Top 10 "Facts" That Are Actually False

Here are some myths that some people believe to be true.

Note: You may not add opinions on this list. Items like "Teen Titans Go! is a good TV show" are not acceptable, as there is no proof that it is or isn't. It's only a matter of opinion.

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1 We use only 10 percent of our brain.

This fact is true depending on the person - Drawbox

Hardly. You actually use a hundred percent of your brain, not 10%. - Misfire

My friend asked me this question then she said we use 10% of our brain ha. - Luckys

We use 0% of our brain because we are dumb enough to destroy habitats and kill our own species, and aliens ( if they exist) will watch it while eating popcorn like some sick game. But hey, we can ignore that...

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2 Bulls get angry when they see red.

Bulls are colorblind. It's the waving movement of the cape that annoys them. - Misfire

It's the cape that irritates them, and I can see why. - RoseWeasley

They are colorblind! When you wave the cape, they get annoyed ( for unknown reasons )

They can't see color

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3 Water is wet Water is wet

No, water needs other water to maintain its liquidity. If the water molecules surrounding a singular water molecule makes the subject water wet. Therefore water is wet. - Gamefreak23788

It isn't wet by itself, but it makes other solid materials wet when it sticks to their surface. - Misfire

That is because water is indeed wet. - I80

Water itself is not wet. It just makes other things wet. - Randomator

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4 Bats are blind.

Although bats have tiny eyes, they are not blind. Bigger bats can see three times better than humans. - Misfire

Good, these cute lil creatures don't deserve to be blind. - XxembermasterxX

Some bats aren't blind - ElSherlock

Do you think of a non-blind bat or not? Hmmm... Strange this isn't number 1

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5 If you suck out snake venom it could save you

Get ready for lip infection, plus, you'll have lips like Kylie Jenner. - TriggerTrashKid

Sucking out snake venom may lead to infection. A poisonous bite requires antivenom and treatment. - Misfire

Yet sucking out the venom COULD extend a life and reduce damage until further and better methods can be used - Billyv

But it’s still better to suck it out if you don’t have medicine - VeganTurtle

6 Crabs are pink

Crabs are red in my opinion - DrayTopTens

7 Albert Einstein failed math in school and was a terrible student.

He actually didn't. He failed an entrance exam in school, but still excelled in math. The language the exam was given in was in French, and he didn't speak a lot of French during that time. - Misfire

This one is pretty obvious. - Kevinsidis

People say he has autism (which isn't proven but he might) - Luckys

€�They say Einstein got terrible grades in school, well mine are even worse”

-Calvin and Hobbes

8 Vaccines cause autism

I hate anti-Autism generalizations. Every person on the spectrum is different. - Synchronocity

Vaccines don't cause autism. There's no known cause for it. - Misfire

The only thing that causes autism is birth. It's genetic and not caused by vaccines. This fact is also used to hate on autistic people.

Not all who have vaccines have autism. Likewise, not all who are autistic have ever had vaccines. The only consistent thing all autistic people have was that their mom and dad had sex. So, sex causes autism

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9 Cracking knuckles causes arthritis.

Actually, no. There's no known connection between knuckle cracking and hand arthritis. - Misfire

There was this guy who cracking knuckles on his right hand only for 60 years. There's no difference between his left and right hand.

The sound of your nickles cracking is actually the nitrogen popping in the area. - PhoenixAura81

Maybe a temporary feeling of numbness inside your hand, but not arthritis. - Archived

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10 If you go out with wet hair, you will catch a cold or flu.

You'll probably feel chilly and uncomfortable, but you won't fall sick. Flu and cold aren't caused by low temperatures, they're caused by viruses. - Misfire

Low temperatures make you weak. Go completely naked on a 0 degrees day and tell me if you get pneumonia or it's just all in your head - keyson

If you go with out wet hair when it's raining - Murphypaw

It increases the chance of fungus landing on your hair. - TriggerTrashKid

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11 Elephant is the biggest mammal on earth

The blue whale is the biggest mammal on earth. - Misfire

The blue whale called. It wants his title back. - Synchronocity

On land, the elephant is. But overall, no - BUETBU91

The blue whale is - ElSherlock

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12 Galileo Galilei invented the telescope.

It's quite a common belief that Galileo Galilei invented the telescope but this isn't exactly true. It was actually invented by Hans Lippershey in 1608. - Misfire

I knew this. Told to so many people, but no one believed. Glad it's actually public now. - TriggerTrashKid

Do people not study? weird - Ashes

13 Swimming immediately after eating increases the risk of cramps.

There is a belief that swimming immediately after eating will cause stomach cramps, which could lead to drowning. However, this has never been documented. A combination of factors, such as dehydration, are more likely to be the cause of cramping during exercises, not a full stomach. There is nothing special about water that causes stomach cramps. - Misfire

Wearing cement shoes and tying your arms and legs can also make drowning more likely, but these things do not disprove that swimming with a full stomach doesn't increase the risk of cramps. These are separate and unrelated to whether or not the item listed is factual - Billyv

I found this out because I always used to eat before swimming and never puked - TwilightKitsune

Cramps sucks! lol

I’m pretty sure everyone’s mother just told them that - Randomator

14 If you swallow your gum, it'll take 7 years to digest.

It usually takes less than 7 days for gum to be passed through your system completely. - Misfire

Apparently if you swallow to gum your stomach lining will get thinner
This is not true.
I think also your stomach acid can digest come along with metal and wood
(DON'T EAT THEM THOUGH! ) - Murphypaw

No who the hell even came up with this? - Randomator

No, it only takes 2 days

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15 If the teacher is 15 minutes late, the whole class gets to leave.

It already happened to me. We didn't get to leave. - Misfire

My photography teacher in senior year never arrived so we sat In there for a long boring hour - codgtamk34

It happened to me several times, and it didn't always happens. Only sometimes.

Is this some sort of joke

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16 Napoleon was short.

He was actually taller than average - Oliversky

Some sources say he was 5'2" (which would put him at the same size as Joan of Arc) but I'm not sure if they are legit. - Extractinator04

It was his guard who were tall witch made him look short

Actually, Napoleon wasn't short at all. Well, during his time. He was 5'6 – 5’7”, which was slightly above average for Frenchmen at the time. - Misfire

17 Humans only have 5 senses

They are way more such as sense of temperature. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

According to some scientists, humans actually have 21 senses. - Misfire

Stupid school - Luckys

18 You can't sneeze with your eyes open

I've sneezed with open eyes before - Unnamed Google User Remade

People really believe their eyeballs can pop out? Lol! - Userguy44

It is possible for some people to keep their eyes open when they sneeze, however, this is uncommon. - Misfire

It can pop out your eyeball. No joke. - TriggerTrashKid

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19 Black holes are holes

Now this blew my mind! - Userguy44

They have found a real black hole.

They are large amounts of mass - darthvadern

20 All the dinosaurs went extinct

Birds are dinosaurs...

What! I’m moving to Mars Sayanora people

21 Chocolate gives you acne

Despite decades of research, there has been little proof that chocolate or any specific fatty foods cause acne, but a high-sugar diet can increase the levels of oil your body produces and promote inflammatory responses in the body, which can lead to acne. It's more likely that the sugar in chocolate bars or cupcakes are the cause for new pimples than the cocoa itself. - Misfire

If it did I would have a breakout everyday. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Another saying that potato chips cause acne - codgtamk34

Yes this is a MYTH (surprise surprise! ). I have pretty bad acne, so one day, I looked through a bunch of sites on foods that cause acne. Here’s what I found in case any of you are interested:
1. First and foremost, acne is mostly a result of adolescence and genes passed down your family; foods are only slightly to blame, and some foods that might cause acne on some people don’t on others. So get that in your head as you read this list of foods that have the most affect on people.
2. Almost all the sites I looked at said that chocolate is NOT the cause of acne. In fact, chocolate is good for your face (surprise surprise! ) if it’s over 70% cocoa. Chocolate only seems bad for your face bcs most chocolate is highly processed and full of sugar.
3. The two biggest foods that cause acne are SUGAR and WHITE BREAD. (Sorry for caps, only had to get that point through)
4. Other foods that cause acne are the salty, oily, and pretty much unhealthy foods. (If you rly think about ...more

22 Autism is a mental illness

Didn't the WHEN WILL YOU LEARN kid have autism?

Enough with the autism stereotypes, America! - Synchronocity

What. - Murphypaw

It’s a disorder, not an illness. - Archived

23 Coke and mentos can kill you if you eat them at the same time.

Combining the two might make your stomach upset, but it won't kill you as there are no reports that support the claim that it could do so. - Misfire

In my country,they say that you can't mix mango and milk - JustSomeRandomDude


24 Sitting too close to the T.V will destroy your eyes

Yes, it is in fact a myth. However, you should still avoid sitting too close to the television. Although it won't damage your eyes, it still may cause eyestrain. - Misfire

Sorry mom but there has been no case of this - MrGuyDudeMan

This is what my mom always says. - Luckys

Yeah that’s just something your parents told you - Randomator

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25 Swallowing chewing gum is dangerous

It can be, some teen died from it. - Luckys

Some people say that it's stucked in your stomach when you eat it. Your body can't digest it, but it doesn't keep sitting in your stomach. - Userguy44

26 Vinyl Records Have Bad Sound Quality

They actually sound better than CD. - Userguy44

27 Spiders crawl in your mouth while you're sleeping

Yea, if you live in a haunted house and look like this when your sleeping: :O - xXkillermachineXx

28 27th Us President William Howard Taft Got Stuck in a Bathtub

Oh yes, This story, William Howard Taft is mainly known by many by the story of how he was so overweight that he actually got stuck in a bathtub. This is just a myth, No one knows for sure if he actually got stuck in the bathtub, But he did weigh a lot, That's for sure and he did have a special bathtub for himself. - B1ueNew

29 Mama knows best

It's just a saying, not exactly considered as a "fact", but whatever. - Misfire

most moms - Luckys

30 The Chance of Being Male or Female is 50-50

No there's more males in the world

There are actually slightly more females in the world. 52% are females while 48% are males. - DrayTopTens

31 Thomas Edison Invented the Light Bulb

He didn’t. The light bulb had already been around by the time Edison started working on it. It was just in a different form; Edison only perfected it. - Misfire

32 Sociopaths cannot feel emotion whatsoever

They can but usually in small amounts. Psychopaths most likely can't though that's not always the case. - Gabriola

33 Mountain Dew lowers sperm count.

I don't even know what to make of this list anymore. - Synchronocity

what - Luckys

34 A Penny Dropped from a Skyscraper Can Kill You

This was tested before. A penny can not gather up enough force to break through someone’s body. - Archived

35 Smelling Better Gives a Higher Chance of Getting a Girlfriend/Boyfriend

May I question the relevance of this item to anything else in the history of the universe? - Murphypaw

36 Cyberbullying Isn't Real

If bullying is real and the internet is real then THIS IS REAL - Oliversky

It's real ofc - darthvadern

37 You Can Hear the Ocean/Sea in a Seashell

There is a popular folk myth that if one holds a seashell —specifically, most often, a conch shell —to one's ear, one can hear the sound of the ocean. The rushing sound that one hears is in fact the noise of the surrounding environment, resonating within the cavity of the shell. - Userguy44

38 Monkeys are Apes

They have only small similarities. But that doesn't count them as apes.

39 Global Warming Isn’t Real

It’s real. It’s just going very slowly. - Userguy44

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1. We use only 10 percent of our brain.
2. Bulls get angry when they see red.
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