Erza and Jellal


They are a legendary tragic couple. Literally the most badass couple ever, they are kind, strong, talented and powerful as individuals and as a whole. What's more, Jellal and Erza contradict like Yin and Yang, water and fire, shadow and light,... The combination of warm, fiery and passionate red and free, peaceful and pure blue makes them the most beautiful and deepest couple. They're the very symbol of 'opposites attract', and they're each other's remedies. When they were children in the Tower of Heaven, Jellal was Erza's light, the one boy with the strongest sense of justice that she can depend on and look up to, they struggled together through all hardships and slavery, believing in a free tomorrow where they can live their lives to the fullest and be children; then now, when Jellal wants to die to atone for the sins that he unwillingly committed, Erza's there for him to lean on, she gave him a pllace he can always turn to, let him know that she would always be there for him, be ...more - Goku02

These two people deserve to be together. In a lot episode it shows that they both love each other. Beside, don't Erza and Jellal look live two electrical charges? Jellal is the negative charge and Erza is the positive charge. Everybody know opposite attracts so Erza and Jellal should be together.

These two have been through a lot since childhood. Remember when Jellal was possessed by Zeref which happened to be Ultear, Erza was there for him. She never gave up on Jellal and she was there in times of need. Remember when Jellal lost his memories, the only word he remembered was "Erza" and he stated that when he says the word Erza, he feels warm. Although Jellal lost his memories, he remembered the time he chose Erza's last name, Scarlet. Also, who wouldn't remember their kiss scene? The kiss scene that makes many people disappointed. They nearly kissed but you try to put your shoes on them, you would understand that Jellal didn't kiss her because he thinks that he will be a burden to her, and that he doesn't deserve her. He also stated that he CAN'T fall in love with people who walk in the light. Note that Jellal betrayed many people. Despite of him being a 'criminal', Erza forgave him. But then Jellal, I think he loves Erza to the point that he wouldn't want her to get involved ...more

They just have such a long history together it's heartwarming. I mean, she obviously had a crush on him when they were children, and he's the one who saved her from getting tortured even more. If you think about it, he gave her her last name. Well he's also the reason she's suffered growing up, but we can't really blame him since he was manipulated and controlled. When he lost his memory, her name was the only thing he remembered which is just so sweet because he described it as giving him the impression of warmth and kindness. Oh and when his memory returned he regretted killing Simon and kind of forbid himself from falling for her, but they obviously love each other very much. Lastly, their relationship is probably the hardest since first, he isn't in Fairy Tail, second, because after the Tenrou island incident, their gap of age is of seven whole years, third because he won't let himself love her after what he did to her.

Lucy and Natsu is kinda boring. And I'm pretty sure the maker of fairy tail didn't want people liking Lucy and Natsu that's why they brought in Leo and that Pegasus dude. At least Erza and Jellal don't reject each other when it comes to romance. Unlike Lucy and Natsu. Besides the show said itself that Natsu would never get a crush. Erza and Jellal should definitely come first

This couple carries the definition of real love. They would die in order to protect each other. Moreover, their feelings are mutual and deeply connected. It is probably my favourite anime couple because of their love story. Everything they have been through and still loving each other. It is just unique! (Both Erza and Jellal are my two - top - favourite Fairy Tail characters).

Erza probably my second favourite after Juvia, she's so weird with her cake obsession and the way she talks like a knight of the round table or something for an animation, she's pretty hot and so beautiful plus she is such a BADASS, I wanna be her so bad, and I love her name Erza Scarlet, it even sounds badass

She has such a tragic back story, in my opinion she's been through the most out of anyone we know of in the guild, first her, then Gray, Juvia and while Lucy's story of her rich dad ignoring is sad, most people can live w that, and worse.

Anyway, Erza's strength is unmatched, she's seems inhumanly strong, fierce and confident, but at the same time is socially awkward, has stage fright and is gravely inexperienced w guys, that is except Jellal.

When someone suddenly turns on you, nearly kills you, threatens you, enslaves your friends, feeds them lies about you to make them hate you, basically banishes you for 8 years, then suddenly kidnaps you, tries to kill ...more

I think Erza's Jellyboy is too depressed. If he didn't live in his past, they'd be a couple by now. Erza is always such a dominant person, but Jellal is always there for her to dominate and show her that she is still a woman on the inside. Jellal makes Erza what she truly is. They are one. They understand each other, they feel each other, and Deus Ex Machina made them for each other. by the way, Jellal is like Jesus.

They are my favourite couple EVER! They shouldn't be second, the should be number one!

Erza and jellal are like meant to be. They both are perfect together, understand each other, encourage other to work harder. They were torn apart when Jellal is imprisoned but in the end still find their way to each other. They share the past and fought their own share of demons. They deserve to be together.

They grew up together, endured the toughness of their time in the Tower of Heaven. Erza tries to save Jellal even though he's possessed by Zeref. Jellal then completely reverses his life after he loses his memory. They are perfect together.

They deserve as a Top 1 Best Couple in Fairu Tail. I think this is The Strongest Couple. They are both good-looking

I love this couple so much! Honestly, Erza is my character. Jellal is the perfect guy for her. I have a crush on him as well. But we all know that would never work out.

They've gone through so many hardships! Jellal would give up his life on Erza's command, because he hurt her so much in the past. But Erza wants him to live. They've been in love since they were kids!

I love both of them esp. Jellal and their back story is just so sad... : ( - Goku02

This should be ahead of Natsu and Lucy. These two have gone through thick and thin since childhood. It's like a SasuSaku relationship except better because Jellal has always shown affection towards Erza, and Erza towards Jellal (instead of one fawning over the other while the other showed no interest.) They're both willing to sacrifice for others to lead them on the path of light. They have a bond that has grown for many years. (More than NaLu). After all they've gone through, they deserve a happily ever after with each other.

Erza and Jellal deserve each other and this is the most obvious OTP as they nearly kiss but Jellal pushes Erza away not because he doesn't love her but because he made a promise of not to fall in love with a person who walks the path of light. If that wasn't the case they surely would have kissed...

They've shed many tears and hope for the better. They'd sacrifice themselves for one another. I truly admire their ship, full of hardships and pain but they grit their teeth and still stand tall. They help others find the right path just like how Era showed those in the tower of heaven and Jellal and the Or action Sees. But though they stray on different paths, their love for each other dispute the gap never ceases to end.
I really really like this ship so bad that I'd vote for it every time I come on this page. Stay smiling Jerza though many hardships come your way.

Ezra and Jellal are like so cute together. I mean look at them. They are the perfect couple of all time. They are perfect for each other. They would do anything for each other. I mean am I right or am I right.

Erza and Jellal have a great childhood relationship. Also they were about to kiss when Jellal pushed her because he wanted Erza to have another man instead of him. They both care about each other

This is a couple with a much more interesting story behind it. Even if it may not be canon, we all know it should be. I'd say this ship is the best because the story is tragic and touching, sorry if I sound like a stereotypical teenage girl saying that.

The anime shows so many moments with them together. Because Erza is a very independent women, she never had any sort of feeling towards any guy in the series. She just beats them up. However, when Jallal came into the picture, everything changed. I think everyone (including me) ships them is because that's the only guy Erza melts for. But besides the fact, they are a great couple

This ship is so adorable like Erza is the fierce, brave, justice doing warrior and Jellal is the ex-criminal who thinks he can't redeem himself. I mean they practically almost kissed and Jellal said he can't fall in love with Erza, pushing her away, which means he already fell in love with her.

They're like the perfect Romeo and Juliet! They are without question my favorite shipping!

'LOVE conquers all'

-I think this phrase suits them since they had really strove hard to find each other again no matter what obstacles they had encounter. One of the best FT couples for me.