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1 Timmy Turner Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner is a ten-year old boy who is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated series The Fairly OddParents created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.

I love Timmy! He's the definition of a perfect character. He has an equal amount of flaws and good traits. This makes him feel real, and he's a realistic little boy with his enthusiasm and optimism. To top it all off, he's adorable! Timmy is a great character, and the reason it's a great show.

Timmy is one of the few fictional characters I could never imagine my childhood without! He's the main reason I still watch Fairly OddParents; He is funny and adorable and he is voiced by the legendary Tara Strong!

Timmy turner is the best he may be a little selfish but he has shown in many episodes he cares about everyone.

Timmy the slacker selfish yet caring in is own way a perfect personality for a cartoon character

2 Cosmo Cosmo is Timmy fairy godfather. He's Wanda's husband and Poof's dad. Cosmo is very immature and stupid, but also very charming and a loving father, godfather and husband.

Cosmo is my favorite! Better than Timmy. Timmy tries to be funny but Cosmo, CCCOOOSSSMMMOOO without any doubt is the STAR! BY the way opinion from a 11 years old girl. I wish Cosmo was my fairy. Love you Cosmo!

He's my favourite Character because he's funny, nice and a good Character to be in a show like this although I do like Timmy and his Dad though there good characters too.

Cosmo is better than Timmy! Cosmo should be number 1 cause he is the best charaecter on the show. If I was in the fairly odd parents universe I would steal him of of Timmy and Wanda.

Of course he's number one. Every single "idiot" in a T.V. show gets love. Patrick, Cat, etc. I don't like Cosmo that much...he was funny before, but now he's annoying.

3 Wanda

I know it's a children's show, but I like how Wanda is often the voice of reason. Occasionally, she even joins the mischief as well.

I like her because? But the best fairly oddparents character

Her famous line is "I don't know sport"

Wanda is so awesome with her pink hair! :) One of the best characters along with Cosmo, Timmy, Poof, and Sparky!

4 Denzel Crocker

He's insane. Everything he does is funny. I crockered when his 'Unsuspecting Van' appears cause he is suspecting Timmy as he has fairy godparents. It was also funny as he drove to Timmy's front lawn with an 'Unsuspecting Ice Cream Truck'. What will that think of next?

One of my favourite cartoon characters of all time

He's really funny that's why I like him the most.

I love the Unsuspecting Van

5 Jorgen Von Strangle

Muscles awesome voice interesting personality awesome character

Jorgen is very strong and powerful

He's like Arnold swarchnigear

I like Jorgen Von Stranglle because he has tig ol chin

6 Poof

Poof is much better than Sparky and Chloe.

I like Poof. This should be Number 3.

I love him and his father/mom

Poof should be number 1

7 Vicky

I think she should appear more and regain the role of the most appearing villain, as she is already the best one..

Vicky is literally the best character

Vicky is just the perfect Villain!

The absolutely perfect villain, even better than Foop!

8 Anti-Cosmo

A really awesome villain. I wish he would return though, since he hasn't appeared in a VERY LONG time.

Anti-cosmos's actions and accent is so awesome he is the most best character to me.

Too bad that he got replaced by Foop in the modern episodes...he was such a great villain!

"Clarice when did you get here? Have you seen Wanda? "

9 Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner is a a complete jerk

He's so delightfully stupid!

Timmys dad best one hands down

#1 without a doubt for me. He offers the funniest moments in the show by far.

10 Trixie Tang

I like her in Wishology when she and Timmy kissed because that's a true moment when she can express her true feelings for him. I also like her in A Wish too far when she kissed Timmy on the cheek for being honest. She's also good in The Boy who would be Queen because she accepts Timmy as a friend and even remembers his name. So honestly, she's not bad, she just can't express her ture feelings often because her popular friends hate Timmy although Veronica is secretly in love with Timmy. So, think again Trixie haters!

I normally HATE the 'main character likes most popular boy/girl in school' trope, but Trixie was actually surprisingly deep. Honestly I don't like Toot. She's kind of a creepy stalker. I actually wanted to see Timmy get together with Trixie (shrug) but I guess that's just me. I thought that maybe the episode where timmy turned into a girl would be the start of a relationship between them but...guess not.

All in all I like every character. Haven't watched the entire show yet from what I've seen so far, Trixie the rich popular girl is pretending to be something she isn't ego. how others think of trixie decides how she acts towards people proving this in the few episodes where trixie actually shows her real feelings and personality is afraid of people finding out her real self is how I see it

I'm in the same thought of "I don't normally like the popular girl that the main guy has a crush on" but Trixie for some reason just works. She is a pretty decent character and I love the episodes where she develops. Also she's way better than Tootie. Tootie is messed up. seriously.

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11 Foop

Foop is the best known character he deserves number 2 or at least the top 5

Oh my god. Foop is awesome and is the most underrated FOP character!

Foop is so funny. Did you see his speech in Spellementary School he was like "DEAAATH! "😂

€�And so, vote for me or death, painfully fiery death, thank you very much.”

12 Chester McBadbat

You know, I've always wondered how Chester is able to go to school if he's dirt poor

I love him he's hilarious

He eats dirt ew.

He Has Such A Cool Name! I Saw His Butt Crack Though!

13 Anti-Wanda

Anti-Wanda is one of my favorite villains. (Not really) It was so cute when she just held Foop in her arms, even if she is an Anti-Fairy.

"I'm incredibly stupid and I eat with my feetz! "

She is unbelievably cute for an AntiFairy! I wish she had more fans...

14 Tootie

I like her in Grow up Timmy Turner and the other live action fairy oddparents movies

Tootie is awesome you end up feeling sorry for her by how everyone treats her

I miss her so much. I want her back on the show as her original self.

I'm not sure what Fairly oddparents was wondering

15 Mark Chang

I think Mark is one of the better side characters in FOP for what he is. He acts as a great comedic foil and a good excuse for the writers to have space-themed episodes, which for the most part have been great plot explorations. Mark's powers and character relationships work well as bouncing off points whenever Timmy encounters him, and sci-fi elements presented in his episodes are welcome additions to the series. The one thing I'm not all that enthusiastic about is his human form, as its design is lackluster and it was pretty underutilized in the series.

Yo mark is the bomb

16 Veronica

I miss Veronica. I wish she shared fairies with Timmy Turner and protected him from his enemies and the fair bears.

Timmy should give her a chance

17 A.J.
18 Chip Skylark

Always has a fresh ass grill

Gets all the hoes

Mixtape straight fire doe

19 Mrs. Turner

Why don't they give the parents names? It's crazy!

They do their names are Mom and Dad!

She and her husband are so dumb

She is my favorite character

20 Sparky

I don't like him but I don't hate him. Though he is overhated in my opinion

I love sparky

Good bye

I'm not happy about all this hate tworse sparky I do not know what is so bad he is a funny character who is kind of cool♥

21 Tooth Fairy

Never expected her to be so hot

22 Doug Dimmadome

Best character in the series

Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome?

Doug dimmadome owner of the dougsdale dimmadoug dome dalesdome dimmadimma domesdougdale

23 Sheldon Dinkleberg
24 Princess Mandie
25 Dark Laser
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