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1 Erza and Jellal

Jellal and Erza Are both opposite but like What others said "both opposites attracts and the same Repel to each other".

This ship is so good I literally cried

They definitely have feelings for each other but they don't know how to express them

Best ship ever with the most tragic history...

2 Juvia and Gray

Juvia is my favorite character, and Gray is beautiful. I mean, it's ice and water! I love this ship!

Hope Gray will realize it soon enough...

They look so cute together! It is such an awesome ship!

This ship is amazing, It should be number 1!

3 Levy and Gajeel

They are the best couple, especially how gajeel confessed his love for her in is dying breath only to realize he is well and alive. I love this ship.

To me they seem like a cute couple

just yes

This ship should be higher! I think they have a beautiful relationship, based on forgiveness and trust. I'm so happy they're canon (although it was always clear they would be) and that they become parents.

4 Natsu and Lucy

Since the first episode it was clear they were meant to be. Honestly they are so perfect for each other. Lucy is quite stubborn and gets annoyed with Natsu easily but, she clearly cares about him and his feelings. A few times Lucy could have DIED but Natsu kept fighting for her and saving her. Lucy also fantasized about Natsu confessing a few times. Natsu has risked his life more times for Lucy than I can count and more than anyone else in the guild! I hope they will one day make another episode, like an epilog, where they ship NaLu and other ships I love but they never have in the show. This ship is my favorite ship of all of the fandoms I'm in.

- the real life, female reincarnation of Natsu

I possibly love this ship

You can see their connection, it's so perfect, I just wish the animators added in a kiss scene.

I shipped this since the first episode of Fairy tail. Natsu has saved Lucy so many times and their relationship is hinted so many times in the show. I love this ship it's amazing!

5 Elfman and Evergreen

This ship is my fave

Yes please they are perfect for eachother

Why isn't it on this list already? It's one of the most touching and funny ships in Fairy Tail!

I wonder there not so popular like NaLu for example. But seriously, they deserve more screen time, at least as much as the big 4. And by the way, can ship them with other persons than each other? I really can't, they're so perfect together.

6 Zeref and Mavis

That is my favourite couple! I like Zeref and Mavis so much! They also have kissed together!

They're enemies now. Furthermore, Zeref's awesome, but Mavis wimps too much. She just keeps pestering and crying, it's so weak. ( I mean mentally, I know she's one of the most powerful Fairy Tail characters and all...)

They are my favorite couple because their story is the best. At the end, Mavis learned to love Zeref, and she killed him. Zeref loved Mavis, and he killed her. Although they both died, this was a happy ending. I'm sorry for spoiling the story.

I absolutely love this ship. almost as much as jerza. their backstory is so powerful! - vegeta_erza_shisui

7 Erik and Kinana

Although it has more moments in the anime, this couple is really cute, kinda hot and has potential. I really love it. And they're canon at the end of the manga, so let's hope we will see more about this relationship in the anime.

I think this couple is pretty sweet and kinda hot. Their moment in the filler arc was also very touching and I'm curious how they began their relationship. Hopefully, we'll see it in the anime.

Kinabra is really a lovely couple and not that disgusting like some people maybe think. Sure, she was his snake, but originally she was human and Cobra considered her as his friend, not his pet (he said it himself). And I don't think he fell in love with her because she was his snake. No, he surely wanted to know the girl who was his snake and then he fell in love with the person she is NOW! Sure this couple has not many moments, but what I know from those two, I believe this relationship is based on trust for eachother, still some friendship and acceptance. So I believe Kinabra is actually a good and adorable couple.

It just needed one scene to let me find this couple very touching

8 Mirajane and Laxus

Miraxus is my favorite couple because he/she interesting...

I love this couple�"

There is a high possibility between them as they are both the head of their family THUNDER LEGION & STRUSS family

I can tell they like each other.

9 Happy and Carla

Two cats loving each other, what's not to like? Just adorible

I guess they're both a couple because they're both exceeds?

I love this couple! Ever since the Edolas Arc I've been a hardcore shipped of Happy X Carla! Why? Happy defended her from Nabi and Nichiya, and when Erza Nightwalker was going to kill Carla! Also, after this arc, there was so many adorable moments!

I love cats and happy does liike carla. Carla does too but she hides it.

10 Alzack and Bisca


Surely not popular, but I have the feeling that this ship is one of the rare ships who aren't hated.

I think we can all agree that this ship is really pure.

One of the rare ship that all at least like.

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11 Macbeth and Meredy

They could really fit together, I really love this idea.

Ship accepted, this one has surely chemistry!

I know that Meredys most popular ship is with Lyon, but I really prefer her mit Macbeth. There is someting special about this ship.

Such a good rare ship, glad to see others ship it as well, I thought I was alone in this.

12 Sherry and Ren

Their cute and canon

13 Rogue and Yukino

It's not very popular, but I think this couple could have worked. He was the only one who cares for her as a Nakama when she was banished from Sabertooth, I began to ship them since then. Also, it's really some poetic couple, like "a star can only shine bright in the darkness".

It's sad that this ship is so underrated, they really seem complete each other perfectly. And besides, it's rare to see a poetic couple like this.

They seem to be a really poetic couple. Not canon, but I really love it and that's enough for me.

I know it's not canon, but I still can ship it. I loved this couple for so long, so I'm not stopping even if it's only crack.

14 Laxus and Cana

They seem to get along very well. And they really look hot and badass, what's cool.

I really can see them together, this is a badass ship.

I laughed when I saw it was teased in the last chapter. But I still love this badass ship, it doesn't need to be canon for that.

I know that the most popular Laxus ships are Miraxus and Fraxus, but Laxana really has something special too.

15 Sawyer and Sorano

That would be a badass couple, it's sad that this ship is so underrated.

I know, this is a totally crackship, but I just love them together. Their personalities seems to match very well with eachother.

That's an interesting ship! I wish it would be a bit better know.

After the panel in chapter 542, I began to love this ship.

16 Mest and Wendy

Yeah, the age difference is big, but that's not a bad thing. Just let Wendy get older, then this friendship have the possibility to become love. I actually love the relationship between those two and with older Wendy, I actually can see them as a couple.

Ok I know what you are going to say Wendy is a young girl and Mest is to older then her but if you remember correctly Wendy came from 400 years from the past so she is exactly older then Mest. He genially cares about her shown plenty of times just have Wedny grow up in both mentally and physically then they should be together

With little Wendy, it's a cute brother-sister relationship. With older Wendy, it would be an adorable couple.

This could actually work, just let Wendy get older.

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17 Wally and Millianna

At least, it's semi-canon to me, because Wally had obviously a crush on Millianna during the Tower of Heaven arc.

I ship this since the tower of heaven arc. It's sad that is so underrated, because it's obviously a cute ship.

I really want to see more about them, even in fanfictions and fanarts. This couple is one of the cutest ship in Fairy Tail.

I think this ship should at least be considered as semi-canon, since Wally has a crush on Millianna.

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18 Wendy and Chelia

This is one of the cutest ships I ever saw <3

Friendship or Love, those girls are just cute together.

They have a great chemistry.

Aw come on it’s so cute

19 Loke and Aries

They have a great relationship and they're really cute together.

Aries is maybe the only girl Loke is in love with.

Loke likes Lucy

I just want to cuddle this ship <3

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20 Laxus and Sorano

Um... why not! It looks actually hot.

21 Wendy and Romeo

I think they would be super cute together, they give each other a sortable balance.

Wendy always cares about everyone even Romeo. Here's a song for Wendy & Romeo"Wendy and Romeo sitting in a tree K I S S I N G. There in L O V E spells love. HA HA HA!

I want to see them having a crush on each other.

Helll yesss I love these two

22 Lisanna and Bixslow

I really love this ship, it seems badass and cute at the same time.

It's cute and funny, I really love those two together.

I don't ship it because I want Lisanna out of the way of NaLu (this is a wrong reason for shipping). I ship it because I think they would look great together and because fanarts & fanfics convinces me to love it. Bixanna is really a cool ship.

BIXANNA 4 ever!

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23 Lyon and Kagura

In my opinion, they really could fit very well together. And besides, I really love to see a strong woman like Kagura at Lyons side and a optimistic man like Lyon at Kaguras side.

The best for Lyon

Can't help, I ship this^^'

It's a cool ship and original.

24 Arcadios and Hisui

I just love the princess and knight setting <3

Their relationship has really potential.

Never think often about this ship, but a Princess and Knight romance is always beautiful.

Knight and Princess couples always have something special.

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25 Sting and Minerva

Seriousely, this couple is one of the most badass ships I ever saw!

I really love this ship, it's badass and funny at the same time, although it can be romantic sometimes.

Badass and Spicy... those are some of my favorite ships and Stinerva belongs to them

I think that Sting could need a strong, almost warrior woman at his side.

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26 Dobengal and Flare

Absolute crack, but I can't deny that they look cool together.

Totally crack, but the fanarts about this ship are really apealling. They really look good together.

This ship has indeed some appeal.

They look cool together.

27 Lucy and Lisanna

NaLu, NaLi... What about LuLi?

That's a nice yuri ship. Besides, it's a break with those NaLu vs. NaLi fights.

I'm really tired of those NaLu-Lucy-Leaves-Fairy-Tail-Lisanna-Is-Evil-Fanfics. This ship is otherwise pleasant and I would really like to have more fanfics about it.

28 Freed and Mirajane

Sorry, but this couple is just so beautiful and strong <3

Seriously the Emotional moment that they had! How can we not ship them!

It just needed one deep emotional scene to make me ship it.

There's some chemistry there between those two.

29 Sting and Sorano

White/Light and Angels... this couple is also kinda poetic like Yukino. Besides, they surely look cool together.

30 Macbeth and Sorano

I think this is exactly a good ship they where both slaves in the tower of heaven together and where shared the same cell together and then they where taken out and was a part of orcion seis six together for years and now comrade in arms in crime socery I think even though we don't get to see them talking or hanging out to much I think Sorano and Macbeth would have to be the closest to each other and not in a sibling way if they ever consider dating then they would be together they have the most trust in each other and know each other better then anyone else.

It's one of the most popular ship with those two and I think that this could work with the chemistry. Yeah, it will be only crack, but that doesn't mean that it can't be shipped.

31 Sting and Lisanna

I'm not always think about it, but I like this couple. There's a thing what makes them great together.

32 Sting and Lucy

This is a bit a sexy couple.

33 Scorpio and Aquarius

I always laugh when I see Aquarius become a softie around Scorpio. This is really one of the most cute ship.

The only reason I like this is because she is so a softy around Scorpio.

They're the first to be cannon and the most cannon after Alzack and Bisca - iamawesomedog

34 Eve and Chelia
35 Sawyer and Mirajane
36 Sting and Rogue

This is dumb they are twin bros

Their like ying and yang, complete opposites but the go together so well. It’s practically impossible to think about one without think about the other, they come as a pair. They trust each other so much that Rogue has no fear of giving into his shadow as long as Sting’s there because he would never let that happen.
They undoubtly have the best teamwork in all of the series, and this is not just limited to unision raids (which despite being described as extremely difficult to master, to them it’s just like any other spell), they work in perfect synchronisation with each other.

37 Natsu and Lisanna

To me, Lucy seems like an outsider to Natsu. Lisanna obviously loved Natsu first and therefore deserve to be together. I mean, whenever we do get Natsu and Lisanna are together, it's the cutest thing ever.

Childhood friends are always better. Mashima has fear of the extremists of religion cult called LucyHeartfilian fanatics haha, on contrary we could have a interesting love triangle

Natsu and Lisanna are just a really supernatural and cute couple I love them so much!

I don't care much about who Natsu will end up with but I prefer NaLi over NaLu by a mile. - Goku02

38 Orga and Rufus
39 Max and Laki
40 Gray and Erza

I really thought that it would be Grayza but when I meet Jellal, I started liking them both as a couple (Jellal and Erza). I like grayza but in a bromance way... - AsyrieneZanders

They're like siblings. This makes no sense. - Goku02

This two were the best if you ask me. When erza njoin the guild can tell gray that day is his lucky day then erza just come in.. Then in many episodes of fairy tail you can actually see that gray always care about erza.. Some people think they were siblings. It isn't because they were friends they can't be fall from each other... Friendship makes everything and everyone knows it.. I really love to this two together..
But iam also alittle fan of jerza.. No offense guys


41 Cana and Bixslow
42 Gray and Lucy

Best couple that isn't semi canon. - ErzaScarlet


Graylu is cute couple but Gruvia is cannon.

43 Loke and Lucy Loke and Lucy

They just have that thing that people have when you know it's a ship and they would totally be a great couple but Lucy just has to see that she obviously likes him and he likes her so it's a ship and no one can stop me shipping them

I think this ship is underrated. There are plenty of cute moments between them and I think they would make an amazing couple.

44 Natsu and Erza

They do not even love each other. More like Erza being an elder sister to Natsu.

I adore it

They are a couple since childhood


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45 Romeo and Lucy

I think it's so cute

46 Lyon and Chelia
47 Juvia and Lyon
48 Rogue and Minerva

I personally don't mind this ship but I do prefer Rogue with Yukino

49 Carla and Pantherlily

Who would take their precious time to make this an option.

I really dislike this couple... They never showed any love interest in eachother and there is a HUGE age gap between the two. Carla was born when Wendy was young, while Pantherlily was shown as an adult when Mystogan was young.

50 Makarov and Mavis

Seriously guys? Mavis is 118 years older than him or so.

I mean, (small spoiler) Mavis is his godmother after all...That's just gross..

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