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1 She's really allergic to flowers
2 She's 1-2 years behind in math
3 She hates bikes
4 She's a feminist

I'm gonna be as nice as I can put this. They want superiority now. - Therandom

5 JelloLife and Quart used to be a couple

So you were dating one of my best friends huh? Interesting... - RiverClanRocks

You two know each other in real life?

6 JelloLife really likes physical body contact

I love hugs, kisses, cuddling and holding my friends. Even strangers some times. I've kissed 7 strangers, it all happened in pocky game at desucon. I also have hugged 200 people on desucon. - JelloLife

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7 She hates gym
8 She's really confident but is really anti-social

Sometimes people call me stuff because I don't want to talk to some people at all but I'm confident. - JelloLife

9 JelloLife has a birth mark on her right hip that looks like a sperm
10 JelloLife is questioning her gender

You could just be a tomboy instead of changing your gender. You could have the same interests as boys without changing your gender. (This comment is going to be down voted as heck I just know it.) - RiverClanRocks

It's up to you. But this was a good facts list, this is how you do it people. All her facts were interesting. - Therandom

That was very brave of you to say, and I definitely support however you feel - Quart

What's wrong with me saying that? Is it that it isn't discriminatory or a thing a bigot would say, why and how is what I said bed? Is it that I support how someone feels, you guys are unbelievable, how is that bad and dismissing it good? Your guys visions on this matter are warped and inaccurate, because of one book that most likely isn't true and just gives excuses to discriminate and discredit and act awful around HUMAN BEINGS, it makes me sick - Quart

You're a girl. Deal with it.

You are one of the reasons I hate society, you need to think with what little brain matter you have and realize that she or he is human - Quart

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