Best The Fairly OddParents Seasons

The Top Ten

1 Season 3
2 Season 5

Cosmo was great in this season. Especially "Somethings Fishy."

3 Season 7
4 Season 9

Awful season - ElSherlock

This season was awful. - KalloFox34

Seriously, this is the season where Sparky and Chloe were introduced

5 Season 6

This is when Poof was born.

I love poof and cosmo

6 Season 1

I think Season 1 had amazing episodes like the first 2 The Big Problem and Power Mad.

This Season Started the Show and has the best episodes. - Dreamformusic

7 Season 4

Yes - Second

8 Season 2

My favourite. - PatrickStar3

9 Season 8
10 Season 10

Worst season ever - ElSherlock

While I'd say take this piece of crap the list needs ten seasons so... - Tyoshi

Probably the worst season yet. - KalloFox34

I am glad that Trixie was replaced by a nicer girl, Chole Carmichael.

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