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121 Lyon and Milliana V 1 Comment
122 Erza and Grey

Come on really?

To be completely honest Erza and Gray just lock together like two pieces of a puzzle. The only problem is Erza is absolutely in love with Jellal.

I would ship this if jellal didn't exist

Jerza is hiro shima's money

V 7 Comments
123 Sting and Kagura

Yeah in episode 199 they fighting to see who gets to have Yukino in their guild so they started to fight and Erza (My Onee - Chan and yes I have Natsu as my Brother and Erza as my sister) interrupted but before that their faces were so close they could kiss

Uh. Just... what are you talking about? Erza and Natsu are your siblings or something? This is not a roleplay forum for your Mary-Sue, go away.

V 2 Comments
124 Gray and Lyon V 1 Comment
125 Midnight and Cobra

This couple is so cute! Plus they've always been a great tag team, as shown in the battle with Jellal. Together, they could do anything!

WEho made this

126 Levy and Lucy
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