Top Ten Facts from Gran Turismo Beta, Special and Removed Contents

Upon 21 years for the creation of this successful racing game series that is only in Playstation consoles, there has been some unfinished, rushed, scrapped and removed projects or features that has been displayed ONLY to developers when the original games (1, 2, 3 A-Spec, 4, PSP, 5, 6 and Sport) have been releasing out in the past seasons. This video game series has a lot of beta elements in title to title. Not to mention, there are special and demo editions from this series that are exclusive in Japan in the shops or from the online auction in Japan. Most of them can be for the new cars, new tracks and new elements that might add up to the plans of the main games in the future. (except 2 titles in Europe) If you like the series of Gran Turismo, this list is for you. If you aren't a fan of that, then maybe this will get some knowledge and some interest of what this series was doing before the releases of the numbered series. Thank you for reading my list and I bid you a good day.
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1 In GT5, the courses from GT4 are left out or scrapped during development and some are remade on GT6 later

As I checked on TCRF, most of the courses from Gran Turismo 4 (Ice Arena, Tahiti Maze, Seattle Circuit, Citta di Aria, Cosfi di Almafi, Grand Canyon, etc.) are being leftout on the game's developers graphical data due to the limitations on the PlayStation 3 hardware which might be totally difficult to remake it during development because of the power of the PS2 RAM, CPU, GPU or even the console system specification. Not only that, but 1 template for Circuit Editor which have a unique imagery in the thumbnail, from an unknown name, went unused for the game and it was only screenshotted in the pre-release of the game. Because of that, the GT4 world/original/city/dirt and snow circuits are never shown or unused in the final release of this product. But happily on GT6, two courses have returned. Apricot Hill Raceway and Midfield Raceway have been remaked on this installment.

2 Gran Turismo HD Concept was just a preparation project to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

On the time of Christmas's Eve in 2006 from Japan, Gran Turismo HD was just a preparation demo disc or install disc for the showcase of the upcoming fifth installment of the series: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. From this sneak peek, this is the first game that have the introduction of the supercar Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, which is the first supercar company to credit in this game. This game have 10 cars and have one track that comes in Swiss, Eiger Nordwand (later used in GT5 and GT6). I've played this game at Walmart when I was 6 years old on the old PS3 tester to the electronic aisle and it was fun to play. On Japan only, it have a install disc on the Japanese Playstation Store from December 24th, 2006 which you can purchase it if you have NTSC-J original PS3 60 GB model. But sadly, it got removed in Playstation Store on 30 September 2007 and the GTHD Project got cancelled, because the creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, said that Gran Turismo 5 is given priority to his plans and that it will ...more

3 Gran Turismo Concept (2001 Tokyo, 2002 Tokyo-Ghoul and 2002 Tokyo-Geneva) are fairly spinoff versions of GT3 for promoting the car shows

If you don't actually know about this, the Gran Turismo Concept series is arguably a spin-off series of the original iteration of the franchise, by simply having some customized gaming engines from Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. Technically, these three titles are normally just to promote the car shows for 3 countries: Tokyo, Seoul and Geneva. The 2001 Tokyo title is exclusively available in Japan, the 2002 Tokyo-Ghoul title is only available in Asian countries in market and the 2002 Tokyo-Geneva title is only available in Asian and European countries. The North American version is never released in the market, due to undisclosed reasons for the developer. Compared to GT3's content, these titles are fairly limited. The Concept version have only 7 tracks, while GT3 have 20 tracks either on normal and reverse versions. The cars are variously minimal in Concept, only 30 vehicles (it's mostly the recycled GT3 vehcles, but more concept cars), while GT3 is maximally higher, up to 240 cars on this. ...more

4 Gran Turismo 4 Prologue is a semi-preparation for the original title

Gran Turismo 4 Prologue is just a spin-off to experience the prologue of the content before Gran Turismo 4 will be out in the stores in 2004. Originally, GT4 is supposed to be released from the holidays in 2003, but it was delayed and pushed back in 2004/2005 in American, European and Asian countries. This game have 50 vehicles, 5 new international tracks coming like New York City, Citta Di Aria, Grand Canyon, Fuji Speedway and others to name. The soundtrack is originally from GT3's and they are still licensing tests which is named in this one ''Driving School'' (since Prologue is exported for only European countries, including Asian countries), but when you begin a license test in different ways, a narrator will tell you the strategies in the selected licensed title. The menu, the graphics and the sound effects are actually different compared to the predecessors, but like I said before, the soundtrack is the same for GT3's. This title is only available in Asian and European ...more

5 Gran Turismo 2000 is a development technical work for Gran Turismo 3

GT2000 is technically one of the earliest builds for Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec for development, which is solely created for the showcase on E3 2000. It is purely based on Gran Turismo 2, a first-generation Playstation game of the title, and that Polyphony Digital stated that the graphics and the physics are actually one of the pieces of the elements for pushing the new hardware on the Playstation 2 software. The soundtrack is different, the sounds are fairly the same (excluding the exhausts) and the graphics are fairly alpha. You only have to play one car: the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR '98. And the only track you'll in the standalone version is Seattle Circuit. But if you have the Official Playstation 2 Magazine Version disc with you, it will have some changes. There will now have 2 tracks: Laguna Seca and Deep Forest Raceway. Although, it stated that there is one leftover for the track: Special Stage Route 5. It is only shown in the non-interactive tech demo if you go into the ...more

6 Gran Turismo 4 had an online test version disc

This can only be applied for Japanese and Korean users. Back in its time, the Playstation 2 online system was not that superior than the current systems you have with now. But in Japanese and Korean countries, however, one free disc is on the stores for the GT4 players, and that is the online test version. Now, the full version of Gran Turismo 4 had some plans to add some online features before, but it was scrapped due to lack of time for developers and the issues it causes, as it will delay overall more the full game once again. So, Polyphony decides to create an online version of the GT4 disc. In this one, the online test version is really limited when it comes to content. The full version have all of it, and while the special disc is focusing on the configuration for online users on Gran Turismo, the number of content must be reduced. You have an extra mode ''Online'' and adds also to ''Online Home'' (fairly like GT Mode, but more online-oriented to players) and addtionally some ...more

7 Tourist Trophy is a spin-off of Gran Turismo 4, but with motorcycles.

This game is actually the same as GT4, but this, they have motorcycles, scooters, sports bikes and motards from different type of biking vehicles. The manufactuers like Kawasaki, Honda, Aprilia, BMW Motorrad, Buell, Ducati, Moriwaki, MV Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and Yoshimura have their apperances in this game. No, they are not car manufactuers, they are manufactuers specialized for bikes only. The number of motorcycles is 135, but it can be splitted in different countries: If you live in Japan or in the Americas, there are 7 exclusive bikes in the NTSC-U/NTSC-J version, which the European version doesn't have. However, if you live in Europe, 3 exclusive bikes appeared only in the PAL version. Like Gran Turismo, you have normal modes like arcade mode, TT mode (like Gran Turismo mode), but new ones like Semi-Pro mode (only available in the NTSC-U version) and challenge mode. Then next it will be driving school, racing championships and other features. But the B-Spec mode from TT ...more

8 Gran Turismo PSP had some scrapped tracks who were appearing from the predecessors if you have a firmware program

Due to the limitations of the system, a number of tracks from the predecessors like GT3 and GT4 are being removed from the game, but still kept in the left-overs. However, if you have a PSP that contains a homebrew program on it, or a firmware as an alternative, when you start the game, you can actually can get the debug menu to select the GT3 tracks and if you done it, the game will automatically have the name of the track name from the single-player menu, and there you go! The tracks are Smokey Mountain, Tahiti Circuit and Rome Circuit. But warning! Do NOT press replay or even press the interior view of your car. Because like I told you, the PSP is a limited system and weak, so there is some exceptions on that. If you press replay on a beta track or even pressing the interior view of your car, the game will crash with a black screen and your PSP will shutdown quite rapidly. The firmware will be disabled from the shutdown however. So be careful.

9 Gran Turismo 5 has a hidden secret menu

Apparently, the secret menu is only available if you are the developers of the game. BUT... Because of the people hacking the cars with their USB flash drives to insert their GT5 datas for cheat code programs like HxD, or a GT5 Garage Editor, they have the option to enable the secret menu, which will affect the game's setting ONLY in single-player content. But users on GTPlanet stated that it will work on patch 2.11 of the game. From the secret menu, they have the special settings (if you say yes or no from some of the features you want to activate), toggling the display from the icons of the game, selecting your favorite cars, selecting your favorite opponents by customizing the level of the difficulty in different cars, your favorite tracks and the special network settings. This will not work if you don't have the Garage Editor program with you.

10 The fifth installment was a nightmare for the developers

Gran Turismo 5 was in development for 5 years, because the creator stated that creating this title in the Playstation 3 console is truly a nightmare from the developers and for him as well. Simply because Kazunori Yamauchi (the creator of the GT series) says that the programming for the architecture of the cell processing was really a hard time for the developers themselves, which explains why the game is delayed. And also by the fact that they wanted to add some few elements into this game, Kazunori stated that finding a release date will be very hard for him, that it was not something he can decide on his own. And that the various parties for Sony have some agreement on dates to that, but it wouldn't be what it was looking for him. Kazunori says that releasing in March 2010 will be too early. And Polyphony Digital would have produced the game in time for the deadline, but the finished product wouldn't had anything that would be included in it. Hence, SCE (Sony Computer ...more

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