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101 Happy and Frosch V 4 Comments
102 Natsu and Fire

He gets fired up and regains his energy when he ates fire

Behold, the immature person copying Gripping (Gray X Stripping on this site).

V 3 Comments
103 Wendy and Carla V 4 Comments
104 Gildarts and Cana

That is HIS daughter!

They are father and daughter. Just because they have a moment, doesn't they should be a ship. That's just weird. Who ships a father and daughter?

Why? Please give me 1-3 strong, solid, and reasonable relations for this ship. I am actually curious, because to me it make no sense.

Family blood. Besides if this would work its one sides

105 Hibiki and Cana

I actually love this couple when Hibiki was flirting with Cana at the games I thought it was an adorable couple

V 1 Comment
106 Virgo and Punishment

Virgo and punishment surprisingly makes sense

She's always asking for punishment, just makes sense

107 Erza and Shows V 2 Comments
108 Freed and Wendy V 3 Comments
109 Wendy and Happy

Cara: my, child! And the tom cat? I thought he like me.

Meant carla

110 Grey and Happy

Maybe. That is when lucy comes in her apartment and natsu follows they are in one hexk of a surprise.

111 Grey and Lisanna V 2 Comments
112 Sting and Kagura

Yeah in episode 199 they fighting to see who gets to have Yukino in their guild so they started to fight and Erza (My Onee - Chan and yes I have Natsu as my Brother and Erza as my sister) interrupted but before that their faces were so close they could kiss

Uh. Just... what are you talking about? Erza and Natsu are your siblings or something? This is not a roleplay forum for your Mary-Sue, go away.

V 2 Comments
113 Gray and Lyon V 1 Comment
114 Midnight and Cobra

This couple is so cute! Plus they've always been a great tag team, as shown in the battle with Jellal. Together, they could do anything!

WEho made this

115 Levy and Lucy
116 Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss

I think lisanna is cute but she shouldn't be with natsu

Um sorry Nali fans but the only reason that Lisanna didn't die completely is because of mirajane and elf man it's got nothing to do with natsu

Old school.


V 5 Comments
117 Romeo Conbolt and Wendy Marvell

I do like this ship. They are the youngest mages in Fairy Tail. Besides the fact that Romeo calls Wendy 'Big sister Wendy'. That's the only flaw. And she is supposed 19, during the seven year gap.

Well Romeo did sacrifice himself for her

I don't see why people ship this. There's a big age gap, and not much of a connection between them.
The biggest problem I have is because I feel like people just want to ship every Fairy Tail character with someone. They're... I don't know, thirteen years old? (Technically Wendy is 19...). I feel that's a little young to be getting in a relationship, especially when you're constantly busy and in combat every day. My apologies to the people who ship this.

I agree with this.

V 4 Comments
118 Lyon and Milliana V 1 Comment
119 Erza and Grey

Come on really?

To be completely honest Erza and Gray just lock together like two pieces of a puzzle. The only problem is Erza is absolutely in love with Jellal.

I would ship this if jellal didn't exist

Jerza is hiro shima's money

V 7 Comments
120 Mavis and Laxus V 4 Comments
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