Lucy and Natsu


They're far more the best in the entire series. They definitely deserve to be together forever.

No matter what, they are going to end up with each other. They have been together through thick and thin, Natsu would never truly abandon Lucy. When Natsu was surprised to see Lissana, he didn't cry because he truly loved her, but because he saw a long lost friend that died and hasn't seen forever. He loves her like a sister and nothing else. But for Lucy, he did cry. He cried because he could not protect someone he loved. Natsu has gone above and beyond for Lucy, like he hasn't for really anyone else. While Natsu treats everyone in FT like family, he always goes a little bit farther to care for Lucy.

I really really really love this ship! I even willingly sink with this ship! I hate when people said that their relationship is nothing except a platonic... For crying out loud! Are you guys blind or something?! Can't you see their bond?! And are you even read this story?! And I do not hate Lisanna. She even knew their relationship (as a very close friend)... But if she's messing with my ship, she's going down.

, just think about it! Natsu is a demon; the embodiment of death and destruction. Lucy is an angel; pure and beautiful, everyone loves her. They are legit the perfect couple in this series. I can't see Natsu with anyone else, and Lucy just gets thrown around in different ships. To be fully honest, I used to be in love with LoLu, but that just sunk after, like, season 3. Natsu and Lisanna have always been there, but it's just ew. It could have been amazing, and I could have supported it, but it just didn't work. NaLu is my OTP and has been for two years now. The excuse of Lucy being too weak and Natsu's always saving her isn't true. Lucy saved herself on multiple occasions. She escaped her father on her own, which is really, REALLY hard to do, trust me. She gains the keys she had before Fairy Tail by herself and won enough fights herself to call her strong. Besides, Lucy wasn't raised like the other mages in Fairy Tail, who grew up learning how to fight and how to become strong. She ...more

Yes! NaLu! I hate lisanna because she was never meant to come back (hiro was forced to bring her back), she's kinda a superfluous character that barely makes any appearances, she seems to annoy natsu, she has like no character, she's kinda weak (don't say lucy is weak because she rlly isn't. In the manga, lucy gets extremely powerful later on), she faked her death and stayed in another dimension for 2 years, and there r a lot more reasons.

I think they are so cute together! People think Lucy should be with Gray, but they are totally wrong! Natsu and Lucy are the best of friends and they go great together.

They're meant to be! I mean, Natsu IS super childish, and sneaky, and has a large scale for revenge. He has A rival, Gray. He only seems to fear one person: Erza. Lucy, on the other hand, is mature, smart, she's a planner, and has a pretty small scale for revenge. Like in the first few books or something, Lucy says, talking about Duke Everlue, "Maybe I'll hide his shoes or something! " Really. HIDING SHOES IS REVENGE? Anyway, Lucy seems to have no rival, attempting to make friends with everyone. I think she fears a lot. Like the first S-class request Happy stole with the cursed island of... something. Or she gets sad... but anyway. Natsu and Lucy are totally different. Yet they make a GREAT match! They even have a daughter, Nashi Dragneel. WHO THE HECK CAN ARGUE WITH THAT!?!?

I love their relationship so much. I get that Lisanna was Natsu's first love interest, but Lucy and Natsu's connection is something else. It's unique. It's a kind of connection that only Natsu and Lucy can fully understand. And I've been in awe of their connection ever since she joined Fairy Tail.

Ah, your talking about the very amazing couple, are you? This couple will always be my favorite couple in all of Fairy Tail. If you go back into the anime, they do almost anything when they're together. In sad and happy moments. They cry together, they smile together and last but not least... They live together. This couple is a wonderful pairing.

The whole story of fairy tail is about these two meeting and falling in love.

A dragon and a princess

An angel and a demon

A writer and a book

When Lucy's in trouble, she always calls out for Natsu! And he always comes to rescue her! Natsu is Lucy's Knight in Shining Armor

When future Lucy died, you saw how much pain he was in. They are, by far, the best couple in Fairy Tail!

Natsu and Lucy are always hanging out and stuff so they should be the best couple! I also like Gray and Juvia and Erza and Jellal. But I don't get why people like NaLi. I don't hate Lissana or anything. I really like her but Natsu and her barely even hangs out. He just go to Lucy's house and hangs out with her. So I think that Natsu and Lucy should be together.

I love it. In the first episode, Lucy looks at Natsu and the love spell is broken. Later in the manga it states that only a soul mate can break a love spell. That's what I remember anyway. Not sure if my memory is correct.

Natsu and Lucy just fit together. Their bond is so strong it's tangible and you can't really define it. Pairing them up with other people would ruin that dynamic between them.

Natsu and Lucy have a really close relationship so they would most likely become lovers. Plus they look so cute together!

I have never had so much obsession over an anime couple before this NALU FOREVER!

If you notice, in the first episode of fairy tail when Lucy falls under a love spell natsu runs through and the spell broke. But only for Lucy. Why? Because she found her true love.

Natsu and Lucy are truly soulmates since day one. They become extra strong for each other. Lucy also became sad when Fairy Tail split up, but she downright cried when Natsu left, claiming that, "I'll be lonely again." Obviously, Natsu is the most important figure in her life. Keep in mind that she didn't think of Levy or Erza or Gray, she just chased after Natsu. Next, Natsu is overly protective of his guildmates but he becomes extra protective when it concerns Lucy or "Luce". When enemies threaten his guildmates, he threatens them by burning them to the ground. But he goes angrier when its Lucy hurt, with veins popping out of his head and him barely saying stuff coherently. Natsu also treats Lucy differently from how he treats Erza or Wendy. It's like they're both part of a whole. Soulmates!

There just perfect together. They are always there for one another. They have a very strong bond. There best friends and they trust each other. Even if they relize it or not there relationship goes beyond friendship. I just think they deserve to be happy

Guys there is no need to discuss this. Its pretty much obvious that they are going to end up together anything else is just absurd and not even worth talking about.

I think that they are perfect. I mean at lucy has a rush on natsu it's clear as day and natsu definitely loves lucy. Also natsu risks his life for her and during the GMG (Grand magic games) when she lost against flare who was there to comfort her natsu

Case closed

She's one of the first characters introduced clearly she needs a boyfriend and natsu is a main character so he OBVIOUSLY needs a girlfriend! Lucy is perfect!

I'm honestly neutral when it comes to this couple. It's just the basic and bland protagonist pairing which you know is going to happen for years. They do have sweet moments though, which I like. If it became canon, which it obviously is, I could care less.

Their relationship is the cutest! And I think it will end up canon soon enough just like Hiro Mashima's previous work, Rave Master, in which Natsu is Haru and Lucy is Elie! I just hope it is soon enough.