Best Fairy Tail Love Couples

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1 Erza and Jellal

I ship them the moment they met!

They'll get married by the series ending. Mark my words.

They deserves number one! - Goku02

Obviously the best love couple! They are so fit for each other. I just adore them together! OTP forever

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2 Natsu and Lucy

It can be seen that ever since the Tenrou Island arc, Natsu has been showing feelings towards Lucy. He cares about her and always cares about her safety first before his own. I mean, haven't you guys seen the latest Fairy Tail chapters? Also, Lucy looks up to Natsu and she has always believed in him. She has also begun to show some feelings for him in the latest chapters.

Nalu is my life!

"I made those 2 to be together! " - Hiro Mashima

I absolutely LOVE this ship. I think it's pretty obvious Lucy has the hots for Natsu... This one should definitely
be first place. No offense to NaLi shippers but, Lisanna was just a childhood sweetheart, after her death it was more like she became his younger sister. I understand where people get their NaLi ship feels from, but don't forget that even though Lisanna came back from Edolas, Natsu still had Lucy be his partner. I belive NaLu is meant to be!

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3 Juvia and Gray

They are the best

Clorox Bleach was looking for this pairing... It killed itself before getting near it... It is that terrible...

Gruvia forever!

4 Natsu and Lisanna

Natsu and Lisanna are just a really supernatural and cute couple I love them so much!

I don't care much about who Natsu will end up with but I prefer NaLi over NaLu by a mile. - Goku02

" by the way by they I mean Natsu and Lucy." - Hiro Mashima

Oh just because lisanna make fan of natsu and make him blush? first of all anyone will blush if someone told him/her that she /he want marry him/her and we all know that and if lisanna really undrstand natsu she will stop teasting him all the time because natsu really sound like he did'nt want her to tatsting him if he really love her he will never spend time with anther girl and he will talk to her more than anyone but he did'nt and that people how said natsu proime that he will marry lisanna what the worng with you people? he didn't promise her and she forced him to care about happy with him actully did she really care about happy or all the time tried to make natsu blush she isn't good girl at all

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5 Wendy and Romeo

I want to see them having a crush on each other.

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6 Mirajane and Laxus

There is a high possibility between them as they are both the head of their family THUNDER LEGION & STRUSS family

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7 Gray and Erza

They're like siblings. This makes no sense. - Goku02

This has always made sense... Should and could have been canon if the lost Sasuke and Sakura didn't spam Mashima into making Gruvia and Jerza a thing... He really isn't good with pairings.


Love how the idiots spamming hate it don't understand how a relationship in shows has to go through development, Mashima had clear intent to make this pairing reality then he lets his delusional fanbase take control...

Gruvia, Jerza, Nalu and Gale are just a few examples of bad choices made by 'fans'...

8 Cana and Bixslow
9 Zeref and Mavis

They're enemies now. Furthermore, Zeref's awesome, but Mavis wimps too much. She just keeps pestering and crying, it's so weak. ( I mean mentally, I know she's one of the most powerful Fairy Tail characters and all...)

Even though they are enemies they will become a couple. Even if it takes decades.

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10 Happy and Carla

I guess they're both a couple because they're both exceeds?

I love this couple! Ever since the Edolas Arc I've been a hardcore shipped of Happy X Carla! Why? Happy defended her from Nabi and Nichiya, and when Erza Nightwalker was going to kill Carla! Also, after this arc, there was so many adorable moments!

I love cats and happy does liike carla. Carla does too but she hides it.

The Newcomers

? Laxus and Cana

They seem to get along very well. And they really look hot and badass, what's cool.

? Rogue and Yukino

It's not very popular, but I think this couple could have worked. He was the only one who cares for her as a Nakama when she was banished from Sabertooth, I began to ship them since then. Also, it's really some poetic couple, like "a star can only shine bright in the darkness".

They seem to be a really poetic couple. Not canon, but I really love it and that's enough for me.

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11 Natsu and Erza

They do not even love each other. More like Erza being an elder sister to Natsu.

They are a couple since childhood

I adore it


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12 Carla and Pantherlily

Who would take their precious time to make this an option.

I really dislike this couple... They never showed any love interest in eachother and there is a HUGE age gap between the two. Carla was born when Wendy was young, while Pantherlily was shown as an adult when Mystogan was young.

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14 Levy and Gajeel

Hands down best couple

15 Alzack and Bisca
16 Rogue and Minerva

I personally don't mind this ship but I do prefer Rogue with Yukino

17 Erik and Kinana

Although it has more moments in the anime, this couple is really cute, kinda hot and has potential. I really love it. And they're canon at the end of the manga, so let's hope we will see more about this relationship in the anime.

I think this couple is pretty sweet and kinda hot. Their moment in the filler arc was also very touching and I'm curious how they began their relationship. Hopefully, we'll see it in the anime.

18 Makarov and Mavis

Seriously guys? Mavis is 118 years older than him or so.

I mean, (small spoiler) Mavis is his godmother after all...That's just gross..

19 Gray and Lucy

Best couple that isn't semi canon. - ErzaScarlet


Graylu is cute couple but Gruvia is cannon.

20 Lyon and Chelia
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