Top Ten Facts You Probably Did Not Know About South Park

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1 Parker and Stone got death threats in 2010 after showing the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit

Thus wasn't them only fact only thistle list 8 didn't know. Good list by the way. - nintendofan126

Never heard of that - Matt92647

2 They almost took out Kyle to make Butters a main character in season 5

Killing Kenny wasn't the best alternative... - Puga

As much as I like Butters, the show wouldn't have been the same. - Turkeyasylum

3 Parker and Stone attended the 2000 Oscar awards in dresses and high on acid

The only one I didn't know. - Puga

I was not aware of this


4 When Trey was young his dad told him to flush the toilet or the poop would come out and kill him that's how Mr. Hankey was made

I meant Mr. Hankey - OneWayStreet

5 An early version of South Park was made in 1995

I wonder what that would have looked like - Gehenna

6 From its genes a fruit fly lives two days they called this Kenny in honor of his high death ratio
7 After a Scientology episode the church went spying on the creators to blackmail them but found out they are pretty normal people
8 The Pilot episode took 3 months to make with stop motion animation and paper cut outs
9 Kenny is based on a childhood friend of creator Trey Parker who'd skip school leading to stories about he died

That's pretty funny actually! And interesting! - Turkeyasylum

10 Cartman's slutty mom is named Liane after Parkers cheating ex-fiancée

Best. Revenge. Ever.

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11 Kyle and Ike's names put together is a racial slur
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