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21 Dobengal and Flare

Absolute crack, but I can't deny that they look cool together.

Totally crack, but the fanarts about this ship are really apealling. They really look good together.

This ship has indeed some appeal.

They look cool together.

22 Lucy and Lisanna Lucy and Lisanna

NaLu, NaLi... What about LuLi?

That's a nice yuri ship. Besides, it's a break with those NaLu vs. NaLi fights.

I'm really tired of those NaLu-Lucy-Leaves-Fairy-Tail-Lisanna-Is-Evil-Fanfics. This ship is otherwise pleasant and I would really like to have more fanfics about it.

23 Wendy and Chelia

This is one of the cutest ships I ever saw <3

Friendship or Love, those girls are just cute together.

They have a great chemistry.

They have a healthy relationship in their friendship and when they grow older, they can become a beautiful couple.

24 Freed and Mirajane

Sorry, but this couple is just so beautiful and strong <3

It just needed one deep emotional scene to make me ship it.

There's some chemistry there between those two.

I really love them together and just because of one single scene.

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25 Sherry and Ren

Their cute and canon

26 Alzack and Bisca

I think we can all agree that this ship is really pure.

One of the rare ship that all at least like.

Surely not popular, but I have the feeling that this ship is one of the rare ships who aren't hated.

27 Sting and Sorano

White/Light and Angels... this couple is also kinda poetic like Yukino. Besides, they surely look cool together.

28 Macbeth and Sorano

It's one of the most popular ship with those two and I think that this could work with the chemistry. Yeah, it will be only crack, but that doesn't mean that it can't be shipped.

29 Natsu and Lisanna

Natsu and Lisanna are just a really supernatural and cute couple I love them so much!

I don't care much about who Natsu will end up with but I prefer NaLi over NaLu by a mile. - Goku02

" by the way by they I mean Natsu and Lucy." - Hiro Mashima

Oh just because lisanna make fan of natsu and make him blush? first of all anyone will blush if someone told him/her that she /he want marry him/her and we all know that and if lisanna really undrstand natsu she will stop teasting him all the time because natsu really sound like he did'nt want her to tatsting him if he really love her he will never spend time with anther girl and he will talk to her more than anyone but he did'nt and that people how said natsu proime that he will marry lisanna what the worng with you people? he didn't promise her and she forced him to care about happy with him actully did she really care about happy or all the time tried to make natsu blush she isn't good girl at all

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30 Sting and Lisanna

I'm not always think about it, but I like this couple. There's a thing what makes them great together.

31 Sting and Lucy

This is a bit a sexy couple.

32 Scorpio and Aquarius

I always laugh when I see Aquarius become a softie around Scorpio. This is really one of the most cute ship.

33 Wendy and Romeo

I want to see them having a crush on each other.

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34 Gray and Erza

They're like siblings. This makes no sense. - Goku02


This has always made sense... Should and could have been canon if the lost Sasuke and Sakura didn't spam Mashima into making Gruvia and Jerza a thing... He really isn't good with pairings.

Love how the idiots spamming hate it don't understand how a relationship in shows has to go through development, Mashima had clear intent to make this pairing reality then he lets his delusional fanbase take control...

Gruvia, Jerza, Nalu and Gale are just a few examples of bad choices made by 'fans'...

35 Cana and Bixslow
36 Natsu and Erza

They do not even love each other. More like Erza being an elder sister to Natsu.

I adore it

They are a couple since childhood


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37 Carla and Pantherlily

Who would take their precious time to make this an option.

I really dislike this couple... They never showed any love interest in eachother and there is a HUGE age gap between the two. Carla was born when Wendy was young, while Pantherlily was shown as an adult when Mystogan was young.

38 Rogue and Minerva

I personally don't mind this ship but I do prefer Rogue with Yukino

39 Makarov and Mavis

Seriously guys? Mavis is 118 years older than him or so.

I mean, (small spoiler) Mavis is his godmother after all...That's just gross..

40 Gray and Lucy

Best couple that isn't semi canon. - ErzaScarlet


Graylu is cute couple but Gruvia is cannon.

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