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21 Azul

Azurill not Azul. You spelled it wrong. Lol.

Azul? Don't you mean Azurill or Azumarill?

To get Azurill in the game breed Marill or Azumarill with a Sea Incense.

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22 Primarina Primarina

I really like her and his stats are very good she deserve to be at least on 4 place

Primarina Is the Best

Primarina deserves to be on this list! seriously!

Primarina is beautiful,goodness

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23 Marill Marill

Woah woah woah! This should be azumarill man man man

24 Mimikyu Mimikyu

It's so cute and it's story is so sad.. it's dressed up as a Pikachu because it's lonely and wants to be as popular and because it can't touch the sunlight... the head is not it, the two cute sad little eyes at the bottom is Mimikyu.

Com on vote for mimikyu

OK if you don't think this guy should be number one and haven't heard it's song with English subtitles, you're opinion will probably change after watching it like mine did.

- disguise abili ty! y ou have a free turn of swords dancing or anything you want.
- Fairy/Ghost a new great defensive type only steel threatens you 'cause you can take out ghost on that free turn
- Decent defenses 80 physical 105 special and a good attack to back it up
- Interesting moveset : swords dance on that free turn and many things can't oh ko. t aunt the Pokemon that want to set up or whatev er. g ood physical moves shadow claw and play rough for stab and wood hammer for high base coverage move against water and ground types
- other moves : will-o-wisp, bulk up, leech life (now 80 power), substitute (for another free turn), light screen (support) and even a z-move like splash (+3 attack) if you find something that can ohko you just give it a focus sash
- 90 attack + free swords dance it's great
- 96 speed although not too good still you can take out some threats

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25 Slurpuff Slurpuff

I love swirlix and slurpuff very very very very very much. Its because they're so so so so so so so CUTE!

It gets drain punch

Screw you steel type

Death by cupcake.

Slurpuff is a boss in battle spot it always
One shots.

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26 FlabΓ©bΓ©
27 Mega Sylveon

There's no such thing but I think if there was a mega slveon I would sceam because she is my favorite pokemon

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28 Ralts Ralts

Rally's should be first

Well I collect Pokemon cards and I have all the evolutions of ralts,but ralts is the perfect Pokemon

So cute!

29 Mega Altaria Mega Altaria

This thing is BEAST, it's mega evolution is a dragon/fairy, a unique type combo.

Ice Beam is less effective, Dragon Pulse won't work, Stone Edge doesn't super effectively hit, great stuff! Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Dragon Claw, Moonblast, etc., such a wide array of moves this guy can use.

Beast pokemon - kian

Hoenn. Fairy Johto

30 Mega Floette V 1 Comment
31 Magearna Magearna V 2 Comments
32 Snubbull
33 Swirlix

I love swirlix more than sylveon. I like it since its very very very CUTE. :D

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34 Togetic Togetic

It is the evolution of togepi and is really responsible.

it sucks

35 Igglybuff Igglybuff

All Igglybuff are so damn cute


36 Mega Audino

I love Audino and Mega Audino but I have one question out of all the gen 5 Pokemon Audino was the only one who got a mega evolution

She is just so awesome and also she is a defensive tank straight up

37 Altaria Altaria

Altaria is a adorable cloud bird! The stats are perfect and the type is fantastic! Dragon and fairy. Altaria was my first fairy type Pokemon! Altaria would fit for you! And SHE/HE HAS A MEGA EVOLUTION!

38 Floette
39 Spitzee V 1 Comment
40 Mime Jr. Mime Jr.

He is by far the strongest fairy type Pokemon competitively and has the best design

I just think he looks cool

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