beyond had a select few users who present to be good bloggers, though. - visitor

Why don't we make this a blog site? I never even make lists anymore. - RiverClanRocks

2016's barely started, mate. You have a lot of potential still. But if you feel yourself drifting off, maybe you just need a break. - PositronWildhawk

2016 is when I've decided thetoptens has seriously declined. SHD was smart to leave when he did. Am I retiring? No, not as of right now, but this site has seriously declined. - Therandom

Damn it! - bobbythebrony

I heard there's a couple sites groing like this... There's one that's called debate.org and it's growing... Our best members are starting to fade away from TheTopTens... - FerrariDude64

Just lurk around that's all you need to do. You don't have to make anything. - NuMetalManiak

Well, this sucks. - RiverClanRocks

What a shame... - SamuiNeko

:( - Danguy10

Why are all the good top Tenners retiring?! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Holy f*ck,this community is fading away - Nateawesomeness

Gem, slowly but surely is becoming a tiny bit more active

whoop - iliekpiez