10 Facts You Didn't Know About Mugsey Grant

Ten facts that you didn't know about comedian Mugsey Grant of North Prospect Road.

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1 Mugsey Grant Is Only A Nickname

Mugsey Grant real name is Scott Rivers and is psychological entertainer using tricks very much alike Derren Brown.

2 Mugsey Grant Has A IQ Of 176

He also not stupid either recently he took a IQ Test and posted on his wall that he got between 175 to 176 with a photo to prove it. This is smarter than most people.

3 Mugsey Grant Is Married

Mugsey Grant got married in 2011 to his partner Becky Hart however they are not a couple within Mugsey Grant only friends.

4 Mugsey Grant Can Recognize Nearly All His Fans

Mugsey is able to tell a friend often by there face and can recognize almost all of them often shocking them by even saying there name to them.

5 Mugsey Grant Is Allergic to Garlic

In real life Mugsey cannot touch Garlic as it can make him have a fit as he has a reaction to it.

6 Mugsey Grant Holds 2 Guinness World Records

Mugsey has got two Guinness World Records one of these is for being the only person who turned up to a event planned for 10, 000 people. Plus doing the much shout outs in the world.

7 Mugsey Grant Has No Children

Mugsey really has no children and isn't planning on having any soon so it reads on his twitter.

8 Mugsey Grant Has Meanings

Mugsey is really aimed at fans meaning taking them for a mug like the saying. Grant is another English slang word for getting money the same goes for other names within the group they relate to there roles.

9 Mugsey Grant Is Left Handed

Mugsey Grant is left handed simple

10 Mugsey Grant Has a Third Nipple

Mugsey Grant has a third nipple which look like a spot but its really a third nipple.

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