Top 10 Fairly Odd Parents Fairies

The Top Ten Fairly Odd Parents Fairies

1 cosmo Cosmo is Timmy fairy godfather. He's Wanda's husband and Poof's dad. Cosmo is very immature and stupid, but also very charming and a loving father, godfather and husband.

Love him so much that I have dreams about me and him together at a restaurant! I want him to be real!

I have a huge crush on him and every night, I have a blanket that I turn it into Cosmo and it feels like he is really there. During the night I hug him and it feels like his arms were really around me!

I had a dream about him and me going to see a movie together.

The voice actor is really funny. - booklover1

2 Wanda

I like Wanda... She's smarter than Cosmo and she's the voice of reason. Go Wanda!

She's very sweet!

3 Tooth Fairy
4 Baby Poof

Poof is the cutest fairy baby ever like I swear he can be more funnier then cosmo at times I hope poof wins because if he doesn't I'm gonna be so so so upset that poof didn't win plus poof is way better then cosmo let's hope poof uses his cuteness and skyrockets higher votes then cosmo let's keep on hoping

Poof: Wanda plus Cosmo :D best combination ever

I love Poof so much! Don't listen to haters!

First Appearence: Fairly Odd Baby

5 Jorgen Von Strangle

He can strangle fairies with his big fat muscles, that's what his name is for.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Fairies

Turner! LOL - PatrickStar3

6 Big Daddy

Lol he’s hilarious I can kinda see how Wanda can’t stand up to him sometimes

7 Blonda
8 Anti-Cosmo

He isn't a fairy. - 445956

9 Binky
10 The Sandman

a. k. a. The Mattress King

The Contenders

11 Wandisimo

Lovely as a whole prince

12 Juandissimo Magnifico
13 Cupid
14 Papa Cosmo
15 Foop
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