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41 Kinana and Cobra

It makes sense. Kinana used to be Cubellious and was very loyal to Cobra. He also said that he wanted to hear her voice, even if she used to be just a snake.

This was already stated. This ship is already in the poll

42 Mirajane and Erza

I was thinking this would be a ship. They always fought when they were little, so I guess I wasn't the only one. Not that I think that they should be an otp because Erza is supposed to end up with Jellal, while Mirajane ends up with Laxus or stays with her siblings.

I agree kind of

No way in

Some times enimies become couples

43 Aries and Loki

In episode 63 when lucy is battling angel lucy calls out loki and angel called out aries. lucy is about to send loki back but loki tells her not to. they both speak about a spirit's pride then aries says "spirits will battle for their masters even if they once had feelings for each other."

No. I like Lucy and Leo way better

yup > <


44 Gray and Kana

Gray and Cana were the first two people of the younger generation to join Fairy Tail. The next person was Erza. There is a THREE year gap between Gray and Erza. If not lovers, HOW ARE THESE TWO NOT BEST FRIENDS?!

There are a very good friends not lovers

At the begging of the series, I did kind of ship them... but I quickly discarded that feeling because of his interactions with Erza.


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45 Lyon Vastia and Sherry Blendy

Ren walks in the room. " I'm ho- what the? ! " and that's the story of how ren never saw daylight again

They are both members of Lamia Scale.

I would've shipped it in the beginning but now its further on, I ship Ren and Sherry.
I ship him with Chellia, - Mythopoeia

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46 Erza and Cake

This couple is silly and stupid. Strawberry cakes may be her favourite food, but no way Erza would love CAKES more than her friends and Jellal. This is just for the sake of the humour of the story. If Erza puts her friends at risk just because of a CAKE, for crying out loud!, then she'll be the most unreasonable and sadistic person in the world. I'd lose all my respect for her as well, but of course, it's never gonna happen. ; ) - Goku02

The most relevant couple in the series so far..

Oh ya. Jellal screams "I'm not worthy". Gray goes like "well this is awkward". Wendy turns red. Natsu inquires " I don't get it." Lucy busts the door open. " why in the world are people doing crazy stuff in my apartment and what is jellal doing here?

Erza + cake = happy erza

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47 Anna and Acnologia V 2 Comments
48 Lucy and Erza

They love each other ( but as friends)

They are very good friends and Lucy admires Erza a lot, but honestly why must they be shipped together.

They like each other as friends

Lucy wanted erza to go around naked - LionLink

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49 Miraxus

These two would make the best power couple ever. Their personalities go hand in hand as they're both reserved and Mira's dual personality (where she's more dominant than sweet in kind) would bring out a different side of Laxus and honestly it wouldn't make much sense for them to end up with anyone other than each other.

Favourite underrated pairing. They belong together.

Best ship ever

I love LAXUS he deserves the best girl he could get I wanted mira to go with freed but... I think he's gay not that anything's wrong with being gay and I liked him with Cana or I wanted a girl to come in the end of the series when he's master and all and be with him but maybe that's just me

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50 Gray and Monkey

I just watched that so that's really funny I found a ship

Just watch the 7th OVA and you'll see why.

Such a tragic and beautiful love story...

His first kiss, stolen from a monkey. I died laughing.

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51 Natsu and Wendy

No I don't agree because Wendy is just a child and natsu is a grown man already

This is impossible. Wendy is only like 12 and Natsu is an adult. Their ages are too far apart. I think Natsu should be with Lucy and Wendy should be with Romeo.

Who the hell made this ship? Natsu is like a thousand years old and Wendy is 12 whoever made this ship is a sick ass weirdo - DeathSycth

Natsu and Wendy are both from the past so if Natsu is a thousand years old so is Wendy lol - xdeathlordx

For anyone who says that Wendy is only 12, she is actually 420 by the end of Fairy Tail Zero. At 5 years old, Wendy traveled 400 years into the future. 7 years later, she joined Fairy Tail. Then after the 7 year time skip, she is 419. And after the 1 year time skip, she becomes 420(Blaze It! Sorry I had to make that joke)

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52 Lucy and Juvia

No offense, but I bet Juvia will keep shouting "LOVE RIVAL"" till Lucy gets deaf.

Hope they become great friends?

Juvia doesn't even like Lucy.

Love rival

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53 Pantherlily and Kiwi

So beautiful!

Yeees I hope it goes canon!

Even better then NaLu

Aww, Lily is adorable period, his obsessions with kiwis are just extraordinarily cute. I also like "Shalily" (Pantherlily and Shagotte) idgaf if someone says no on thie. Already made fanfictions about them. Go see it for yourself... Rimotatameikutata

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54 Ultear and Grey

I like this ship, may be an unpopular opinion but I like these two. I agree they are more like brother and sister though

I kind of think it's not true. Gray and ultear are like brother and sister

Ultear is almost dead. That makes this Awkward

No they are siblings. I am a Jerza fan but I think Ultear deserve someone like Jellal

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55 Dimaria Yesta and Wahl Icht

I don't care what people say about this ship anymore. It's probably never gonna be canon, but I still ship it anyway.

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56 Brandish μ and Dimaria Yesta
57 Jellal and Kagura

This ship is DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE! Jellal and Erza belong with each other! I can't believe these two are shipped just because of a normal CPR! - Goku02

I don't have a problem with it, but I prefer Jellal and Erza or Erza and Kagura.

Most disgusting ship I ever seen in my life

My Ultimate NOTP. I HATE IT! - Goku02

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58 Erza and Kagura

They actually kissed.

Read the latest chapter.

Ya but that was friendly kiss cause kagura was giving cpr to jellal


59 Gray and Striping

Gray loves stripping so much it's a habit.

It's shipping not stripping lol

I prefer the monkey


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60 Gildarts Clive and Cornelia

They were married in sane people. This is cannon

Great couple

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