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61 Gildarts Clive and Cornelia

They were married in sane people. This is cannon

Great couple

62 Wendy and Mest

People saying age matters is kind of like saying gender or religion or race matters. It's love people. Love is love no matter what.

I think Wendy and Mest could be really good together Mest seems to really care for Wendy and I think she also cares for him. Let's not forget Wendy was one of the dragon slayers sent four hundred years into the past so detically she isn't twelve or twenty years old. So I don't see why this shouldn't happen

Age difference Guys, Age difference

Wendy and Romeo are better

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63 Edo-Gray and Earthland Juvia

Their obsession with each other would've been a match made in heaven. :/

Defiantly better then the earth land couple in terms of obsession

What about edo juvia and earthland gray

I was thinking the same thing!

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64 Laxus and Natsu

Why is this one up here?

This took me ages to find, I ship it! And you can't say otherwise! 😂

65 Gray and Mirajane

When was this a thing?

no just no


66 Laxus and Cana

Aren't they badass? They are so hot together!

Two strong charakters. What should I say more?

I don't get this ship

No way mirajane all the way

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67 Bickslow and Cana

This is literally one of the best ships. I think their lewd personalities go compliment each other. - GoldenGoddess51299

I think these two go well! They're both alcoholics

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68 Natsu and Juvia

This is a horrible couple. They haven't even talked to each other once

Juvia TOTALLY likes Natsu! (I'm exaggerating in case you didn't know)

Does anyone remember juvia talking about grays awesomeness while natsu was doing the main fighting

Well ummm I'm speechless

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69 Arcadios and Hisui

They both care about each other so it works.

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70 Kyouka and Seilah

It's pretty clear that they're more than just "partners".

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71 Cana and Lucy

They would make a cute couple, but that being said, one could also ship erza and lucy

This ships under - rated in my opinion

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72 Natsu and Landlady

Never thought of that.


what - Stevenuniversefangirl

what? - parisinslame

73 Lisanna and Laxus

For my opinion it feels weird to have lisanna and laxus together and I feel that their relationship is just like brother and sister nothing more

I really like this pairing! The episode where Laxus was trying to see if Lisanna was the real deal introduced me to the ship, and I started liking the pairing immediately!

They both cold be together I'll be like everyone (elfman, Mira) are marrying a person from the thunder legion

So umm this is a thing?

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74 Happy and Natsu

They kissed once though

The story of how lucy walked into her apartment at the wrong moment

They're not gay.

No no no no no nooo a cat and a man?

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75 Gray and Sorano



Works. Sorano is angel p.s.

76 Erza and Happy

No. They don't even know each other that much. They mentioned each other only in the body switch episode. Okay. An immature cute little cat who eats raw fish all day and one of the best fairy tail wizards? Never. - Animefan12

I know that the filler arc in the anime where everyone switches bodies is where this crack ship originated from, but why is this still floating around. It was a joke that wasn't supposed to go this far.

What? WHAT?

Hopefully no one actually ships this.


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77 Pantherlily and Carla

Happy does get jealous of them

Black and white go together so why can't they

Happy rejected


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78 Sting and Millianna

She and Sting have a love for cats.

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79 Sherry and Ren

I mean during the battle of nirvana, when they had to use their magic and she ran out, she was about to fall off before he caught her. Plus they do get together. So why not?

Aren't they already getting married?

Yep. The only lady he didn't hit on

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80 Hibiki and Jenny

Hibiki and lucy... anybody

Why is this in 82nd place!?!?!?

Oh ya

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