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1 His real name is Louis Cachet.

He has six children and in 2017 he said he plans to have more... - Lucretia

Actually his real name is Kristian Vikernes. - Aragorn98

2 He was born on February 11, 1973, making him 5 years younger than the man he murdered, Euronymous.

Euronymous didn't know what Varg was going to do, and that's obvious when you think about how open Euronymous was to helping Varg play bass and produce his music. - Lucretia

3 He has a Youtube account which is called Thulean philosophy.

He produces Burzum updates, and videos stating his views on the world, which include being racist, sexist, homophobic, neo nazi, etc. - Lucretia

4 When HE was 6 years old, he lived in Iraq and attended an Iraqi elementary school.

He caused problems in school. His mother Helene doesn't know why he thinks the way he does. - Lucretia

5 His father had a swastika flag but did not want him to become a Nazi.

His father was a software designer who divorced his mother later. - Lucretia

6 When Varg was a young child, he was a fan of Polish composer Andre Tchaikovsky

Then when he was 12 he began to like metal, but he always hated Venom and regretted wearing a t shirt from their black metal album. He says he wasn't influenced by them. - Lucretia

7 When he was 14 he started to play guitar.

Another Mayhem member, dead, was only 18 when he released his first demo album. Shows how young some of these people start. - Lucretia

8 He called the prison system too nice, asked to put into a dungeon, and for them to use real violence.

He said it was too nice because they each had a toilet, bed and shower. He was only released on parole for lack of evidence though. - Lucretia

9 Some claim he was associated with Neo Nazi groups during his time in prison.
10 He was arrested on July 16, 2013 on counts of terrorism after his wife Marie Cachet bought 4 rifles.

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11 He Doesn't Like Venom

It's not surprising considering how Tom G. Warrior doesn't like Venom either. On Hellhammer's Triumph of Death demo, it says "Venom are killing music... Hellhammer are killing Venom." - Aragorn98

It's surprising because most black metal acts was definitely inspired by Venom and say they created the term of black metal. Yet Varg replied to a commenter on one of his YouTube videos (i don't remember exactly where but trust me he really said something like this) "Venom and Bathory were Thrash Metal bands. And Venom's Black Metal doesn't inspired Me Because it's a Piece of C**p." - somekindofaguy

12 He murdered Euronymous.
13 He wrote some lyrics for Darkthrone's albums Transilvanian Hunger and Panzerfaust

I actually asked Varg directly on his YouTube channel if there were any plans for a possible collaboration again. He said there wasn't. No hate for Fenriz or anything, he just wants to do other things. - IronSabbathPriest

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1. His real name is Louis Cachet.
2. He was born on February 11, 1973, making him 5 years younger than the man he murdered, Euronymous.
3. He has a Youtube account which is called Thulean philosophy.



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