Me on 2014 vs Me on 2016

Hey guys and girls, This is RoseCandyMusic (formerly lovingicecreams) and in this post, I'm going to compare myself on 2014 and myself on 2016. Seriously I really changed a lot so that's why I'm making this post.

Okay, I just noticed that their's a lot of difference between me on 4th grade (2014) and me NOW (2016 and 2017). And now, I get this idea because I 'm running out of topics to talk about in lists and posts (to be honest).

Before going to school
Me on 2014: Take a bath, Wear my uniform, Eat slowly, Go to the lobby (yes I live in a condo) then wait for the school service, go to the school then study
Me on 2016: Take a bath, Wear my uniform, Open my thetoptens account, Eat while watching a youtube video/checking this website, log off this account, go to the lobby and wait for the school service, go to the school then study

After going to school
Me on 2014: Go to the school service then seat on the school service,talking to my friend who is already on Texas on 2016/ the driver about random things, the driver is already driving, riding the school service, go home, Open my Facebook account, play the games on Facebook/checking something that my friend posted, log off, listen to my favorite songs, go to sleep but I can't really sleep.
Me on 2016: Go to the school service, talking to the driver about things that are happening on this website/talk about some users here on this website (don't worry I did not said anything bad about them/this website), the driver is already driving, riding the school service, go home, open my account on this website, check my messages, listen to music (sometimes I listening to music while checking this website), watch the thing that I like on youtube, go to sleep but I can't really sleep.

Favorite singers/bands (no order
Me on 2014: Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea,Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez
Me on 2016: Avril Lavigne,Melanie Martinez,Green Day,The Pretty Reckless,Paramore,Evanescene, Adele,Katy Perry, Queen, Little Mix,Panic! At The Disco, 21 pilots,

Favorite Colors
Me on 2014: Pink and Yellow
Me on 2016: Black and Purple

My favorite animals (no order)
Me on 2014: Cats, Dog, Birds, Fish
Me on 2016: Cats(especially black cats), Bats, Birds, Dog

My reaction when my classmate made fun of me
Me on 2014: Ignore them but when I go home I make fun of them, REVENGE!
Me on 2016: React, get mad when go home make a list or post about them for revenge!

My favorite foods
Me on 2014: Shrimp, Squash, Ice Cream, Chips, Cheese, Flan
Me on 2016: Ice Cream, Sushi, French Fries, Apple, Banana, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chips, Pizza,Shrimp, Squash, Fish,

Favorite Youtubers (not including music)
Me on 2014: Pewdiepie, Bart Baker
Me on 2016: Shane dawson, Social Repose, Bart Baker, Buzzfeed,

Favorite Music Genre
Me on 2014: Pop (don't attack me)
Me on 2016: Pop punk, rock

My favorite mythical creature
Me on 2014: Faries
Me on 2016: Vampires

My topics when I talk to my cousins
Me on 2014: My crush (he he)
Me on 2016: THETOPTENS

Thank you guys and girls for reading :)


On the music scale, it seems you habe turned into an emo. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

In 2014 I was a whiny eight year old

Good times. - PeachyBlast

Wow - TwilightKitsune

Wow. That's how school goes, it's like evolving to a much better version of yourself - Neonco31

Well, in a wrap it seems youve gone emo, but... I don't kno - EliHbk

Somebody's gotten emooo... - AlphaQ