Top 10 Factually Wrong Statements

I made a list of morally wrong opinions and now I'm gonna make one about factually wrong ones. And like I said on my previous list, I respect opinions that CAN'T be proven wrong such as liking a show, movie, game, song, etc. that others don't.

And if you have one to share, feel free to add it.

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The earth is flat

Nobody ever actually believed this, it was metaphoric. People knew the earth was round nearly 10,000 years ago, once they started sailing the ocean. What they did not know was how large it was.

Oh, there’s no denying the earth is round, people have went to space and saw the earth from there. There’s also pictures of it taken from the ISS.

The sun round, moon round, stars round, but the earth is flying through space like a frisbee.

The dinosaurs died when a meteor hit the Earth and flung them into space!

The holocaust never happened

These are the same kind of people who try to revision Holocaust history by claiming that evidence were fabricated and that witnesses were just attention-seeking liars, trying to lessen its notoriety by asserting it was a mere pre-emigration program for the expulsion of Jews or its death counts was exaggerated, and pointing at Allies' atrocity in other parts of the world.

Denial and apologetic revisionism of the Holocaust, all the same. And that's why contraception are invented in the first place for these kinds of folks.

Holocaust deniers are extremely hypocritical people. They refer to freedom to speech but on their own forums they censor inconvenient opinions. For example CODOH. Holocaust deniers on Goodreads also often delete inconvenient comments from their reviews of books. Based on my experiences.

Bull crap statement. There are photos, survivors, and some of the survivors literally have their camp numbers still tattooed onto them. And the ruins of the camps are still around. Need more evidence?

Right, even with an incredibly large collection of artifacts, documents, videos, stories from holocaust survivors, and locations, it couldn't have POSSIBLY happened.

There are more than 2 genders

Gender is a complicated topic that a lot of people get way too worked up about. I am one of those who believes that gender is reliant on society's views of what is masculine and what is feminine. For example, a lot of things that are socially acceptable for women to do nowadays were not considered very woman-like 100 years ago. I believe that nobody is 100% male and 100% female, and that we all do things that appear masculine, feminine, or androgynous when compared to our understanding of gender behaviors. Most of us self-identify as male or female based on which reproductive organs we have and weather we act more masculine or more feminine. Some people, however, feel as if they don't fit neatly into either category, or maybe they were not born with particularly male or female sex organs, or maybe they feel like they are a different gender from what they were assigned at birth. I see all of this as completely fine and normal, and it can be remedied by changing the way one identifies ...more

Gender is about self identification. If you can identify with neither male nor female, then nothing speaks against that. You are what you feel like.
One could say that the person who added this meant "sexes" instead of "genders", but even this wouldn't be a factually wrong statements as hermaphrodites do exist.

What is meant by terms such as homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and all of those self-labeled identities are just sexual orientations that includes preference and identity. The line between sexual orientations and biological gender is pretty blurred at this point.

Gender is not biological, it's a social construct. There are however many genders as a society recognizes, and some societies recognize more than two genders.

Santa Claus is real

I once heard from a friend of mine that he knew this 13-year-old kid who still believed in Santa at the time. Pretty weird isn't it?

I believed in Santa Claus right up until I was 10 going on 11 years old. Even THAT is much older than when most children give up believing in Santa.

If you want to prove he's real, go travel to the North Pole and search for him.

I still kind of believe in him being a spirit, But not a person.

Parents are basically Santa Claus

Jesus Christ was white

This is an odd entry in the top 10. Jesus was a Middle Eastern Jew, which arguably can be considered white. (Like gender, race is a social construct.)

Jesus is a jew or a semite (Jews, Arabs, etc.) which is a broad ethno-linguistic group and not Caucasian white as people portray him as. And no, he is NOT PALESTINIAN OR BLACK and why does it matter?

Wrong again! He was fictional!

Jesus isn't fictional. Most historical scholars agree that Jesus existed.

He was Arab. Get over it already.

Dinosaurs never existed

This is what most crazy Christians believe (they think that Satan actually put dinosaur bones into the earth to fool us into thinking they were real).

Redheads turn into vampires after death

If this were to be true, I'd be a redhead and then die.

If this is true I want to be a redhead now.

If this was real, I'd die to be a redhead.

My dreadlocks are kind of red. DOES THIS APPLY TO DYED HAIR. HELP!

Communism works

Its short-comings are because of despotic leaders who used Marxist-Leninist teachings as a self-serving tool to oppress the masses and stay in power at the expense of many. All political ideals implemented in a nation needs sensible and forward-thinking men to work. So, communists can spout their "But that's not real communism! " all they want.

If it does work then why was it always a failure.

What about my boyfriend dalton

No, this is perfect.

Adolf Hitler is still alive

He died in 1945 at 56. If he was still alive today he would be 129. I know some humans live long but I'm not sure if they can live that long (but hey ya never know).

He died like what, over 70 years ago? That's a long time and he died in his 50s.

If he really was still alive, he would’ve been dead for like 30-40 years now.

Only girls have blonde hair

Preposterous. However, in correct spellings, only girls have "blonde" hair. Guys have "blond" hair.

Someone hasn't been outside...

Have you people seen anyone?

My hair proves this wrong.

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Our eyes shoot out beams of invisible light

The bottom four are only things people believed in the Middle Ages.

Vaccines cause autism
God is a woman

Pathetic lies from the liberal-communist mainstream media. Actually, God IS a black hermaphrodite of Jewish descent and I can prove that with facts straight out of Ben Shapiro's commentaries.

No one believes this statement other than Ariana Grande

Birds are illusions created by the government

Birds aren't real

Bees are birds

Who even believes this? They have similar things like wings and they are both capable of flying, Well some birds.

Bees are ’ ants, Dude.

Elvis Presley is still alive

Okay but like even if he's not still alive rn he could have lived longer than he supposedly did.

Princess Diana was murdered

She was killed in a drunk driving accident, while trying to escape the paparazzi. Accept it everybody!

She wasn't murdered, just killed in an accident. Get your dictionaries straight.

The paparazzi bumped their car into her vehicle and killed her because they were drunk. It wasn’t premeditated murder.

400 years of slavery was a choice
God is male

Deities don't have sexes so this doesn't make any sense.

Coughing has no germs
This is not an item
Beavers are fish

Beavers are soup, ding-Dong!

9/11 Was an Inside Job
Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain
Evolution and the Bible are compatible

Wrong! That is not a "factually wrong statement." They ARE compatible.

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