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1 The very first video-sharing Website was, which was started in 1997. However, because technology at the time was not good enough for sending and watching videos over the Internet, it soon went out of business.
2 As of 2010, it would take 1,700 years to watch every YouTube video.
3 YouTube’s viewers are approximately 44% female and 56% male. Most viewers are 12-17 years old.

Oh, so that's why Minecraft videos are so popular.

And also pewdiepie.

4 In 2006, when Google bought YouTube, YouTube was losing money at a rate of $500,000 a month despite its immense popularity. Google, however, saw its immense advertising potential.
5 In 2007, British Prime leader Tony Blair became the first world leader with a YouTube channel.
6 Several countries have blocked YouTube at some time, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, and Turkey.
7 In May 2008, L.A. police arrested Cyrus Yazdini for vandalism. He had published many of his graffiti adventures on YouTube with a rap soundtrack. His YouTube publications helped police find and arrest him.
8 YouTube Started Out as a Dating Website
9 The first words uttered on YouTube were “All right, so here we are in front of the elephants."
10 YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim was born in May 1979 in Merseburg, East Germany, and later moved to West Germany. The Karims moved to the U.S. in 1992 to Maplewood, a suburb of St. Paul, MN.

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11 The name “YouTube” and its motto “Broadcast Yourself” reflect the founders' hope that anyone could use the site freely.
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