Natsu and Lisanna


Natsu did not blush just over Lisanna Natsu blush when Lucy told him that she believe
i n him he blush when Lucy asked everyone if they tried to cheer her up he blush when Happy told Lucy that he sobbed because he think that Lucy is gone so here Natsu blush over Lucy is not because she told him that she want to marry him and not because she keep Taste him I remember that Erza told Natsu that she believe in him and he did not blush that a proof that Natsu love Lucy and when he saw Erza or Lucy naked he blush too not just over Lisanna also I read in an article that kills love oblivion and neglect bury it Natsu did not spend time with Lisanna he did not chat with her but rarely so you think that if Natsu really love Lisanna he will spend time with Lucy also don't give me Naruto ended like a proof because Naruto was love sakura and love spend time with her then in the end he fall in love with Hinata in Fairy Tail Natsu did not show anything that proof he love Lisanna blush over ...more - akanichan

Sorry, but I just don't see Natsu and Lisanna really clicked... They're just childhood friends and not really in love like that. They are kind of cute as a kid, but Natsu just didn't show any personal feelings for her. He cares more for Lucy (in my personal opinions and point of view). I wonder what if Hiro Mashima made Natsu have to save ONLY ONE of Lucy or Lisanna... What would he choose? I don't really care but I'm excited to see the ending... (Spoiler: a YouTube channel, SouL Animation said after Zeref's war, Lucy and Natsu are getting married! ) don't know the proof, but I'm waiting for it to happen.

So Erza gets to be shipped with her childhood friend, but not Lisanna?

I like Lisanna and all, but I just can't get myself to ship NaLi. I think of them as nothing but childhood friends. And when Lisanna hugged Natsu when they came back to Earthland and the NaLi fans called that a moment, please rewatch the next episode (I forgot what episode, but I think you can probably find out what episode it was). Because Lisanna hugged Makarov the same way. Yep, I ship Lisanna and Makarov so much (sarcasm). And, like someone else said, most NaLi fans only ship this because they were childhood friends. Well, that's like shipping me with a stuffed animal because when I was a little kid, I always thought of my stuffed animals as my friends. And again, I don't hate Lisanna at all, she's probably one of my favorite characters as a matter of fact. I just dislike her and Natsu together.

I think this is really cute (but I don't mind NaLu either). They were childhood friends and they did care for each other a lot. Also, Lisanna talked about having a future together when they were younger, however, they don't have much chemistry now.

I just like the couple I mean they basically have their own child because they raised happy together.

They were just so cute as little kids and I cried when Lisanna came back

Lisanna is Natsu's past Lucy is his future.

I felt Natsu and Lisa relationship as kids to be sweet. I do believe that Lisa is underplay in the series for she has lot to offer. I like Lisa for she is first person to believe Natsu to met a dragon which means she is her first childhood friend. I hope that Hiro Mashima would allow Lisa to have more major roles instead of Wendy. I do not hate Wendy but would like to see Natsu to struggle express his feeling on Lisa.

They had a really cute past together! I just wish Lucy wouldn't get in the way! After all, I believe Natsu and Lisanna would have been a couple if she didn't "die".

I'm sorry to all the NaLi fans out there but this pare will never work just because of a childhood friendship you guys think they will match but I think that lucy is the only one crazy enough to be with natsu just remember that this is my opinion you all can keep thinking anything you want to think

First of all I love this ship as they were great childhood friends and raised Happy together, also Lucy is just another Sakura that has to be saved on a constant basis and always nags on Natsu. Even her spirits only get like 3 hits in before they ditch her again, exception being Loki. If you use other animes as models, Natsu will end up with Lisanna just like Naruto ended up with Hinata. Although neither of the these characters show much interest in girls, the one they hang out with the most is not necessarily the one they actually love. Lucy isn't terrible and I definitely don't hate her, but she should not end up with Natsu.

I like this ship, but view it more as a childhood crush they eventually evolved into a sibling like relationship. I enjoy their dynamic, but they are more like siblings than anything.

Lisanna asked Natsu to be with her when they were little kids. Is it just me or is that creepy?

I love Lisanna, she has a amazing personality and one of my favorite characters. But, I don't see them together... They have more of a "brother and sister" realationship.

Because she is child hood friend

I have one question: Why didn't Natsu get made at Elfman after he killed Lisanna? If they were in love Natsu would not be friends with Elfman like he is now.

Erza and jellal had development unlike natsu and lisanna

Mashima one stated that he originally wanted to bring Natsu and Lisanna together, but he isn't sure about that anymore.

I do love this ship. I mean, honestly, we all know that he's goig to end up with Lucy but we're the people that have big imaginations about NaLi.

They both are rather brother and sister or like best friends.

Yeah, I know the true is I like Lisanna Strauss, but I really don't like NaLi. I think that when Natsu and Lisanna were kids, they're just friends. Natsu didn't like Lisanna!

At first, when they showed us Natsu and Lisanna's childhood, I was like "aw they HAVE to be together" so basically I was originally a NaLi fan. I'm a NaLu fan now, but this couple is so cute.

I get it Lisanna and Natsu were friends since forever.

Nastu and lisanna sitting in a car. The car goes bump bump they go hump hump the car goes hiss hiss they go kiss kiss