Greatest Facts of UEFA Euro 2016

The Top Ten Greatest Facts of UEFA Euro 2016

1 2016 is the first year the event includes 24 teams

In all the previous Euro Championships, there were 16 teams that were competing to become Champions. However, this year will be the 1st time that there will be 24 teams that will compete for the Championship. That’s equates to more goals, saves and memorable moments for football fans to savior - MatrixGuy

2 €1.6bn was spent in stadium construction and renovation

Hosting the tournament enabled France to launch an ambitious €1.6bn construction and renovation programme for its stadiums. New eco-friendly stadiums were built in Lille, Nice, Bordeaux and Lyon, while existing stadiums in Marseille, Paris, Saint-Etienne, Lens and Toulouse have undergone major renovation. The new stadiums are equipped with a renewable energy system using solar panels, while the majority will also have rainwater collection systems to water the pitches. - MatrixGuy

3 France is hosting the even for the 3rd time

France is the host for the Euro 2016. This is the 3rd time that France will be hosting it. The previous two occasions were in 1960 and 1984 - MatrixGuy

4 Stade de France will be the site of the opening match

With a 81,338 seating capacity the famous stadium in Paris will held the tournament’s opening match (France-Romania) and the big Final - MatrixGuy

5 UEFA Foundation for Children is offering 20,000 match tickets to the needy

This is a great idea. - Metal_Treasure

In March 2015 the UEFA Foundation for Children was established, in a bid to enable young people to benefit from football’s role in society. For UEFA EURO 2016™, the foundation is offering 20,000 match tickets to organisations that work with vulnerable groups in France. Each host city will have 2,000 tickets to distribute, which will help preserve the magic of football and give hope to those who need it most - MatrixGuy

6 David Guetta will be performing at the opening ceremony

French DJ and record producer, David Guetta is the musical ambassador. He’s responsible for creating the tournament’s official song “This One’s For You”, which will be performed at the opening ceremony, and has been tasked with providing tracks for broadcast title sequences around the world. His music will also be played at each stadium to give the tournament a 'musical identity' - MatrixGuy

7 The slogan is an invitation to fans to come to France

Euro 2016’s slogan is “Le Rendez-Vous”, which when translated to English is a warm invitation to fans to come to France and enjoy the tournament. The French Society is truly a welcoming society - MatrixGuy

8 The UEFA is making a strong effort to reduce their environmental footprint

One of the key words for UEFA this summer is ‘sustainable development’. They’ll be making a strong effort to reduce their environmental footprint by operating in a socially responsible during the tournament. By adopting a three R’s strategy (reduce, re-use, recycle), they aim for a 50 per cent recycling rate, zero waste to landfill and improved awareness among the general public - MatrixGuy

9 The official mascot is a child superhero

The Official Mascot for the Euro 2016 is a child superhero mascot, Super Victor - MatrixGuy

10 Stadiums will be completely smoke-free
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