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1 Led Zeppelin Has Almost 25 Rip-Offs

Do you expect we are surprised by this when you write this everywhere.

Your facts are changeable So these are not facts

I think everybody knows it. - zxm

I think this isn't new for many people, but some of their signature songs are rip-offs or partly rip-offs, too like

Stairway to Heaven (the opening riff)
Rock and Roll (the opening drum solo)
Whole Lotta Love (the lyrics)
Dazed and Confused (the lyrics and the riff) - somekindofaguy

Minus the Stairway to Heaven. Its not rip off. Who did they ripped off. Cause the song is ripped off from classical composer. That Randy dude was afraid to claim its his own writing. When he saw led zeppelin was accused of rip off, he though he could claim that. - zxm

2 All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix is a Cover

Original: Bob Dylan (1967) I (and I think many other people) prefer Jimi Hendrix's version - somekindofaguy

3 Glam/Alternative/Nu/Industrial Metal Genres Aren't Metal Genres

Not sure about alt and industrial metal. But glam metal isn't anything but a mix of glam rock, hard rock and weak heavy metal. But I prefer some youtube guitarists over metallum. Because they've few rules which restricted some bands from being added there and non-metal bands being added there. But on YouTube explains it all. Shows with guitar riffs/solos. - zxm

@RecklessGreed - I partly agree with you. I agree that everybody can listen to everything. But you have to agree with me that it's very annoying and misleading to see non-metal songs/bands/artists on metal lists, especially in the top 10. And this happens too often to be neglected. - Metal_Treasure

"Considered as Hard Rock, but actually Glam Metal" Remember you said Hard-Rock and Glam-Metal are different genres. You change your facts.

Who cares? metalheads are too picky, care far too much about their stupid classsifications, listen to what you want to, and call it metal if you like - RecklessGreed

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4 Metal Music is Mostly Based on Classical Music

I confirm the author of this list asked me whether it's correct to say "Metal Music is Mostly Based on Classical Music" and I said "yes" because it's true - metal is rock music inspired by classical. He didn't steal anything because this isn't even my idea - many metal fans know that metal is closely related to classical. - Metal_Treasure

No. It isn't. It's based mostly on rock.

Stealing Metal_Treasure's ideas

Imagine, I did this list with the help and consent of Metal_Treasure... do you have any more complaints? - somekindofaguy

@commenter Man, I answered your question, even twice. In the blues rock, it doesn1t matter then what kind of blues, chicago, memphis or delta blues, the blues rock is just simply called blues rock. Nobody cares AC/DC or Led Zeppelin was inspired by what kind of blues... - somekindofaguy

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5 Robert Plant Doesn't Like Stairway to Heaven

Robert Plant didn't like the song because he had to sing in often - zxm

He once said about it: "that bloody wedding song" - somekindofaguy

6 I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett is a Cover

Original: The Arrows (1975) - somekindofaguy

7 Black Sabbath's Paranoid, War Pigs and Sweet Leaf Aren't Metal Songs

"Psychedelic" means the effect of "revealing to the psyche," though such "revelation" is usually illusory. This is not limited to drugs. Frequencies of sound and rhythm (including percussion) can have distinct psychotropic effects, often as profound and no less transformative (and not necessarily in a good way) than dope. Much of metal has this effect, and is, therefore, psychedelic.

Why don't you explain just WHAT about "War Pigs" makes it "blues based." Compare its structure to some blues progression. Is it Chicago style? Memphis? East Texas? Delta? Like most metalheads, you really don't know what you're talking about.

Paranoid is a poppy song with a heavy riff, War Pigs is blues based, Sweet Leaf is psychedelic. Songs with pop/blues/psychedelic elements wouldn't be metal songs. - somekindofaguy

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8 The First Guitar Song with Guitar Distortion is Goree Carter's Rock Awhile (1949)

Good grief. How many times can you be wrong? Les Paul was using tube distortion in 1940.

9 Whiskey in the Jar by Thin Lizzy is a Cover

Original: irish traditional song - somekindofaguy

10 Deep Purple's "Child in Time" Intro Has a Little Bit Resemblance for It's a Beautiful Day's "Bombay Calling" Intro Which Was Admitted by Jon Lord that He Used It.

"Has a little bit resemblance (sic)." Have you actually listened to it? It's not "a little bit." It's nearly identical. If you can't perceive this, you've no business making lists about music.

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11 Ritchie Blackmore Used to Play Pop Songs

Yes, he used to be a pop guitarist before creating heavy metal. We all fight with each other that pop is better than metal or metal is better than pop. But this metal creator said that he likes pop bands. And he likes "ABBA" Many heavy metal musicians like pop songs. Same goes for pop singers. - zxm

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1. All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix is a Cover
2. Led Zeppelin Has Almost 25 Rip-Offs
3. Robert Plant Doesn't Like Stairway to Heaven
1. Led Zeppelin Has Almost 25 Rip-Offs
2. Metal Music is Mostly Based on Classical Music
3. Glam/Alternative/Nu/Industrial Metal Genres Aren't Metal Genres



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