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81 Angel and Meredy

They don't even know each other. They never came in contact once, not even in the manga.

I see their relationship as Brotp, because they're both in Crime Sorcière now.

Now they are both in Crime Sorciere^^

They are both girls! Meredy and Angel is not a lesbian ( ; _; ). Those two is one of my fave...

82 Erza Scarlet and Anna

Anna's dead. How could Erza be with her?

Wrong just wrong imagine lucy reading this

Where did this come from?

Whoes anna

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83 Leon and Sherry

I don't think it's going to work out because of that one dude but I support it!

Sherry moved on. Leon never loved her

Lyon is so much older's like shipping gray and Wendy. The danced at a ball together. Does that mean there a good couple? NO!

I like this ship...

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84 Levy and Juvia
85 Gray and Erza

No thank you. I can see the allure, though. Gray was there when Erza needed someone to help her back up on her feet. Erza will always respect and be thankful to Gray; and Gray will always care for Erza. They support each other much like siblings do. They even bicker occasionally, just like siblings. On the surface their relationship may seem romantic, but dig a bit deeper and you'll see their deep familial relationship.

I think they fit. They open up since Lucy joined Fairy tail, understanding each other better, listening to each other, giving them advice, they are strong, have the same priorities nakama before everything else! They both have weird lovers Ichiya/Juvia but really it would be so forced if they would get paired up with them (I am hoping hat Juvia will not get Gray, even though all people love her, if this happens this would be a bad message like sakura x sasuke like the feelings of the guy does not matter in matters like love, if the woman is persistent enough he will give in, I dislike this idea ). Gray is everything Erza needs. He grew up with strong women and adore women with spirit like Lucy and Erza, he respect them, fallow them but also gives advice and shows his opinion. He does not like people who put their love interest before their nakama but it is also hard for him to deal with people who purely loving him, because he is nice guy. I think out of fairy tail only Erza would be ...more

To be honest I feel a lot of connection between those two. In the early stages of Fairy Tail, although Erza may not have admitted it as a child, she felt very open with Gray. I also believe Gray has some sort of love for Erza as he desperately tries to save her from Jellal.

I think this should happen! And it is possible that Hiro is trolling us about gruvia anyway! And plus I am fan of both Gruvia and grayza so yeah.

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86 Juvia and Laxus

They don't even talk to each other

She is the rain and he is thunder, together they are a storm to be reckoned with.

Hmmm. I never though about it. It is a crack ship[because Juvia and Laxus have had little to no interaction in the entire series], but it is an intriguing pair. I ship it.

87 Lyon and Juvia

Juvia needs to be treated better so Lyon is good for her I don't care about gray he's not worth it. What kind of man would ignore a person. LYON AND JUVIA FOREVER!

In my opinion juvia makes a cuter couple with him not grey

If only it was possible... If Juvia would turn to Lyon, it would be a happy, happy ending for the both of them.

Lyon is so sweet to Juvia. I feel like if Juvia chose him they would both be guaranteed to be happy. Gray ignores Juvia outright and he is kind of rude to her, so I think Juvia deserves better than that.

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88 Erza and Laxus

Hmm. No thanks. Although anyone who does ship it, good for you!

Erza and Laxus is so competitive with each other that I. Can't help but feel as if this is a cute couple because of their stubbornness

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89 Sting and Lucy

They are 0.00000001 couples

This can die in a pit.

The blond thing is killing me

This is the best ship ever and I love the idea of sting and lucy together.. just

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90 Gray and Kagura

I don't even think they talk to each other

Which started this shipping? They dint even talk.

Why do people ship this?

Black hair

91 Sting and Minerva

I think they'll be perfect together. So both twin dragons have a mate who fit with their characters.

Well, I think this will be going... Stinerva and Royu, these are the couples of Sabertooth!

I really think sting really cares about minerva

Nope. Still think minerva and rogue

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92 Gray and Angel

No and yes I don't know if they meat I may think about it

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93 Racer and Angel

Well... I think they can fit together.

Why not? Their personalities could possibly fitting. And Racer is often forgot in Oracion Seis, only not for a dumb bad guy. His pair with Angel shows another possibility with him.

Meh, I can work with this.


94 Mavis and Laxus V 4 Comments
95 Dan and Lucy

Dan is head over heels for lucy

They're cute together and it seems like Natsu gets jealous too.

What lucy sditched that guy for rent money

"No" - Hiro Mashima

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96 Layla and Jude V 2 Comments
97 Midnight and Melody V 3 Comments
98 Richard and Laki V 1 Comment
99 Midnight and Angel

I think they will make a gorgeous dark couple.


I ship them!


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100 Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss

I think lisanna is cute but she shouldn't be with natsu

Um sorry Nali fans but the only reason that Lisanna didn't die completely is because of mirajane and elf man it's got nothing to do with natsu

Old school.


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