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21 Lyon and Meredy

Most recent fairy tail chapter 474. Enjoy

I think Lyon should be with Sherry

I like this ship. Since the time they were together in Galuna Island. :) It's also better to get Lyon off Juvia's back since she has Gray already and I think Meredy is not really suited for Ren. :)) I'm already a fan of this love team if ever it will come true. :D


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22 Bacchus and Cana

They were clearly meant for each other. Also Bacchus is the Roman god of wine and Cana loves wine... If you get my flow

Yas. Anyone who ships these two, you better preach! He fights and is most powerful when drunk and Cana drinks so much but doesn't get drunk. Perfect.

Because they're adorable and both like drinking

Canon please

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23 Natsu and Erza

No! Never in a million years! Natsu should be with Lucy and Erza should be with Jellal!

It should be Natsu with Lucy and Erza with Jellal.

They're like elder sister and little brother! No romance at all! Plus Jellal and Erza clearly love each other. - Goku02

I don't get how people can ship this even though the only thing that will be canon is this ship sinking. Hiro said that natsu and Lucy would get married and have a kid named nashi. Bruh. -Reedtail

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24 Lucy and Loki


But I do admit loke is gorgeous but he should be with aries and lucy should be with natsu - fairytailfan26303

The only reason he told Lucy about his secret is because she's a celestial wizard

Too be honest, I actually really like Loki and Lucy. Even though yes I like natsu and Lucy better, I still think Loki and Lucy are a good couple.

This ship must be canon...

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25 Natsu and Gray

Nope natsu is suppose to be with Lucy and gray is suppose to be with Juvia.

Well they care about each other but they don't love each other

May I just ask people to stop saying no to different ships. You can vote for whoever you want, and ship whoever you want. I won't judge, but if you see another ship on here that you don't agree with because you prefer the characters with other people, please don't hate it. Because if it's on here, then clearly someone does see it as a viable couple, and they love it. Let's not hate each other, okay?

What can I say? Polar opposites attract...
If u ship sasunaru well then this is sasunaru in fairy tail form

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26 Max and Broom

Well it is kind of cannon

Its too funny

How is this not canon yet? They even had a sec scene where it was stuck up his butt lol my otp!

But he cheated on Broom with a Mop! 😱

27 Sting and Rogue

I'm a sucker for opposite ships, and despite their light/dark dynamic, they're so close and work so well together

Why can't people see it-this is the best ship

I love it so much! They care for each other, and it warms my hearts - RebeccaDarking

I love this ship so much. I never shipped Rogue with any female and I really didn't care about Sting but then I realized WAIT STINGUE! So I started shipping them both because they're cute together and I love yaoi and yeh

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28 Gray and Lucy

For me Gray is for Juvia and Lucy is for Natsu. Plus they're like siblings for me.

Love. It's a more realistic and mature couple. They are both sane. - ErzaScarlet


29 Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Loxer

This was listed already! But seriously, I like this ship. They did I lived together and if you had read the recent manga, they died for each other and gray promised to take Juvia's feelings more seriously. I still support Erza x Jellal more though

Again.. Ice and water.. Umm.. Dosen't work that good together The ice just freeze the water..

They just too cute together

They spelt it wrong!

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30 Laxus and Lucy

I actually really love this ship. They would balance each other out really well. The starry blonde with a heart of gold and the hard-ass dragon slayer who can't forgive himself for hurting his guild mates during his attempted takeover at the Fantasia Festival. It's like a fairy tale (no pun intended).

Bob the builder made this. I'm so sure because its that stupid

Love it! though in the anime I ship Natsu and Lucy but it's just interesting to see laxus and Lucy together and because Lucy have a positive personality and laxus have negative personality but nice I really like the idea of the two of them being together but not in the anime ( yin and yang)

I've never seen and atraction between them EVER so what

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31 Mirajane and Laxus

Yes. Preach. They are both so powerful. I love this. It's like Levy and Gajeel all over again.

I guess it is ok since it is not there yet


Yes totally

32 Mystogan and Erza Knightwalker

A perfect match just like their counterpart in Earth-land (Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandez). :D

Just like the earth Erza and Jellal!

They just... Fit together.


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33 Cheria and Wendy

This ship is one of my favorites. They have the perfect dynamic that just says "I will love you no matter what happens" The fact that even after all that has happened between them and they aren't higher on this list makes me sad. Two girls loving each other isn't a crime, it's completely natural.

They like each other like friends/sisters

They're like siblings, but never as lovers.

™� Love is the most powerful magic! ♥

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34 Gajeel and Juvia


35 Elfman Strauss and Evergreen

They really care for each other but won't admit it and will do anything to hide them being together

Those two really get along and they are together most of the time.

They really love each other even though they fight

They obviously love each other.
Plus this got repeated, lol.

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36 Makarov and Porlyusica

Remember when erza came in fairy tail with broken right eye and when makarov to cure that eye goes to porlyusica then he said cure her she is beautiful and porlyusica at that time is just like his girlfriend replied that don't you dare do anything to that girl

There were old friends and I think porlyusica loves him now also

I would love to see them both together, happy and in love with each other.

Yeah, I support this ship. Your never too old for love! OTP.

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37 Happy and Fish

There is no denying he likes fish but him and Carla are better

Just kidding but might happen - Lima73

I ship it they can have fish-cat babies

True Love

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38 Aquarius and Scorpio

How can we miss out this one?

Well... They're both currently together.

They're already together and how is Aries and Leo/Loke are bigger than this. I don't understand anything anymore.

Well there together I don't give a crap about the ship though

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39 Rogue and Yukino

I think Rogue really cares about Yukino. When she was banished, he was the only one who seems to be worried about her. It was Rogue, not Sting! And Mashima seems to make some couples possible canon couples, were the boy gropes the girl. So Rogue and Yukino are possible.

They are just lovely together. Rogue was the only one who called her comrade when she was banished, so I think it can be.

A star can only be see in a dark night... Those two are just so sweet together.

It's sad that this is so underrated, this ship is really great and beautiful.

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40 Happy and Carla

They are both ex-eds.

Nah I just don't see it


There's a,ready a ship made further up for this couple

Happy and Charles. - Mythopoeia

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